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Faster than SiteGround, Bluehost or HostGator? Let's find out

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We’ve been a paying customer for A2 Hosting for the last 41+ months. During that time, we’ve monitored their performance – avg. load time and uptime.

This review relies strongly on data, such as uptime, load time (speed) and customer support experience.

What is A2 Hosting?

a2 hosting reviewYou’ve probably never heard of A2 Hosting. Neither had I initially.

That’s a shame.

Because while they’re not as ‘internet famous’ as BlueHost or HostGator, they claim to boast speeds of up to 20X faster.

They’ve also been around since 2001, formerly known as Iniquinet (yes – good call on the rebranding!). A2 Hosting has data centers around the world in the US (Michigan), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore).

In addition, they make claims of ‘99.9% uptime’ and ‘guru support’. (OK, now it’s just sounding too good to be true.)

So what’s the verdict?

Is it a blazing fast host with amazing uptime and great support? Or another company who’s great with adjectives, but can’t back it up with performance (hint: iPage & Arvixe)?

To test for ourselves and provide an unbiased A2 Hosting review, we bought their cheapest “Shared Plan” back in 2015 and set up a basic WordPress website.

Keep reading to discover the results.


Pros of using A2 Hosting

A2 hosting says their speeds and customer support are great. Just how great are they really?

It turns out – pretty great!

Here are the reasons:

1. Fastest Shared Hosting Provider We’ve Tested…

A2 has claimed speeds of up to 20x faster than their competitors, remember?

Anything close to that would be impressive. And lucrative.

Some of the top online brands load in under a second because taking even 3 seconds to load can cause you losing 50% your traffic.

So… just how did they fare in our own tests?

The short answer: Extremely well (basically their loading times are INSTANT).

A2 Hosting page loading times came in with an average of 376ms over a period of TEN months – the highest of every web host we have reviewed – and 50+ percent faster than the industry average (890ms). 

How do they do it?

A2 Hosting is taking extra precautions to limit the number of people on ‘shared’ hosting servers and implementing additional functionality like caching which stores information in people’s browsers (thereby limiting the number of times they have to go back and request information from your website over and over and over again).

Last 10-month average load time for A2 hosting:

  • December 2017 average speed: 411ms
  • January 2018 average speed: 371ms
  • February 2018 average speed: 372ms
  • March 2018 average speed: 390ms
  • April 2018 average speed: 377ms
  • May 2018 average speed: 395ms
  • June 2018 average speed: 364ms
  • July 2018 average speed: 344ms
  • August 2018 average speed: 355ms
  • September 2018 average speed: 385ms

2. Quick & Efficient Customer Support

Fast load times are nice.

But none of that matters if your experience – the help you do (or don’t) receive when issues pop up – comes out lackluster.

A2 Hosting follows their string of impressive performance with friendly, helpful, US-based support. They’re available 24/7/365 through email, chat, phone or ticket submission.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given their A+ rating with the BBB (which is impressive considering they’ve been doing this for 15+ years already).

We tried reaching out to their support to provide a fair, unbiased review and were connected instantly. Their support representative was also incredibly responsive, answering our queries within a minute:

A2 Hosting review: Customer support agent

A2 Hosting customer support agent

3. Free ‘HackScan’ Keeps Your Site Safe

A2 provides a few helpful, preventative measures to keep hackers out of your site with HackScan; a free service including dual web hosting firewall, virus scanning, 24/7 security monitoring, and a brute force defense.

Some hosts simply provide similar tools to use if you’re so inclined. But unless you know what you’re doing, they’re useless. A2 hosting goes above and beyond by providing this preventative service for you, providing you with ‘peace of mind’ so you can just worry about running the site (and NOT constantly performing technical maintenance).

4. Free Site Migrations (!)

A2 will help you to relocate from another hosting provider – gratis! – if your site currently uses cPanel (which most professional sites do).

Moving the site yourself can be a huge hassle (if you’re not the most tech-savvy) or a time consuming, menial task (if you have a large site with many pages, images, etc.). And some other web hosts, {cough} BlueHost {cough}, charge you big bucks for this privilege.

5. Compatible with Common Content Management Systems (CMS)

Installing popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, and Magento is a simple, ‘1-click’ setup. Pretty simple and painless. ‘Nuff said.

In fact, your A2 account will come with the A2 Optimized WordPress plugin pre-installed if you choose the Turbo package.

a2 optimization plugin

6. Money Back Guarantee – 30 Days

A2 Hosting stands behind their product, offering a complete refund if you don’t like your experience for any reason (within 30 days).

Please note that domain registrations, setup fees, SSL certificate, and other migration fees are not refundable (which is pretty common with other companies as well).

7. Free Content Delivery Network

In addition to free virus scanning, you’ll also be able to use Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Cloudflare will route traffic to your site to take the path of least resistance.

This means that you’ll get even faster site speeds, enhanced security (Cloudflare CDN will block malicious threats), one-click setup, increased uptime, and more.

The best part? It’s all free.

8. Green Web Hosting

A2 Hosting supports the environment, so you can feel good about choosing them as a web host.

Since 2007, the company has partnered with Carbonfund.org to battle climate change.

If caring for the environment is something you’re passionate about, you can save the planet just by having an A2 Hosting account.

All of their servers are “carbon neutral” because they purchase carbon offsets. When you purchase carbon offsets, you’re funding projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

These kinds of projects are responsible for restoring forests, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings or transportation, or upgrading power plants to create less pollution.

For every amount of energy A2 Hosting uses, they’re buying carbon offsets to make the world a greener, cleaner place.

In addition to fighting climate change, the company also allows employees to telecommute to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions.

They also recycle older servers rather than throwing out old hardware, plant trees during special promotions, and reduce trash by using coffee mugs instead of disposable coffee cups.

The company was also one of the first providers that offered Solid State Disk Drives (SSDs). These drives use much less energy than traditional HDDs.


Cons of using A2 Hosting

Our affection for A2 hosting should be obvious by now. Great speed, and support go a long way in our books. Plus, they don’t nickel-and-dime you for small things like migrations.

Unfortunately, nobody’s perfect. Here are a few of A2’s flaws:

1. Uptime Has Slipped to 99.91% Over the Last 10 Months

‘Uptime’ is critical, because the opposite – downtime – can cost you $7,900 per minute (depending on how valuable your site is).

That’s why when someone (or some host) tells you that they have 100% uptime, you shouldn’t believe the hype.

While 100% can be achievable, it’s VERY rare. We’ve tested ~30+ hosting providers and none of them have managed to get an uptime of 100% over a period of 10 months.

Initially A2 Hosting posted strong uptime. Unfortunately, they’ve started slipping the past few months. Now, their ten-month uptime comes out to 99.91%, well below the industry average we’ve seen.

Here are the detailed findings:

Last 10-month average uptime for A2 hosting:

  • December 2017 average uptime: 99.89%
  • January 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
  • February 2018 average uptime: 99.99%
  • March 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
  • April 2018 average uptime: 99.60%
  • May 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
  • June 2018 average uptime: 99.89%
  • July 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
  • August 2018 average uptime: 99.99%
  • September 2018 average uptime: 99.78%

A2 performance stats last 10-months

A2Hosting Load Time and Uptime: Last 10 months, data can be found here.

2. More Expensive than Average

The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true here. All those fancy benefits come at a price.

A2 hosting tends to be more expensive than the average web host (coming in around the middle of the pack).

Like other web hosts, they also employ a common procedure of providing the lowest possible price if you sign up for a longer term. Traditionally their cheapest shared hosting plan advertised at $3.92 meant you needed to sign up for 36 months.

3. Restrictions on Cheapest Plan

If you want the flashy features, you gotta pony up some more dough.

For example, their Lite plan (the cheapest one) has restrictions on the number of websites (1, as opposed to unlimited) or databases (5, as opposed to unlimited) you get.

But it’s worth noting that in our experience, the cheapest plan is still much, much faster than most other web hosts. So you’re probably still OK.

If you want turbo fast speeds, you’ll have to sign up for the turbo plan. The Turbo and Swift plans are similar, but the Turbo server is full-stacked with extra perks.

For example, the Turbo server has PHP API. APC is enabled with the Turbo plan, and the server features a built-in caching engine.

Because of this, the speeds are lightning fast!

a2 hosting turbo

APC is enabled by default, and accounts get 256 MB of APC memory.

It’s important to note that if you want to change how PHP is configured on the Turbo Server, you’ll have to use the cPanel rather than the php.ini files.

The Turbo plan compiles .htaccess files to boost speeds, too.

Turbo web hosting servers don’t support Ruby-based or Python-based web applications. This includes Rails and Django.


A2 Hosting Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Shared Hosting: They have three main shared hosting plans:

A2 Hosting plans and pricing

  • Lite plan: This plan starts at $3.92 per month. It supports 1 domain name, 5 subdomains, 5 databases and 25 email accounts.
  • Turbo plan: This plan starts at $9.31 per month. It supports unlimited domain names, databases and email accounts. It also comes with HTTP/2 and SPDY support for improved website speed.

Remember, if you use ‘HOSTINGFACTS’ coupon on the last checkout page, you’ll be able to get it notably cheaper :).

  • Ease of Signup: Three step sign up. Not too difficult.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Check or Money Order, Bank Transfer, Skrill and PayULatam.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Payments made by check are not refundable. But honestly, who pays by check anymore?! There’s also a $25 fee to move your account to another data center or to downgrade your hosting plan.
  • Upsells: Very few upsells.
  • Account Activation: Instant Activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Option to install WordPress and other popular CMSs are available at checkout.


Do We Recommend A2 Hosting?

Yes. Undoubtedly.

Other web hosts might have the big, flashy advertising campaigns. Or the entire blogosphere singing their praises. But A2 hosting delivers where it matters most: performance.

Despite flying under the radar for all these years, they offer some of the best speed results we’ve seen (and we’ve seen A LOT). Their customer support is also friendly, attentive and couldn’t be recommended more highly.

Need a fast, reliable, and helpful web host for almost any type of website? Give A2 Hosting a try. You shouldn’t be disappointed. After all – they’ve been one of our top web hosts for the past 8 months.

Visit www.A2Hosting.com

If you’ve used A2 Hosting, please tell us about it below! Good or bad – it doesn’t really matter as we’re trying to keep our hosting reviews transparent and honest.

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100 user reviews for A2 Hosting

5 — 

A2 Awesomness

I have a bare-bones centos 7 server with A2 and I love it! I'm a new customer who has shopped around and I can say that A2 servers perform so much better than the competition (I actually work for a competitor as a SysAdmin). Unfortunately I cannot give my credentials at this time but the way you can verify is to test competition - get a server, put your app(s) on it and see the performance differences. I tune servers all the time and some of the competition is hopeless - they have locked down the containers so much that you might as well have a shared server account. Just my opinion - check it out for yourself.

1 — 

Stay Away

A2 Hosting is nothing like Siteground. Their staging is buggy, it does not allow you to move over only the files you want; when you push it live, it completely destroys your site.

Despite their claims, you cannot go in and perform a restore as it does not work; like at all! I purchased a separate service to perform the daily backups.

They don't warn you if you're about to exceed your CPU or Memory limit; they just cut you off with no explanation and no forgiveness. Despite being listed there, you cannot view your usage in the sidebar in cPanel. You have to hunt down and then dig into the CPU app.

It takes 24 hours to get a response via email for support, which ultimately points you to their FAQ section that you've already read through. If you call in, expect to wait up to 45 minutes to speak with someone who clearly has no clue what they're talking about.

The intro pricing for their Turbo plan is equal to that of Siteground but Siteground has them beat in EVERY SINGLE MEASURE of service, features, usability, and uptime. FULL STOP.

My contract with them expires mid-April and I cannot wait to go back to Siteground. I will NEVER leave them again. If you sign up for A2 Hosting, don't say you weren't warned.

5 — 

Great support

Suprisingly okay. My compliments to the support team on well-done and fast job. My rating for the first contact is 5/5.

Hello to guys from snowy Croatia!

1 — 

charging my Credit card, but not a customer

By far the worst hosting company I have ever experienced. They continue to charge my credit card 125 EURO month after month after I cancelled. Everytime I time they confirm that my subscription has been cancelled, then they continue to charge my credit card and I have not received my money back as well. I hope this review get's posted to warn anyone else who thinks about signing up with A2 Hosting. I am willing to submit all documentation regards to my particular case

5 — 

Nothing but good to say!

I have been with A2 Hosting for 12-months now and I am incredibly happy. The support is fast and nice. I totally agree with this review, that the site speed is amazing, I have some pages where there are multiple videos and bigger pictures(infographics) and still the page loads almost instantly. I wholeheartedly recommend A2!

1 — 

Not the worst hosting, but close to

The website has been down for nearly 4 hours, and just 2 months ago, the same issue occurs. When it happen for the first time, I thought I am just bad luck, A2 hosting is a reliable one and this is just a coincidence. But today it happens again, and it is peak hour, right before christmas, many customers are doing last-minute shopping. and guess what, the website is down, thanks to this shitty hosting company. DON use this hosting unless you like "surprise".

5 — 

Down most of today

Couple of sites were located on Hostgator and Hostinger. Recently, i moved them all to A2 to just save some bucks of different Hoting providers. But this turned out to be game changer. All of my sites now perfom so well that all of them pass with flying colors in Google's speed tests. I would definitely recommend A2 hosting.

1 — 

Down most of today

My sites have been completely down for most of today 12/15/18 and support is unresponsive. Tickets have not been answered for more than 2 hours and chat is a perpetual wait. A2 is severely lacking in everything this web review claims. Don't believe the hype on this review site as it is just a bunch of lies to make money on commission.

2 — 

Uptime Issues

So I opted for A2Hosting after having been with Hostgator and Bluehost for over a combined total of 6 years. These two platforms were amazing however had some compatibility issues with one of the apps I absolutely needed for my daily operations.

My uptime with Hostgator and Bluehost has been amazing and I've barely run into any issues with them. But A2 Hosting was a completely different story. Within my first 30 days itself I started having issues with them. And I had signed up straightaway for the whole year. My sites weren't consuming a lot of bandwidth, had cache plugins and CDN enabled as well despite which their uptime wasn't that great.

I used to get downtime notifications at least once every week and that really upset me. Despite giving them multiple chances to rectify their issues, they continuously failed me after which I cancelled my subscription with them.

The sole reason why they are getting 2 star is because despite the issues, they a) promptly replied on the tickets I raised b) processed the refund no questions asked.

So, I like their service and that's what the 2-star rating is for but I hope they improve the performance of their machines.

1 — 

Terrible Service (Wordpress User)

I purchased A2 wordpress hosting because they claimed to be faster and more efficient then their competitors - this proved to be false.

The wordpress installations constantly failed. "INSTANCE FAILURE" meaning that our websites were down for longer then a week

The out going emails NEVER sent a single email meaning our emails were offline for longer then a week

Constant PHP errors even with clean installs

Customer support is LONG and the waits are terrible. Support never solve anything, rather create a ticket for you. This is the worst hosting decision we made and resulted in cancelled our websites and returning back to inmotionhosting where we have over 20 sites.

1 — 

Love taking your money

Canceled with them last year I got a refund thanks minus costs

This year after many emails to cancel we did not need them they took the payment again

Cancel your card seems to be the only way to stop them

horrible experience

2 — 

Not as advertised

I turned to A2 after 8 years with Just Host where I noticed my site was becoming slower and slower; I was willing to pay more money for more speed. I bought the Lite package as I have only 1 site of 1GB total. Yet after migrating to A2, my GT Metrix score went from C to E; Byte Check went from 1845m to 2457m; and Sucuri load time went from a high of 5.754 sec to a whopping high of 9.731 sec. When I complained about the speed, it was suggested I upgrade my account because their "Lite package isn't meant for speed."

BTW, you only get their A2 Optimizer if you install WP from scratch or if you later download and install the A2 Optimizer plugin from WP. But the plugin has so many bad reviews you'll likely decide to avoid it.

Migration was quick but then my site failed to load any images, yet A2 pronounced the migration successful and completed. I had to call tech support to fix the mess.

Speaking of support, first call I was on hold 1 hour then automatically disconnected (and the music is designed to make you hang up). Second time, on hold again 1 hour then forced to leave a message and disconnected. Message was never returned. Third time I got through after 10 minutes, and when I complained of previously being on hold for 1 hour, I was told 30 minutes is their goal, and if you leave a message it doesn't get returned because by then they are too far behind, FYI.

When you finally get through, they will tell you that you need to open a support ticket, and then something that should take half an hour to fix gets stretched out over days. After 3 days with the same server error message, A2 claimed there were no issues at their end, including one email full of unrelated technical mumbo-jumbo. Eventually the problem was fixed but only because I pressed them over and over again.

So now I am simply spending more money each month for average speed and terrible technical support, when before I had average speed but great technical support.

5 — 

SSL and Shopify

After assigning my domain name to Shopify, I kept receiving messages "Internet Security Warning". When I was opening my Outlook app.

There was also a message about installing a certificate

After a few chats, A2 tech support found out that the problem arose because my domain name had been assigned to my shopify.

A2 Hosting tech support provided me with a fix and now it is all working well.

All my messages go through SSL without any warning.

5 — 

Best SEO hosting

Great features for load times. Great servers, love their hosting cpanel too, lots of goodies and extras to play with there. I am now moving all my domains the main ones I should say over to a dedicated server. I am just happy to of chosen them cause I know I chose the right hosting company this time. A + on the hosting itself customer service at times is a little slow to respond but they will respond to you 24-7

5 — 


After using GoDaddy, Namecheap, HostGator, Linode, Dreamhost, the list goes on and on, I finally found the perfect web host!!! They offer your usual cPanel hosting platform but the big winner is their customer service. They reply quickly and get the job done. Additionally, this wasn't a huge issue for me but their speed is a lot faster than most other hosts.

5 — 

New Non-Techie User

I've recently migrated my site from another host and couldn't be more pleased. I elected to move for site speed and uptime, and am finding additional benefits in the very responsive, and high-quality customer support. Help even for a non-techie like me (babyboomer user).

5 — 

Awesome Website Builder & Customer Service!

I have been with Hostinger for a few months and enjoy the fact that it has a simple design, and that it has accessible customer service. The website builder provides simple to use one-click options for adding images, share buttons, and so forth. Beginners like me can easily use the tools found on the dashboard to develop a basic website. If you are more experienced, you can utilize other tools in the C-panel to enrich, create, and import your website. I personally stuck to the basics by using one of Hostinger's website templates to create a colorful website to promote products for children. In addition to being an easy-to-use platform, Hostinger also provides noteworthy and personalized customer service support. I was having issues with the title of my website in relation to how it was being displayed on Google's search engine. So, I contacted Hostinger via chat at about 10:30 at night. The assistant helped to answer my questions, fixed one issue, and provided me with resources to help me with coding to fix another. I will probably pay a skilled person to assist me with coding since it is not a part of my background. I would recommend this website because of the awesome aspects I listed above and because Hostinger's cost rocks!

1 — 

Stingy with Storage

We attempted to move from Hostmonster "Unlimited" shared service to A2 "Unlimited" shared service. We were using 450GB of storage for our website and 25GB of storage for 30+ email accounts on Hostmonster. Knowing that would be cumbersome to transfer, we decided to archive a lot of old teaching video and audio from our website and dropped the storage to 55GB. A2 sales had recommended we get it below 70GB. A2 sales also recommended we drop our email storage to under 10GB, so we dropped it to only 5.5GB. After moving our domain and attempting to migrate our data, we were told that the combined storage (60GB) was still too big. A2 said they would not host our site after sales said they would. A manager confirmed. This is all after we moved our domain which takes 60 days before it can be moved again. Thankfully they pointed the domain back to Hostmonster so we can continue using our website and emails. Note: A2 never told us the limit of "unlimited" storage until after we purchased the service and moved our domain. Then they said "unlimited" was an arbitrary number based on the average other customer's usage.

5 — 

Totally Satisfied With A2

Speaking from our personal experiences, we have moved a number of clients sites to A2 in the past year, including our own agency website. There is practically no lag time from domain creation to the time we have been able to start building. This is a huge plus. Plenty of email capabilities for each domain, and fast speeds on website call-ups. As a practice, we use the A2 Optimized Wordpress accounts for all of our WP based clients. Our experience with support has been outstanding, and in particular, migrating domains over from other providers. They will continue to get our business.

5 — 

A2 is 5 STAR!

Have you ever seen an email forward from your webmail account? I have! HEART DROPSY! I moved and migrated ALL of my websites and a host AWAY from my former CA hosting company to A2 and they have embraced me and know my pain of a stolen 3L .com domain. 4 months later I got it back and my account is secure and A2 takes care of it and me. I rest assured they are my hoster and all my websites are safe, fast and sound. : )

5 — 

Extremely helpful

We recently swapped hosts, and not only did they help us get out of a data hostage situation, after the move they have been very attentive to any issues that arose. The ip we received had been blacklisted by microsoft, trendmicro, and proofpoint. But they were extremely helpful in correcting these problems. I'm on a dedicated server, and usually receive ticket responses in 30 minutes to an hours. At my previous host it would take DAYS. If you are looking for web hosting, I highly recommend.

5 — 

Awesome Support 24/7

Late one evening I was trying to get into my admin panel on my website. I couldn't get past an expired reCAPTCHA credential box. I emailed support and within 15 minutes or so my problem was solved. These folks are AWESOME! I switched hosting providers a short while ago and have never regretted the decision. They have been fantastic!

5 — 

Amazing Customer Service

I switched to A2 from another hosting service. There was a problem with a A2 Optimized wordpress install. They fixed the problem and responded in an hour. That is, by far, faster than any customer service response that I've gotten with any other host. I can't speak about everything else just yet, still pretty new to the hosting, but the customer support is definitely top notch.

2 — 

Find Different Hosting

I did my homework, including reading this review site and I am completely disappointed. One issue after the other with no resolution. Our site goes down regularly and we keep getting the same response,"Sorry, we had trouble with a node and had to reboot your server." We have files in File Manager that are not accessible through SSH and they can't figure out how to get us access to them. The sales department will answer the phone in seconds, but before you buy, try calling Tech Support and see how that works for you. I must say that load times and overall speed is pretty good, but we are having way too much downtime to stay with this company.

5 — 

Just switched...

I just switched from Hostgator to A2 and picked up their Turbo plan. Folks, the difference is like night and day. Very responsive customer service, blazing fast site, no hiccups, no BS, no long hold times, no low-information customer service reps and their renewal price is competitive instead of shooting for the moon.

I'm parked, happy and have no plans to move. Very happy!

5 — 

Took a while but glad I moved to their Reseller

Having a reseller account with 50 websites, I was dreading a migration, but my other hosting company, think "reptilian", wasn't getting any better. Slow phones and to apply SSL on all my sites was going to cost my an arm in a gator's mouth. I have been recommending A2 Hosting to clients for some time, but finally, I took the jump for a reseller account and although it took a few days, I have a new hosting company that is going to allow me to help a lot of small businesses get online right! Thanks Joel K. and A2 Hosting!

1 — 

Terrible support

Terrible support. I left Godaddy for A2 and i was so wrong. Godaddy you can call any time 24/7 and get situation under control quickly. A2 give you more for money on the paper, but support is terrible, you will get response if you lucky in 24hours and it will not be a solution, it will be a question on a question, so in order to get something resolved you may have to wait for weeks. I am fine paying more for immediate support.

4 — 

A2 phone support

I only work with hosting companies that give me on the phone real support with technical people who actually know how to solve the problems....and don't just send me a link or write the ticket.

I've been with A2 for over 5 years. I've migrated sites to A2, have had small sites, multi language sites etc. And many have had some problems, but the support was always great and all problems solved..most while I was on the phone with them.

As A2 has grown, they added new support people, perhaps its just a growth period, but the new people are not as knowledgable as the older ones, plus they've instituted a "time per customer" support before they write up a ticket. I've learned to call in the off hours where there is less pressure and they will spend the time to actually solve the problem while I'm on the phone with them.

The older support staff clearly have more knowledge and experience than the newer guys (there is one gal) so there is a gap there. The newer guys tend to send me link or write up a ticket rather than solve the problem while i'm on the phone with them

5 — 

Quick and Patient

Since I'm a customer the A2 Hosting, my experience with your support is phenomenal. You are quick and smart, and overly helpful. And patient what I am not... But I thank you for your constantly vigilant support and especially your patience with the untalented beginners!

5 — 

So far so good

I have only had my new A2 shared server for a week but so far everything has been outstanding. The performance is awesome, actually the best I have had. The customer service was fantastic and the price is very affordable. At the moment I am very happy with it.

5 — 

Beyond my expectations!

After a year with A2 Hosting on a cheaper plan I decided to try their Managed Wordpress Hosting service. It boasts 20X faster load speeds. Wow they aren’t kidding, my site is super fast now. I did have an issue with my email after migrating my website to the new server and they responded quickly with help as this was above my pay grade. Thanks A2 Hosting, you’re the best!

5 — 

Outstanding service & support

I've had an account at A2 for 5+ years and have nothing but praise for them. I've moved from shared to reseller hosting and now to a managed VPS. No matter when I call or how dumb my questions may sound, the help desk people are always spot on with their answers. Apart from one problem with a SQL server crash, I have had complete up-time for the last 5 years. Prices are a bit high but you do get what you pay for. Servers and support staff are US based.

5 — 

Great response time

I feel so excited the way my ticket was attended to. Exemplary, I must say.

I am proud to say that it was a joy choosing to have your company host my website.

5 stars aren't just enough to describe my satisfaction.

5 — 

Great and quick response

Very quick and efficient service. Normally people respond after 24 hours. These guys will send 10 responses within 24 hours and ensure your issue is resolved

5 — 

Simply Awesome

Pawel was amazingly cool and awesome. He was very helpful and very patient with me. He did not get annoyed by my 30 million questions and he kept a great attitude the entire time. A Matter of fact, I wish all my customer care calls could be this amazing. He is a rock star!!

5 STARS all the way. Thank you for all your help.

5 — 

Great professional support!

Awesome response time and good insights were provided by the support professionals. Very satisfied with A2 hosting!

5 — 

A2 Hosting

Price over quality ratio is amazing. So much service for a fraction of your money.

Great job guys! My customers will be very pleased.

5 — 

Quick Replies

Been using A2 Hosting a number of years now, and they always handle concerns quickly. Very satisfied.

5 — 


Very good. Fast. Full control of the environment and excellent value.

1 — 

Nightmare Customer Service

Extremely bad migration service. I asked it of February 16th. Today is 22th and still no clue, no answer. If I could I would cancel this service. They deleted my website on my old provider - not at my request. I signed up for a specific domain and they changed that on their own. I did some tests with the first byte using Google Page Speed, GTMatrix and WEBPAGETEST. Almost a full second for the first byte.

5 — 

A2Hosting is the Best

I received a quick response. Love the service. Love the product. I have been through a few up until now. Will definitely stick with A2 Hosting

5 — 

A2Hosting is the Best

Being a non-coder, I found a2hosting very user friendly.

Support function is very proactive and ensures matters are resolved ASAP.

In addition to this, downtime is negligible as server is very fast.

1 — 

A2 is a nightmare! Failed!!!

Few words for to say A2 is a BIG FAILURE! No thing of what they promise is true! No one responding to our inquiries after a disastrous migration from Hostmonster that led our website down literally for weeks!!! 500 errors were everywhere. Resource limit reached for a website that has couple of visitors per day!!! WordPress installation was a disaster. The worst thing that happened is that no one was willing to give us an answer for the reason their server was always shutting down our website. They said “you are using 100% of the cpu resource”. Com’on! We are not running a online store! Nor even a huge portal with thousands of accesses per day. Just few users a day. We are obviously not the ones responsible for to suck the entire memory capacity of their facility. They MUST have some bad system installed and don’t want to admit. They deserve to be sued for the damage created. If you want to have problems and to see your website collapse, go for this terrible A2, or stay away!!! And be sure that no one will answer you!

5 — 


They had us back up and going in 24 after Godaddy dropped the ball and lost our business. Their customer service and tech support were extremely responsive and quick to meet our needs.

5 — 

Very impressed so far!

I signed up for A2 Hosting about 10 days ago. I have been incredibly impressed with the responsiveness of the customer service staff. I’ve gotten responses to questions almost immediately and they made my website migration simple. Very impressed!

5 — 

Nervous move turned out to be a win

Very nervous about switching hosting providers. I have read reviews on so many different hosting sites and you just never know if the hosting company created a review site to just rate themselves better but I can tell you. A2 Hosting has so far proven why they are always ranked in the top10 no matter what site you go to. I am starting to relax with the thought I made the right decision to move to A2 Hosting.

5 — 

Efficient 24hour telephone support

On the Christmas week end, I called to resolve a refund for an invoice which I thought had been sent in error. The operator understood the issue quickly and proceeded to issue a refund within a few minutes. I was a bit worked up and it was a great relief to be delt effectively, efficiently and in a very cool calm and collected manner.

1 — 

nightmare support A2 Hosting is not A1

2015 paid for two years of Lite plan

2016 paid for two years of Turbo plan (not refunded for time left on Lite plan and website was never migrated to Turbo server. I didn’t know the site wasn’t migrated until 17 months later.)

2017 December

12/4 I let the Lite plan run out (There was no need to keep it because I paid for Turbo plan starting 17 months before)

12/4 Website and email were deleted by A2 (despite having an account with hosting for the site paid for through 2018)

12/4 I logged on and sent a ticket to support (no one ever responded, even days later)

12/4 I logged on to chat, thinking they might be able to help. The person just sent a ticket to billing. (Why nothing to support to get my site back up?)

12/4 A2 billing said I’d need to pay to restore website and email (even though I had a current paid-up plan with them and migration was supposed to be free and should have been completed 17 months earlier). When I pointed this out, billing “waived restore fee” and sent a ticket to support. Billing has been silent ever since, despite owing me money.

12/6 Website restored but to Lite server instead of Turbo server (subdomains not restored at all)

12/4-12/6 All email sent to my domain while down for two days never arrived (lost forever)

12/7 I was informed the site was finally migrated to Turbo server but email was still on Lite server. A2 support person handed my over to “migration specialists”

12/8 A2 migration support offered to move my email only but not provide cPanel (I had to tell this guy that cPanel had already been installed on the correct server the day before)

12/7-12/8 At times, entering my URL sends people to an Australian company called Honeycomb. At other times, it’s only my subdomains that go to the Australian site. Since some parts are on one server and other parts on another server, I have different passwords for email and cPanel rather than one.

Over 40 emails back and forth in five days, I’ve been shuffled around to six people (Beverly, David, Ross, Jeff, Nicole, Josh). Despite asking, no one has responded about refunding me for paying for 17 months of Turbo without getting it. They’re still saying it could be 3-5 days before the site is properly migrated. Now, I’m trying to get them to start over and do a full, proper migration of everything all at once. I’m going to write a detailed letter to the supervisor over billing and support but so far I can’t get Josh to give me the email address for that person although I’ve asked him for it twice. This has taken hours of my time and it’s not over.

I own several businesses. My advice is:

Don’t have a customer deal with six people over one issue. That means the customer has to explain the issues over and over and none of your employees will ever know the whole story or how to solve the issues. Additionally, when I asked a person a question in an email, I often didn’t get an answer. The next email I got was from a new person and the old ones never responded again.

Only one of these people ever apologized. That was the fourth one. I appreciated the apology but by that time, it was much too late.

I think these people may be overworked. They seemed too quick to move me along to someone else. I talked to four people in billing (even when the issues they were solving were support issues and billing has never solved the issue of changing me for two plans on one site for 17 months.)

5 — 

A2 by name yet A1+ by nature

I had 42 sites to migrate from 4 other hosting companies. Huge job. Yet, every single question was answered and my “hand was held” every step of the way.

These guys are amazing and I have not regretted, for even a moment, moving my hosting to the one central location at A2.

Their customer service and support is second to none that I’ve experienced.

Their customer portal and cPanel areas are so clean and user friendly too. Magnificent!

Thanks guys.

5 — 

Fast and Helpful

A2 has always provided excellent, clear support. Their optimization tools built expressly for WordPress make our site run faster and make updates easier. Speed and up-time are excellent.

5 — 

They Pick Up The Phone

I chose A2 Hosting because I can contact them via phone, not just chat with a person in some far away country. I do not need much customer service, just the original set-up and a few times for new website FTP set-up. I would recommend them for those who might need to speak to somebody right away.

5 — 

Fast Support, Fast Hosting

Incredibly fast support, detailed replies within minutes or even seconds. After upgrading from swift to turbo shared hosting, my webpage loading speed exploded from 5 seconds to less than 1 second in 10 countries….I was blown away!

5 — 

Bret H. Rules

Bret H. just represented A2 Hosting and regained the faith of a new customer that just switched from GoDaddy and had a very frustrating day with being put off by support tickets and wasn’t consulted properly on the phone when purchasing a VPS and Bret took the initiative to listen to what I needed and kicked some major @$$ thank you very much Bret and I look forward to bringing more clients to A2 Hosting thanks to service like yours!

5 — 

Great startup service

I’m new to A2hosting, they just migrated my site yesterday. The migration was much quicker than their estimate. I had one little issue which made my site not load at all, one phone call with a 10 minute wait gave me a very knowledgeable tech that fixed it instantly. Somehow I was double billed for my new account and a very friendly person in the billing department took care of that immediately. I had to do a little work on my content to adapt it to the free https/ssl and a couple of tweaks to the email but that was painless and everything seems to be working perfectly now. The hosting speed is a huge improvement over my previous vendor. I’ll be interested in long-term results but the first impression is excellent! Thanks for the great service getting started.

5 — 

Prompt, friendly and efficient

Thanks for your very prompt attention and for going what I’m sure was beyond the call of duty to resolve this problem for me. We’re just a small, not for profit community project but no-one likes their website being down for any length of time. In this case it was a third party app that was causing the issue and you were very quick in identifying the problem.

5 — 

Thank you Jeff H. from A2Hosting.

Thank you Jeff H. for resolving my issue . I called a2Hosting and it was 10 min wait but the issue was resolved in 2 min. Maybe it wasn’t very serious but a2Hosting team dedicated to fix it as soon as possible. It is very important to have great people in the company , A2Hosting has those people like Jeff H. Thank you.

5 — 

The #1 For Uptime Speed And Support

A2Hosting is one of the best hosting services I have encountered in my publishing life.

Their speed is worth notable and a first choice/criteria to join them.

Their uptime is worth notable and reliable.

Also their in-house supporting team and their quick responses which you can’t enjoy in any of the hosting platforms. The worst I had with is Bluehost below average.

I recommend this A2Hosting platform for your quick and speedy hosting needs.

I placed a logo of A2Hosting on the sidebar of my site.

I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Philip V Ariel, of Philipscom. pvariel.com

5 — 

A Reliable (non-EIG owned) Web Hosting Service

A2 Hosting is a reliable (non-EIG owned) web hosting service. I’ve been using them for a few years now and I’m very satisfied. Their support team responds quickly to my questions. They offer reliability, speed and security. They’re everything you want from a web host plus more.

5 — 

Excellent Service

Excellent service for reseller, the fact that includes SSL on any reseller cpanel its pretty cool

5 — 

Great Host

Just getting started with A2. Could not be more happy. Already had an occasion to submit a support ticket due to my misstep in plesk. The response time was excellent and the answer was clear. I don’t need tech support often, but when I do, it’s good to know that it’s readily available. The A2 web site is well designed and easy to use. I feel that I get a lot for my money with A2, and I hope to transfer all of my domains and hosting accounts to A2.

3 — 

A2 are ok...

A2 service is good and website speed is good too.

However I have never had so many emails about issues with my WP installs, malware/vulnerabilities, maybe its just a sign of the times with WP sites being attacked more but I never used to have issues. To be fair they get patched after some time but with enhanced security I wouldn’t expect this to happen.

If you host multiple WP sites I would ensure your host has max security against WP attacks.

3 — 

A2 (1) ~ Problems (0)

Could not be more pleased…after numerous problems ( on my side of the errors ) You were able to fix all my screw-ups. Your Technicians are top notch, restores my faith in the Customer Relations department.

You not only fixed my foul-ups you gained a loyal customer.

Thank you.

Jack P. Wisconsin

5 — 

Fast Response Time.

Very quick response time. Easy to follow instructions to my issue. Thanks A2 Hosting!

5 — 

Heck Yeah, so Happy I joined A2!!

And here we are 3 months later and I finally finished my website yesterday lol….

5 — 

Great Support, Fast Hosting!

This is my second hosting company and I haven’t regretted it for even one moment. All of my sites are very fast, way faster than before.

Just as important though is the awesome support. The support team is always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They have saved me a ton of time and stress because of it.

I would recommend A2 Hosting to anyone looking for a hosting company!

3 — 

Great website, good servers, poor support

TL;DR: Because i’m kind of smart, i tend to think everyone else is stupid, but in this case i was the fool. If nearly everyone everywhere tells you that A2 Hosting support sucks and you should stay away from them, that’s because it’s true. Take it from yet another experienced idiot.

Before i subscribed to A2 Hosting, i thoroughly browsed forums and reviews to see what everyone had to say. From that, i got the idea that the servers were good, but the support might not be. That shouldn’t be a problem to me, though: i know cPanel and Linux like the back of my hand, so i seldom need to contact support after the first couple of days.

My first impression was excellent: hats off to that website, it’s the best i’ve ever seen from any hosting company. The subscription process was pretty good as well: i chose, i paid, i got what i paid for – quick and easy.

I then had to contact support to request their assistance with something: i had already uploaded a modified (username, IP, hostname) full cPanel backup, and i needed them to just restore my account from that to make my migration from another server much quicker and easier. I was pleasantly surprised: in less than 30 minutes it had been done. “Splendid!”, i thought to myself. “It looks like i was right. The negative reports were exaggerated.”

Merely a few hours later, as a result of a meeting with a business-savvy client of mine, i had a change of heart: i needed to downgrade my account. I could cancel my subscription and subscribe the smaller plan, but i thought i’d ask them to downgrade me so that i didn’t have to migrate the cPanel account yet again. I was willing to pay for my mistake too.

Six hours later i hadn’t heard from them yet. (Yes, i’m usually a patient guy.) “Maybe they don’t offer 24/7 billing support.” It’s true, i found out after a quick search, but my request came during their business hours. I had enough time and funds, so i went and took care of things myself. This time i even restored the account myself, setting and creating everything.

I took some time testing my websites. Just a few, ans small ones. The speed was impressive, but in the back of my mind i kept thinking “I don’t usually ask for support, but it should be there if i need it. Plus, i certainly can’t recommend this to my clients.”. I canceled my second subscription as well and decided to go with another host.

All of the above happened within less than 24 hours, and i asked for immediate cancellations. Nearly three days later nothing had yet been canceled and i still hadn’t been reimbursed. I had to threaten them with a Paypal dispute to finally get them to do something.

Yes, this could have been a different story if i hadn’t changed my mind about my subscription, but if you read other testimonials you’ll notice that different people in different situations than mine have had similar problems.

The point is: If you’re going to hassle your clients when they ask for a refund, don’t brag about “30-day hassle-free refunding” (https://www.a2hosting.com/anytime-money-back-guarantee). Also, if you’re going to sell priority support as an extra, don’t make a point of treating non-priority clients with as much delay as you can.

5 — 

Fast reliable service and Great tech support!

Literally no problems and my site has never gone down. I’ve had to call tech support a couple of times, to walk me through some of the features and they are polite, efficient and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.

5 — 

I wish i had switched years ago.

I wish i had switched years ago. I have been with another hosting company for 15 years.

The support staff is awesome. When i contacted my original hosting company they gave very little support and always tried to up sell something.

This is the first site i have hosted with A2. The site is fast and very responsive. I have only praise for the staff and service at A2. If you have any doubts forget them. I have been working on websites since the dial up days and I am very impressed with the service and staff.

5 — 

Excellent Hosting Provider

I’m far from a web developer or webmaster. I came into this after being forced into a medical retirement from the automotive industry. I started an e-commerce site last year through BlueHost on a VPS. Over the course of a year and change, I started hosting other sites. I created a secondary cPanel on my BlueHost account and that’s where all my trouble began. BlueHost was fairly helpful until then. All of a sudden, they started to claim they we’re able to assist with anything related to “sub-cPanel accounts” because they claimed the Paper Lantern theme wasn’t compatible with their systems. After having 2-3 weeks down time in a 4 week period, I decided it was time to switch hosts.

I was shopping around for a few days and I finally chose A2… I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I’m now on a Pinnacle+ Core VPS plan. Site migration was a breeze. They took care of the major stuff before I even knew it. All I really had to do was point the nameservers to A2, and I was ready to rock and roll again. The happiest moment for me was telling BlueHost how horrible they were and demanding my refund! I haven’t looked back!

5 — 

Prompt and engaging

Prompt support these days. I was a bit worried before when I was switching from Fastcomet, but i feel much more comfortable after the migrated the site in less than 5 hours and almost a seamless handover between Fastcomet and a2hosting.

5 — 

Support Gurus are Great

The most important factor for me, as a newbie, is that A2 Hosting has a great support team, gurus, and they have assisted me and answered my many questions, fast and accurate, both before I bought a plan, and after that.

Being a newbie, I have many questions, some of them maybe stupid, but they helped me with every question or issue, and resolved them both quickly and efficiently.

As for Speed, or Uptime, I see no problem so far, but I know, I can rely on them with my future issues, until I can learn more and more.

Thank you A2, I have no regret choosing you.

5 — 

Excellent Customer Service

Full service hosting provider. Great prices, great support, plenty of tools to accomplish almost anything. Website has been very stable with few problems. I would definitely choose them again.

3 — 


I’m getting tired of the repeated outages on all of our sites. Seems to happen quite often these days and it usually takes a while for them to update their status page – almost as if they don’t want people to notice. I don’t know how anybody could claim their uptime is 99.9% – it can’t possibly be true.

5 — 

Fast? YES!!!

My sites went on average from 4-8+ seconds with GoDaddy to 1-2 seconds with a2hosting. I would highly recommend a2hosting to any website owner who wishes to improve their conversions and overall online presence.

After giving a2 FTP access they transferred my websites within 10 minutes.

5 stars all the way.

5 — 

DDoS caused outages are unbearable

Everything good about A2 is true. They are fast. Easy to deal with. Good support. Free, integrated Let’s Encrypt is awesome.

So why the low rating? In the two weeks we’ve been with them we have more outages and downtime than in the past 2+ years with other hosting companies for our and our two dozen client sites. They say the outages are from DDoS attacks and that they have DDoS protection but it hasn’t handled these huge attacks. They need a different approach. I haven’t had this bad reliability with any other hosting service.

The low reliability is harming my and my customers reputations both with real customers and with search engines. It was a lot of work to get all my client’s sites over and tweak them to deal with differences between A2 and other hosts (can’t email through an external SMTP even with authentication, for example). Now it looks like I may need to move them all back with 1 week to go before a long planned vacation. Nervous? You bet. Tight timing and I don’t want to let my clients down.

Not sure I have a choice at this point though.

3 — 

A2 can't hand traffic

The main problem with A2 is it can’t handle the traffic.I had purchased Swift plan with unlimited traffic.But it can’t handle even 13000 visitors. Customer care is horrible with only one Agent Matt . The good things are they will give free SSL certificates and tons of other softwares and SEO tools.

2 — 

The only thing FAST about A2 is downhill service

I am on a Sprint dedicated account at A2, and have been for several years. Recently however, my up time robot reports have been going crazy. They go offline at the most inopportune times.

Not only does my site go down, but their home page and support portal goes down at the same time. This is happening right now as I write this review. I am now working on a migration plan and the only one they can blame is themselves. Once these upsets start to recover, you can get into their home site, but trying to open a ticket only kicks you out. Really obvious they are flooded with tickets.

They were great for the first year and a half or so, but in the past few months, the only thing fast about A2 is their service going downhill.

I just tried to contact them again and when logging in to my account I get this error:

Secure Connection Failed

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Time to move on….

5 — 

Well worth the money

I hosted my site with I-Power for years. It was time to move and after much research, found A2Hosting. Been with them for two years and have never had a problem at all. Website is always up and support has been great.

5 — 

Fantastic for photographers and small business owners!

Thank you Hosting Facts because this is where I discovered A2 Hosting!

I first signed up with Bluehost for 3 years, got lured by their low pricing (I didn’t know any better) and it hasn’t been a positive experience. Speed and reliability were sub par. I notice many down times where my site simply wouldn’t load during busy hours. Showcasing quality imagery is essential to my business (I am a photographer), unfortunate this further increases loading time.

Migrating to A2 was painless. They have really responsive support representatives and a stellar full site migration service, free of charge! Virtually no down time. This really helps, especially those who aren’t technical or simply don’t have the time to look after every detail.

For the few months I have been using A2, the speed has certainly improved. The TURBO plan in particular offers tangible benefits, yet remains affordable for the small business owners. A few bucks per month is certainly worth jumping from Bluehost to A2, that’s the equivalent for a cup of coffee, really! Do your visitors a favor and upgrade, no one likes a slow loading website.

3 — 

A2 is a bit unstable

My experience with A2 is that they are really hit and miss. (WooCommerce site with ~100 products) I wanted a fast host and in the beginning they were fine, but then things started to go wrong. From time to time I got a lot of “can’t connect to DB”-errors and download speeds (in WMT) would go to from 400ms to 4 seconds, for ex. in May 2017.

Also their “speed plugin” just made my site slower.

If speed is your goal, look somewhere else. Where? I have no idea ? I’m still looking.

5 — 

Blazing Fast Hosting

I would recommend A2 hosting to anyone out there.

My site was experiencing some issues until i was told that it was an overloading error. Thanks to the guys at the A2 hosting they corrected the problem by removing a bad wp plugin embedded in my site, My site is bug-free right now. I didn’t have a clue on how to do this myself. Litespeed server, Unlimited bandwidth … I mean you get a lot of cool add-on features that comes with their package. It’s worth the price.

5 — 

I'm happy to be back with A2Hosting

Back in June 2016, I submitted a review of A2Hosting (which you can read below). At the time, I said that my trial of A2Hosting had been going well until I ran into limitations with their reseller account. My previous time with A2Hosting was actually back in 2014 – and after running into those limitations, I went with InMotionHosting’s reseller plan. That plan served me well, and, with the exception of somewhat slower page load times, I was very happy.

Suddenly, in February of this year, the server I was assigned to at IMH became unstable. I asked to be moved to another server, and that was even worse! My hosting clients began complaining about recurring account suspensions (apparently due to resource constraints), and I was afraid of losing my business.

It was then that I took another look at A2Hosting. In the time since 2014, they have beefed up their reseller plans. All the PHP libraries that I needed for my websites were now included with their reseller plans, and the WHMCS software, which had not been included with reseller hosting back in 2014 was now included free as part of the package.

I signed up in March and have been tickled pink ever since. All my client sites worked immediately (and they were migrated at no charge by A2Hosting). Most importantly, there have been no instances of suspension of my client accounts since switching over.

I initially wanted to use A2Hosting back in 2014 because of their impressive speed. Now that I’m back, they haven’t let me down. Support has also been responsive and awesome.

5 — 


I have been using A2 Hosting for over one year and can attest to this very positive review! The site load times with A2 Hosting are impeccable, reliable, and fast. I have used 4 other web hosting providers and none of them compare to my extraordinary experience with A2 Hosting, period.

5 — 

Server down 3 times this week!

My websites have been offline now on 3 separate occasions for prolonged periods this week. I have been in touch with customer service and the responses have been vague and noncommittal (ticket #XWD-567-11212). I purchased the “Turbo” package with top-of-the-range specification for 1 year upfront and I am deeply, deeply unhappy with what A2 have provided.

5 — 

Meets All My Difficult Needs

This time around, in my latest search for Web Hosting, I was a tough guy to please, but A2 Hosting has, so far, really impressed me. Here is what I was looking for.


Good Support

Large Numbers of Domains (40), Subdomains (100) and e-mail addresses (250) hosted

Large Amount of Storage (2TB)

Lots of large (5GB) MySQL Databases


PHP 7.1

No restrictions on CURL

Ability to change PHP Settings on a per web site basis

PHP Command Line for SSH and Cron usage, with ability to set PHP Settings specifically for SSH/Cron

Latest version of cPanel

Affordable Dedicated IP Address, if I need it in the future

Affordable Price (less than $15 USD/month)

Affordable SSL Certificate that won’t trigger browser warning messages

Backups, preferably nightly

Domains NOT in subdirectories of any other Domain

I looked at more than two dozen alternatives, but only A2 had it all. And important extras like SSD for web storage.

One item that was missing from their KnowledgeBase was the fact that, even with their current standard for Shared Hosting accounts, CageFS, .user.ini files are supported for PHP, to override PHP Settings in the current directory and all subdirectories.

1 — 

Worst Hosting Ever

One of the worst hosting.

Managed to loss data of all my client’s data in my reseller account and offers 3 months more reseller account. Cost me over £5000/- to redo all client website.

Never go to this hosting, Its slow and completely unreliable

Contact me if you need some proof, I can show all their support transcripts.

5 — 

A2 Hosting Rocks

I’ve used and I can say that A2 hosting is really a wonderful hosting for bloggers and small business sites. Their server speed is fast and the best thing is fast customer support which I liked the most.

I’d recommend A2 hosting!

5 — 

Very happy 99.99% of the time

I switched to A2 hosting about a year ago and like everyone else have been thrilled with the speed. Overall I’m very happy with the hosting and the value. I’m on the Shared Turbo plan with about 5 WordPress sites running and in my opinion you would be hard pressed to find a better hosting value. That being said, there have been more instances of downtime than on my previous host and A2 support is not nearly as responsive to support tickets. It could be that they are too busy working on the issue to respond to the support ticket until after it’s fixed.

Looking through my support tickets from the past year, I’ve had 3 instances where the database server had to be reset and 1 instance where email server was down. I’m currently waiting for them to fix a database connectivity issue and just realized that I know about downtime only when the site goes down while updating my site(s) so I am setting up some downtime monitoring to learn if it’s more frequent than I realize.

5 — 

A2 Hosting is OK

I would recommend A2 hosting to anyone out there.

My site was experiencing some issues until i was told that it was an overloading error. Thanks to the guys at the A2 hosting they corrected the problem by removing a bad wp plugin embedded in my site, My site is bug-free right now. I didn’t have a clue on how to do this myself.

3 — 

Support not that good..

Based on your review I signed up for A2 turbo plan. They offered to migrate my existing sites, yes please! 2 WEEKS later I still have no sites working, no email accounts imported, conflicts galore and it takes 24 hours for an email response.

It’s fast though. VERY fast.

5 — 

A2hosting rocks!

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with A2hosting. They rock so much. I’ve worked with multiple hosting companies throughout the years like media temple, GoDaddy, hostgator, Bluehost and now A2hosting. A2hosting is the best hands downs. Awesome support and they have the best tech and fastest servers. A++++!

5 — 

An almost flawless web host

I am a full time blogger and i host many websites on different web hosts.

One of my websites is hosted on A2 hosting for more than 8 months, and i am really pleased with their service quality.

During this period i have monitored both the speed and up-time of the website.

Speed remains consistently in the range of 300-400 ms and up-time remains regularly above 99.98% . This is way better than the performance of my website hosted on bluehost , which has speed of more than 800 ms and up-time of around 99.93%.

My experience with support team of A2 hosting has mostly been good, they are very friendly and fast.

Overall, in my opinion A2 hosting is great for small and medium websites and if it maintains its service quality, then it will definitely leave behind old web hosts like Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage etc..

5 — 

It's worth the price

I would recommend A2 hosting to anyone out there.

My site was experiencing some issues until i was told that it was an overloading error. Thanks to the guys at the A2 hosting they corrected the problem by removing a bad wp plugin embedded in my site, My site is bug-free right now.

I didn’t have a clue on how to do this myself. Litespeed server, Unlimited bandwidth … I mean you get a lot of cool add-on features that comes with their package. It’s worth the price.

5 — 

A2 is awesome

I am a great fan of A2 hosting after InMotion. Their plans are very good and prices are affordable for startups.

5 — 

Recent DDOS attack

Everything you discussed here is OK except protection.

Uptime extra ordinary. Speed more than expected. Support is OK.

but A2 doesn’t guarantee UPTIME during DDOS attack.

I was one of victim of A2 hosting DDOS policy – You can easily find attacks on ‘Server Status’ page. Support team refuged to keep site up simply saying A2 guarantees no uptime during such attack.

Pathetic…. Site with more than 14k/day traffic went down for 5 days… Finally I migrated site to SiteGround but Siteground also has some issue with traffic limit.

I would give A2Hosting 10 out of 10 if they had some way to prevent DDOS attack without putting down any site.

5 — 

I wish I could have kept them...

More than a year ago, I went searching for an SSD-based reseller hosting provider for my new hosting business. I discovered A2 Hosting and was really hoping they would be a good fit for me. Although I live in Canada, I’m actually located near Detroit, Michigan (which is near Ann Arbor – probably the source of the name A2). Anyway, things were going really well until I ran into an obstacle running some of the software I intended to install. It turns out there were limits on the installed packages available on Reseller Accounts (limits that would not have been an issue if I had opted for a VPS plan).

As much as I was impressed with the speed and tech support, I just couldn’t find a way around the limitations, and had to ask for a refund about 2 days before the 30-day limit expired. I got my refund no questions asked, and I would use them again if I decided to go with VPS hosting.

A bit more research, and I discovered InMotionHosting (my current reseller hosting provider). Not only did they have all the packages I needed, but they also offered WHMCS at no charge.

I would still give A2 Hosting a 95/100 with a slight penalty for not offering all the packages I needed for my purposes.

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You Can Never Compare A2 Hosting

When I launched my first blog back in 2015, I didn’t know any other web hosting provider except Bluehost. Tho, I never did really any research since it was so widely promoted.

However, few months ago I started to face several problems with Bluehost (i.e long loading times, site being offline).

I quickly started to dig for web hosting reviews and found HostingFacts.com (yippie!)

I switched to A2 hosting (though, initially I wasn’t aware of them). I was just impressed by their SSL certificate which makes the website more secure.

After few months of using A2 Hosting I can truly say that I’ve made a right decision. They offer a wonderful services and my site seems to be online all of the time.

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MASSIVE security flaw!

Just signed up for A2 based on the high praise here (and elsewhere on the web). However, I am instantly cancelling the account based on this discovery: The username and password for the main cPanel user—the one with access to every file, database and setting on the server—is displayed in clear text on the client portal. This is on a page called “change password.”

I changed the user’s password within cPanel itself, which made the information displayed on the portal page inaccurate, however I was then able to use that page to change the password again WITHOUT VERIFYING THE CURRENT PASSWORD. So if anyone managed to compromise the billing account for A2, they’d also have effortless root access to the web server.

Utterly appalled at this “feature.”

5 — 

Much better alternative for HostGator...

A2 Hosting has been my choice for web hosting for the past couple of years, ever since Hostgator’s service went significantly downhill and I had to find a better service provider.

The biggest things I’ve been impressed with are the speed, low costs and stateside customer support who’ve been very helpful in numerous occasions.

5 — 


I’ve been using a2hosting for three years now and I haven’t got in any troubles. My server never went down and the support was helpful and on time. The was only one time when all databases went down for about 5 minutes and I opened a ticket regarding this issue and by the time they took a look at it the issue was already resolved. Besides that everything was on point.