“We’re a small team of friends on a mission to hold hosting companies accountable.”

“We update our reviews four times a year.”

Web hosting can be a really sketchy industry.

fakeIt’s full of deceptive pricing and TONS of fake reviews that make every company sound incredible.

When you search for “X hosting reviews” on Google – you’ll quickly realize that most reviews sites are secretly paid to sell you a specific solution – inflating their ratings and biasing their reviews.

While we also earn commissions from some of the services we recommend, we don’t influence rankings that way – we only take speed, uptime and cost in accounting.


We’re into actual data & real metrics.

Unlike others, we’ve evaluated hosting providers quality by most important metrics, such as;

  • SPEED 
  • UPTIME % 
  • COST

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We’ve done the research, you’ll choose the host.

On this site, you can expect genuine, accurate and up-to-date hosting reviews from people who have actually bought hosting from the companies they write about.

We’ve done our homework by reviewing and analysing most popular web hosting providers from 2016 to 2019, now it’s your turn to choose one to get your website up & and running as soon as possible.

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Karol K

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Rol John

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