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  • Page load speed under 500ms – Wile the page load speed largely depends on the site structure, there’s also a big role in web hosting provider. If your site loads slower than half a second, you are already losing visitors and customers.
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth – You like limits? We don’t. Don’t get confused by unlimited, though.


  • Reasonable pricing – A good shared hosting can be found under $5/month. And that’s less than XXL Coffee at Starbucks. More cheap hosts can be found here.
  • A FREE domain is an awesome perk for beginners. Don’t miss that opportunity.
  • Renewal fees should be listed out, otherwise, you might end up paying 3x more next year.
  • Money-back guarantee at least 30 days after purchase (who knows, perhaps you want to cancel?).


  • 24/7 customer chat – emails and ticket systems can be unreliable, you can’t get instant support. If you are dealing with a host that has live chat – you’ve higher chances of getting your problems fixed sooner.
  • The business name and address should be visible on the hosting provider website.
  • It should have a cPanel (if it doesn’t have it, you might be dealing with a bad host).

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If you want to use a hosting provider that meets the criteria above, you might want to check our reviews on A2 Hosting, InMotion Hosting, and Dreamhost.

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  1. Definitely great infographic. I really loved it. I agree with you that before Purchases every person should check their web hosting background. Whatever, It may well be that they are doing not think about all the upkeep breaks they need sporadically. You ne’er very skills valid their metrics ar. Thanks for sharing. See you again.

  2. That’s a very valid point about uptime being 99,99%. There is no real way to measure or check it as well. Also worth noticing is the fact what a given hosting company considers as “downtime”. It could be that they do not factor in all the maintenance breaks they have periodically. You never really know how valid their metrics are.

  3. Thumps Up for your informative post and infographic. Many web Hosting Companies say they are best in hosting but we need to check all above mention points before taking hosting services. Thanks.

  4. Completely agree with your points. People should always double check their web hosting background before making a purchase.

  5. Having cPanel isn’t a judging factor. If they have built an in-house control panel then you could argue they have a lot of dev resources (which is a positive) e.g. GoDaddy, 1&1, 123-reg…

    1. I wouldn’t call GoDaddy an example of a good host by any stretch though. MIght be useful as an object lesson in what makes a bad host though.

    2. HostingFacts Team
      HostingFacts Team

      Good point 🙂 Same thing goes for Dreamhost. But, I usually prefer to tweak/edit my site preferences via cPanel rather using 3rd party cPanel – It just takes time to get used to it.

      1. I’m with you HostingFacts Team, I find customised control panels a pain in the butt, usually making it harder to find what I am trying to do. All they are trying to do is sell you extra stuff, when all I am trying to do is adjust something.