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cheap web hostingFinding a cheap web hosting provider isn’t an easy task.


Many popular web hosting companies use industry standard pricing strategies, which usually attract new customers with their cheap introductory prices.

However, in most of these case, renewal costs are usually 2x to 3x higher. Before you sign up with a cheap host, it’s important to check their renewal prices as well as features.

Although most web hosts throw in a domain name and SSL for free (at least for one year), some don’t.

Below you can find 7 cheapest web hosting providers (last checked March, 2019):

1. Hostinger.com – $0.80/mo for 4 years

Here’s how Hostinger’s pricing looks like for their cheapest “Single Shared Hosting” Plan:

Hostinger pricing

  • Monthly Plan: $7.99/mo
  • 3 Month Plan: $2.15/mo
    renews at $7.99/mo
  • 12 Month Plan: $1.95/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo
  • 24 Month Plan: $1.45/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo
  • 48 Month Plan: $0.80/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo

See Hostinger’s Pricing & Plans

Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting company we’ve reviewed to date.

Usually, very affordable hosting providers are either slow, unreliable or with virtually no customer support.

Fortunately, Hostinger is the complete opposite. Over the last 16-months, their uptime has been 99.97% with less than 10 hours of downtime. What’s more, they’ve are among one of the fastest WordPress hosts with an average load time of 369ms (only beaten by A2 Hosting which is much more expensive).

They also offer 24/7 customer support via live chat which is a good feature to have.

Low prices, great load times and solid uptime – is what makes them a great cheap web hosting option.

If you buy their cheapest plan, it will cost you only $0.80/month (48-months), costing only $38.40 for “almost” lifetime hosting – not bad. This includes 1 website, 1 email accounts and 100GB of bandwidth (which can handle a lot of visitors). Unfortunately, SSL isn’t included for free.

Click to activate Hostinger.com discount

2. HostGator Cloud: 2.99/mo 6-month plan

Here’s how HostGator Cloud pricing looks like for their cheapest “Starter” Plan:

HostGator Cloud pricing

  • 1 Month Plan: $2.99/mo,
    renews at $14.49/mo
  • 3 Month Plan: $2.99/mo,
    renews at $14.95/mo
  • 6 Month Plan: $2.99/mo,
    renews at $14.95/mo
  • 12 Month Plan: $5.18/mo,
    renews at $12.95/mo
  • 24 Month Plan: $4.38/mo,
    renews at $10.95/mo
  • 36 Month Plan: $3.98/mo,
    renews at $9.95/mo

See HostGator Cloud’s Pricing & Plans

Although HostGator Cloud renewal prices are hefty, if you lock in for 36-month plan, you can get their premium cloud hosting for a relatively low price – $3.98/mo. Domain (.com) prices are $2.99/year for the first year. Then renew at $12.95/year.

All of their plans include a free site transfer for one website, SSL certificate, 1-click backups and additional security through SiteLock.

Their last 16-month uptime is 99.98% which is less than 2 hours of downtime. Another good thing about HostGator Cloud is that they’re really fast – average website load time is 433ms.

In addition, they offer a good (and knowledgeable support) with an average response time of just few minutes.

HostGator Cloud has the cheapest 6-month plan we’ve seen. This current costs only $17.94. Later this renews at higher prices (listed above).

If you need quality web hosting service at a low introductory price, you can’t beat HostGator Cloud. The web hosting plans are normally $13.99/month. However, for a limited time, they are offering all HostingFacts readers a HUGE discount which comes with only $2.99/mo to $5.18/mo depending on the length of your subscription.

Just use the code HOSTINGFACTS at the checkout.

Click to activate HostGator Cloud discount

3. Bluehost: Most Reliable Cheap Host ($2.75/mo)

Here’s how Bluehost pricing looks like for their cheapest “Basic” Plan:

Bluehost pricing

  • 12 Month Plan: $4.95/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo
  • 24 Month Plan: $3.95/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo
  • 36 Month Plan: $2.75/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo

See Bluehost’s Pricing & Plans

Bluehost currently hosts over 2 million websites. It’s by far one of the most popular, inexpensive, shared hosting options available – for a reason.

They are well used (and recommended) by a variety of popular webmasters and bloggers.

According to our monitoring, out of 32 hosts, their last 1,5 year uptime was the best we’ve seen – 99.99% with only 10 outages. In addition to reliable performance, their speed is on the faster side, too – 405ms (which is fast compared to other similarly priced web hosts, such as HostMetro (1511ms) or Web Hosting Pad (1390ms).

Bluehost is also our top 1 ranked web host in our overall web hosting reviews. Mostly because of their good and reliable performance and 24/7/365 live chat to all of their customers.

All plans include a free domain name for 1 year, one-click installs for different website builders and WordPress.

The biggest disadvantage in their offer is that the cheapest plan ($2.75/mo) only comes with 36-months commitment. If you decide to use their services for less than 12 months, you’d need to pay $4.95/mo. SSL is included for free.

Click to activate Bluehost.com discount

4. Westhost: Cheapest 12-Month Plan

Here’s how WestHost pricing looks like for their cheapest “Personal Hosting” Plan:

WestHost pricing

  • 3 Month Plan: $9.00/mo
  • 12 Month Plan: $1.99/mo,
    renews at $8.00/mo
  • 24 Month Plan: $1.99/mo,
    renews at $8.00/mo
  • 36 Month Plan: $1.99/mo,
    renews at $8.00/mo

See Westhost’s Pricing & Plans

Westhost is another cheap host with higher renewal rates. If you purchase their 36-month personal hosting plan, you are able to get it for $71.64 (billed upfront). They also have one of the cheapest 12-month plan which will only set you back by $23.88 (billed annually). Unlike other website hosting providers, Westhost doesn’t offer free domain option nor free email accounts.

Moreover, Westhost’s speed and uptime isn’t as good as the ones listed in our top 3. In 2018-2019, they had an uptime of 99.96% which resulted more than 5 hours of downtime. Not the worst, but not the most reliable either.

Their speeds were just above average – at 896ms. A bit on the slower end.

If you want to try a cheap, but some-what reliable hosting, you can give them a try.

Just keep in mind that the renewal pricing will increase to $8.00/month. So be sure to lock-in that low rate for as long as possible. They’ll even migrate your site over for $0, too.

Visit Westhost.com


5. iPage: Most “Feature Rich” Low-Cost Hosting

Here’s how iPage pricing looks like for their cheapest “Starter” Plan:

iPage pricing

  • 12 Month Plan: $2.99/mo,
    renews at $9.99/mo
  • 24 Month Plan: $2.49/mo,
    renews at $8.99/mo
  • 36 Month Plan: $1.99/mo,
    renews at $7.99/mo

See iPage’s Pricing & Plans

iPage hosting is cheap. They’ve been running for “special $1.99/mo intro offer” (VAT excluded) for more than few years now. All of their plans include a free domain name for 1 year, SSL and even a 30-day money back guarantee. Just like Bluehost, they too have multiple one-click-installs for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and even website builders.

Again, it’s important to keep in mind that similarly to other hosting providers, iPage has too higher renewal fees. These are between $7.99 to $9.99 – depending on your initial plan length.

Unfortunately, user reviews left by iPage customers aren’t that good lately.

Any service that cheap is bound to come with its challenges and performance issues, and sadly, iPage is no exception.

Similarly to Westhost, their average load times and uptimes aren’t something to brag about. Within the last 16 months, they’ve managed to achieve an uptime of 99.97% and an average load time of 800ms. As you can see, iPage falls short on the load time. We think they just might be overselling their hosting services at such a cheap cost. Time will tell.

Visit iPage.com

6. Dreamhost: Cheap Host With Same Renewal Cost

Here’s how Dreamhost pricing looks like for their cheapest “Shared Starter” Plan:

DreamHost pricing

  • 1 Month Plan: $4.95/mo
    same renewal cost
  • 12 Month Plan: $3.95/mo
    same renewal cost
  • 36 Month Plan: $2.59/mo
    same renewal cost

See Dreamhost’s Pricing & Plans

Dreamhost will only set you back $2.59/mo if you purchase the 3-year plan. And unlike others, this comes with same renewal cost.

Keep in mind that domain name is not included and this will cost $9.95/year and email accounts are NOT included.

And that’s somewhat a decent value when you consider what you’re getting in return.

Their uptime performance has been consistently hovering around

Uptime has been consistently hovering around 99.96% for the entire 16+ months we’ve been monitoring them. Page speed has also been solid. Their 719ms average is slightly above the industry average (890ms). So you’re not taking a huge performance hit with this ‘cheap’ web host.

Their customer service department was even speedy, hopping on our live chat session in under five minutes. The only problem with Dreamhost is that it doesn’t have a cPanel, but their own built-in panel which is more suitable for advanced webmasters.

It’s not the cheapest option on this list. But it is a good all-around host that doesn’t cut corners.

Visit Dreamhost.com

7. WebHostingPad: Worst Performing Cheap Host

Here’s how WebHostingPad pricing looks like for their cheapest “Starter” Plan:

WebHostingPad pricing

  • 12 Month Plan: $3.99/mo
    same renewal cost
  • 24 Month Plan: $2.99/mo
    same renewal cost
  • 36 Month Plan: $2.29/mo
    same renewal cost
  • 48 Month Plan: $1.99/mo
    same renewal cost
  • 60 Month Plan: $1.99/mo
    same renewal cost

See WebHostingPad’s Pricing & Plans

The final “cheap” web hosting service on our list is in the last place for two reasons – uptime and speed.

Over a period of 10-months, the average uptime of WebHostingPad is 97.65%. What does it mean? To be brutally honest, it means more than 200 hours of downtime per YEAR.

Another concern is their load time. Want to know the average? It’s 1,281ms (again, one of the worst we’ve yet to see after reviewing nearly 30 web hosts).

Yes, they are super cheap and provide an alright customer support, but if you ever truly care about your visitors, please avoid this hosting provider. You’d be better off choosing getting a free web host.

If you somehow really want to sign up with them, know that you will not get a SSL and domain name will cost $14.99/year.

Get Web Hosting Pad Hosting

Review Verdict: Does Price Matter?

Just because you don’t have a big budget doesn’t mean you should settle for a low-quality web host.

There are dozens of options on the market that strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. With a little bit of research, you can easily find a provider that matches your needs and your budget.

  1. Hostinger: $0.80/month [recommended]
  2. HostGator Cloud: $2.99/month [recommended]
  3. Bluehost: $2.75/month [recommended]
  4. WestHost: $1.99/month [average]
  5. iPage: $1.99/month [average]
  6. DreamHost: $2.59/month [average]
  7. WebHostingPad: $1.99/month [NOT recommended]

P.S. Make sure you are OK with the higher renewal prices. The only ones in the list with same renewal prices were WebHostingPad (#7) and Dreamhost (#6).

Which cheap hosting providers have you used? Would you recommend any of them? Let us know in the comments below. We can also test and try cheaper hosts, so shoot your suggestions to us :).


  1. Dreamhost is great. I’ve tried to leave a positive review about it, along with a negative for GoDaddy and this site wouldn’t allow me to do it. That defeats the purpose of the site.

    • HostingFacts Team
      HostingFacts Team

      We update user-reviews 3-4x times a year. Please allow it some time to appear on our website. Thanks.

  2. I am really fed up with GoDaddy due to their aggressive prices and upsells, let alone the terrible load times. I am looking at greener pastures and one particular statistic called my attention: the very high number of last and gained websites GoDaddy and all other providers presented in 2018, in the magnitude of the hundreds of thousands!

    The only explanation is that people select the introductory prices and then move to another place once the renewal time takes over. Is that plausible?

    • Some may do so, some will stick with the higher renewal prices. Hosting industry standard seems to be higher renewal prices and lower intro prices.

    • Many (if not all) web hosting providers will have higher renewal fees. That’s unfortunate. I agree, we don’t like them either – but that’s the web hosting business. My tip: You can always cancel before the renewal starts and move onto another host (migration is often free).

      HostingFacts Team

  3. HostGator is a fraud. It says $2.99 a month but the little star says “Only the first month” which isn’t really $2.99 a month is it? The bait-and-switch isn’t honorable.

  4. For me, IPAGE is right option because of their cost and unlimited space and bandwidth. Thanks for the other listings too!

  5. Had a WP site with HostGator 4 years ago. Tried to cancel it and it took 4 months. The pressure they put on you is incredible but I still wanted it canceled. The guy said he did and actually lied over the phone and I was billed the next month. So I called again, yep, missed the cutoff so I was billed again. Then a “glitch” meant I was billed again. Just be prepared and make sure you get everything in writing when you cancel and then call back to verify. I was canceling for my own reasons not for a HostGator issue.

  6. Great article! The list really helps to choose a best suiting web hosting provider. Just a quick note, if you have any problem with availability, stability, or performance you can use a tool like https://cula.io/ that is completely for free up to 20 urls and 5 servers (APM), and can provide an evidence about your provider uptime quality.

  7. Shared hosting is cheap for sure, but not safe and definitely doesn’t have good performance. A better alternative is to use vps that are affordable. You get better performance and dedicated server. If you don’t know how to setup a vps, then you can use PHP hosting platform, like Cloudways, that automatically setups a server of your choice with OS, stack and PHP already installed on it.

    • HostingFacts Team
      HostingFacts Team

      It’s load time when you page gets fully loaded (we’ve default WordPress themes installed on all of them). Hope this helps.

    • Hello, Deepak. I have visited your blog. Seems you use Let’s Encrypt for your site’s SSL certificate, and you use Godaddy. May I know whether or not Godaddy charged you to install a third-party SSL certificate for your Godaddy-hosted website?

  8. What would make your reviews helpful is to know what your cost will be after the initial period. I’ve had a few in years past where my fee like it did with cable and satellite companies got jacked up, and up, and up into the realm of the ridiculous. Further, in two cases 1.5 decades ago, my credit card continued to be billed undr varying excuses and delays in resolution. Since my card company proved unhelpful in stopping it as well, I had a single option. I ceased subscription to the card. So, it wouldbe helpful if you could add two areas of foci. One, how much do post-initial fees increase. Two, integrity of the business, specifically customer service, and specifically again when a customer opts to cease service.

  9. Shared hosting is cheap for sure, but not safe and definitely doesn’t have good performance. A better alternative is to use vps that are affordable. You get better performance and dedicated server. If you don’t know how to setup a vps, then you can use PHP hosting platform, like Cloudways, that automatically setups a server of your choice with OS, stack and PHP already installed on it.

  10. I see Hostinger is second on this list, I have used them for 2 years.
    Altho I have had my share of problems, mostly due to my own lack of knowledge running a cpanel etc… they have been very helpful when I have needed them, and have also compensated me a couple times for any inconvenience I may have experienced with extra months of hosting tagged to my account.

    I run 3 full shops with blogs on WordPress, and a main website with blog, on one of thier shared premium hosting plans.

  11. Those are good review but I have my reservations.

    For me, you cannot quantify the price of a host by the initial payment made just to lure customers.

    The actual pay is in the renewal.

    Secondly, speed and security should be paramount for any web master and as such it should be greatly considered which you actually did but ignoring hosts that are better in the industry.

    Maybe you should try checking out Fatcomet.

    I am not here to market for the company but odds are they are favourites, for me.

    I’m currently using Inmotion for my business blog and Fatcomet for another blog.

    I joined inmotion from Fatcow and it was like from frying pan to fire. My site was always down and the tech guys will keep on telling you the same thing and never coming up with solution.

    I got tired of writing them.

    My biggest mistake was paying for 24 months upfront.

    • Yeah they are all cheap on the “first year” but soo expensive in the succeeding years…. they do have some affiliates that is why they are promoted well by bloggers….

      Just go for those transparent hosting co that offers as is where is plans.

  12. Can someone share what is the cheapest in the long -run? All of these just have a offer that will last max 3 years and then after that the price spike is 80% on all of them. I don’t think ( nor do I know) if you can jump from host site to host site taking advantage of their sign up offers of $3 a month but it looks like there is no way to avoid paying $9 a month for the lifetime of my website!

  13. Hi HostingFacts Team,
    This is really great write-up, hosting provider list for cheap web hosting is quite useful to choose the best one. I want to know what do you recommend?

    • If the HostGator discount is still valid ($2.99/mo), then I’d go for them. If not, I’d probably take Hostinger/InMotion 🙂

  14. Great list! I have always found Hostgator to be a great hosting company and at that $2.99 offer that’s a pretty good deal. Bluehost I’ve had billing issues with and iPAGE is not great on performance like you show in your report.Hostinger I haven’t heard of before but based on your review I might try them out as a cheaper alternative for some of my basic sites.Thanks for the information!

  15. HostGator excellent customer service? Mate, are you kidding?

    I just waited 32 minutes on a call to customer service to HostGator… and nobody picked up.

    Then I waited 26 minutes to initiate a “live chat” which a rep who must have been attending over 10 customers at once.

    HostGator’s customer service is pathetic.

    Have you actually tried using it?

  16. I have used several hosting services, I started with Justhost which at the time offered something like a 3-4 year package for a reasonable cost but what a stinger when it came to renewal. I was impressed by the usability, tools and response and uptime was great initially. The I tried reg123, what a crock absolutely appalling service, One was ok till renewal. I wouldn’t even go near Godaddy the amount of bad reviews I have come across, I am currently using Hostmetro and 1&1 and both are up for renewal towards the end of this year or early next year.

    What I am looking for is not particularly cheap but reasonably priced for a long period, sick to death of all the gimmicks for first year then sting you after. The problem is, particularly with WordPress sites once you have set up your site if you don’t stay with the same host you have to start from the bottom when you move and they know this. Hence they promote WordPress.

    I am sure other people feel the same that if you can find a reasonably priced long term plan or one that does not sting at renewal stage hosting services are far more likely to win business, well from me they are as i prefer not to have to keep moving hosting services from one to another.

  17. Been using Misshosting for last one year. Its cheap, the live chat service is great almost very prompt to solve the queries. I would definitely recommend it.

  18. BlueHost is an absolutely terrible host, I’m astonished anyone would put them on any list these day. I just switched from BlueHost to A2Hosting.

    BlueHost not only had terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE server response times, they had multiple unlogged downtimes daily. When I contacted “Technical Support”, I was told these outages were “probably server glitches”. I then asked if these glitches were being looked into and if the server was producing error logs of these glitches. They told me no the servers are not logging these “glitches”, that all servers have these glitches and its not something that can be fixed.

    I was dumbfounded at that conversation and immediately canceled my hosting. I would highly recommend avoiding BlueHost at all and any cost.

    That being said, I think A2Hosting has been the best Host I’ve used in 10+ years, and honestly HostGator is a close second.

    While HostGator does have its issues, their customer support, aside from long wait times, is superb to say the least and when it comes for bang for you buck, HostGator is definitely the top contender.

    A2 is slightly more expensive, but they have lighting fast servers, by far the best response times I’ve ever witnessed.

    • wow, to me bluehost is one of the best hosting provider with great customer support. I have websites hosted on bluehost, A2 hosting, MidPhase, and Hostgator. I agree that A2 hosting is expensive with great service but bluehost ain’t as bad as you painted here.

  19. I think I should go with Bluehost while I migrate my website. Very informative post, thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Avatar
        Third Line Clip Arts

        But, prepare for the expensive renewal prices next year if you join Blue Host.

        In my opinion, most of these web hosting companies are expensive. But, at least they have enough benefits and provide great customer service. So, I guess that the more money we spend is worth the prices.

  20. I don’t know where you got all the information, but I know many cheaper hosting providers way better than HostGator. HostGator has awful reviews on Trustpilot, while Fastcomet has splendid ones. You review doesn’t reflect the true experiences of users apparently.
    Also, why didn’t you mention Namecheap? The offer SUPER cheap hosting (like 17 dollars a year if you include a domain name) and have nice reviews, better than HostGator for sure.

    • Fastcomet has decent pricing, and pretty good domain registration, but their customer service is sorely lacking. For three days, I have been attempting to get FTP working, and they keep telling me that it’s “my settings” that are the problem. I’ve used six different FTP clients, using the exact same login information they have been giving me, and every single one of those six FTP clients is giving me the same exact error message: Login Failed: Password or Userid is incorrect. No one in customer support has acknowledged that fact, and all they keep saying is “we can’t replicate the problem” so “try another FTP client” and “your settings are not correct”. I think they’ve given me the wrong password, but they won’t do a single thing to try to troubleshoot it. If I had to do it over again, I would look elsewhere.

  21. TMDHosting Provides a free Domain [for the first year]
    and for the business package -shared hosting- [$9.85 USD/mo]
    Transferring my other websites over was a breeze.

    Did I mention a RMS Server is Included for Dolphin websites?
    OH YES.

    • Hi Valentinez, no offense intended but the post seems to smell of some kind of promotion rather than review, just to point out that before publishing something you know what you wrote and comments such as “oh and did I mention….” suggest more or a promo conversation.

    • I too, have been with TMDHosting for a little over a year. Their support is one of the best I’ve experienced in my 20+ years. Plus $9.85 per month for unlimited domains, free SSL and 24/7 quick support turn around is a very competitive and fair price.

      • Ken – I’m looking for a new website, closed GoDaddy after one week. $8.95 a month is very steep for me but I see on their site they are having some sales now. You feel good about their service?

    • OH THANK you for posting that. I just had a nice long chat with Peter over at TMDHosting. I’ll be moving my site there later today. (Gotta clear out a ton of old stuff first.) Fantastic! Excited now.

  22. Thanks for this helpful review. HostGator seems to be pretty affordable and reliable, I think I’ll go that route.

  23. My thoughts: iPage is cheap, yes, but it’s just one of the worst hosts I’ve ever dealt with.
    My site was offline 3 days (how they run business like that) and no-one answered my tickets.

    Ridiculous host.

    • I have also used bluehost and I can personally say they have great service and support.
      I haven’t tried iPage or hostgator so I can’t say much about them.
      I have also used hostpapa because I needed a Canadian server, and it was good with a decent price, but in the end I preferred bluehost.

      • Have just finished 12 months hosting with Hostpapa, and note the “finished “. Whilst they are excellent in Australia with their help desk, and the first 12 months offer was excellent, when I received the renewal notice I was absolutely gobsmacked at the renewal prices. Expected to be a bit higher, but 3 times higher than original was a bit too much. Hence I am looking for another host right now.

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