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DreamHost: Recommended web host

DreamHost hosts over 1.5 million sites and is nearly 25 years old.

Their performance hasn’t slipped during that time, maintaining above-average uptime (99.94%) and page speeds (654 ms).

DreamHost’s main shared hosting plan comes with popular apps like WordPress, website builder options including their own and others like Wix or Weebly. These plans have unlimited bandwidth and disk space. And you get a full 97-day money-back guarantee to test the service out.

Their customer support is a bit limited, however. Migrations are also a pain, not allowing any imports from other cPanel sites and charging you $99/each.

Here’s a transparent look at how DreamHost has performed over the last 24 months.

General Info & Hosting Overview

OUR VERDICT: Good Overall Value
SPEED: 654ms (December 2017 to December 2019 average)
UPTIME: 99.94% (December 2017 to December 2019 average)
SUPPORT: Ticket & Callback
APPS: WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, and more
FEATURES: Unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL, free domain 1st year
HOSTING PLANS: Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers
PRICING: Starting at $2.59/mo (same renewal price)

Pros of Using DreamHost Hosting

DreamHost has above-average speed and uptime with lots of “unlimited” features.

They have a longer than average 97-day refund policy to make sure you’re happy with the service before getting locked in. And when your plan eventually does renew, you won’t have to pay a huge 2-3x price increase, like with many other hosts.

Here’s a deep dive into the results from our hands-on test:

1.Above Average Speed (654ms)

DreamHost’s 654 ms average loading time over the past 24 months has been good. It puts them in the upper half of hosts we’ve tested, but well below the top five who have literally cut this average in half (between ~320-412 ms).

The silver lining is that DreamHost has been able to hold this average consistently. Around two years ago, in September 2017, they posted a 1,316 ms loading time that had us worrying. But ever since then, things have been smooth sailing. So you should be able to expect the same.

Here is the month-by-month breakdown:

Last 16 month average load time:

DreamHost 16-month detailed statistics
DreamHost average speed 2018-2019 | See stats

2. Above Average Uptime (99.94%)

DreamHost’s 24-month average uptime is also above average at 99.94%.

That’s a pretty good result, but it’s not even the best part.

DreamHost has an uptime guarantee. Like other hosts, if your monthly average falls beneath that threshold, you’ll get a credit for the cost of the service.

Most uptime guarantees we’ve seen might hover around the 99.98% mark. So these hosts believe and stand behind their services, but they’re also giving themselves a little wiggle room in case normal fluctuations hit.

DreamHost, though, guarantees 100% uptime in their Terms of Service. Keep in mind that scheduled maintenance or user errors aren’t covered in this guarantee.

However, any other DreamHost issue that messes with your site, database, email, or webmail can trigger the guarantee. You’ll get a free day’s worth of service for each hour of service interruption. The only catch is that there’s a 10% max of your “next prepaid hosting renewal fee” (so it applies in the future, as opposed to a retroactive discount or refund).

Here are the results over the last 24-month period:

Last 12-month average uptime:

  • November 2019 average uptime: 99.80%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • September 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • August 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 99.64%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 99.97%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 99.80%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 99.92%
  • March 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • February 2019 average uptime: 99.94%
  • January 2019 average uptime: 99.96%
  • December 2018 average uptime: 100%
DreamHost 24-month average uptime and speed
DreamHost average uptime 2017-2019 | See stats

3. 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The vast majority of all 31 web hosts we’ve reviewed will give you a 30-day refund period. That gives you a full month to test out their services before risking your prepaid amount.

A few hosts, like WebHostingBuzz, will give you 45 days.

And then there’s DreamHost.

Their money-back guarantee is good for up to 97 days. That’s over a full three months to really make sure you’re happy.

DreamHost doesn’t have any hidden terms or hoops to jump through that might jeopardize your refund, either. There are only a few cases where your refund might be deducted or not given, but most are pretty standard.

The first exception is that only credit cards will be refunded. So other payment methods, like check or money order (yes, they accept those), won’t be refunded.

The second exception is that additional services and anything purchased through another party won’t be refunded, either. That includes things like domain names, SSL certificates, AdWords credits, and similar extras.

4. High Basic Plan Limits

DreamHost’s Shared Starter option starts at only $2.59/month. But it comes with a ton of features right out of the gate.

DreamHost features

You get one website with a free domain name, and SSL certificate included. This site can handle unlimited traffic (or bandwidth) and storage.

DreamHost has its own website builder called Remixer, but they also offer access to SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix in their app library.

You’ll also be able to find Joomla, phpBB, Zen Cart, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and Tumblr in there waiting for you, too.

WordPress also comes pre-installed. It’s pretty easy to set up on most servers with the one-click install option. However, the fact that it’s immediately ready when you signup is perfect for novice webmasters.

The final bit of good news on these plans is that there’s no longer a delayed verification system.

The first time we reviewed DreamHost, they required a manual verification that could postpone you being able to use the service for a few hours after signing up.

Thankfully, their customer support rep told us that they now only require extra verification steps if there’s a problem with your payment.

You should be able to hit the ground running now after signing up.

5. Unlimited Disk Space and Network Transfer Limits

DreamHost lists a lot of “unlimited” features on their pricing and plans, including disk space and bandwidth.

This means you don’t have to worry about disk storage or network transfer when your site gets popular.

There are a few caveats to this policy, but it’s mostly legit.

First and foremost, your site needs to be built properly. If it’s hogging server resources and causing issues with other sites, they might try to move you over to their private servers, instead.

DreamPress, VPS servers, and email do not fall under this unlimited policy.

Email is restricted to only 2 GB limits, while MySQL databases also need to stay under “a few GB in size.”

In other words, DreamHost’s shared servers are perfect for relatively small sites.

6. They’re Carbon Neutral (AKA Green)

You can add DreamHost among the list of web hosts who’re trying to be more environmentally conscious.

They’re going above and beyond just offsetting the carbon footprint of their servers, though.

DreamHost green hosting

Their data centers include “high-efficiency” cooling and processors. They’re also involved in state-level ‘clean wind’ programs to harness renewable resources.

Their offices are LEED and EnergyStar-certified, and everything from lighting to HVAC systems are also energy efficient.

7. No Higher Renewal Price Increase

DreamHost offers a lower monthly price if you prepay for three years vs. just one or two.

DreamHost Shared Hosting Plan Pricing by Length

Most web hosts do that, too.

However, the final piece of good news is that DreamHost doesn’t increase the price when it’s time to renew.

For example, some other hosts might give you a special discount of a dollar or two per month for the first few years.

But when it’s time for your plan to automatically renew, the pricing might jump up to anywhere between ~$7-10/month on the lowest plans.

So overnight you’re literally paying two or three times more for the same exact service.

DreamHost, in comparison, doesn’t do that. Your plan will renew on the same pricing that you originally signed up for.

That means you might not save a ton in the first few years, but instead you could save hundreds of dollars over the long term.

Cons of Using DreamHost Hosting

Almost everything from DreamHost is above average. That includes their uptime and page speed, as well as the default features on all of their shared plans.

Unfortunately, there were still a few drawbacks we ran into while testing out their services.

Here’s a complete list of the biggest cons to consider:

1. Good, but Limited Live Chat Support

DreamHost provides the obligatory knowledge base and discussion forums to help customers solve their own issues.

They also claim to offer “24/7 in-house support.” Although, our tests actually revealed the opposite.

In the lower right-hand corner of their screen is a little messaging icon. Click on it, and instead of being met with an open box, you have to select from a few pre-set answers:

DreamHost Live Chat Automated Bot

In other words, they’re trying to automate the live chat process with something that mimics a phone tree.

We tried bypassing these options to get a sales rep on as soon as possible. But at the time we tried, no one was available.

So not really “24/7” then. These hours overlap with business hours in most time zones in the U.S., but not if you’re in other parts of the world.

We had to come back later during these hours to test the process all over again. It took a few minutes for a sales rep to finally join, and they were both knowledgeable and helpful.

It is unfortunate that you have to jump through hoops (show up at specific hours) to get access to anyone in the first place.

2. No cPanel (Custom Panel)

DreamHost doesn’t offer cPanel access to customers. They’ve created their own panel to help you find all the features.

Most inexperienced site owners or bloggers probably won’t care about this fact.

But advanced users might for another reason.

DreamHost doesn’t provide an automated way to import .tar.gz files (the backup option for migrating sites out of cPanel).

So you’re going to have to manually migrate all of your files through FTP and MySQL.

3. Only Paid Migrations Offered

DreamHost does not offer any free site migrations on their shared hosting plans.

Instead, they’ll charge you a $99 one-time fee to move each site. This can really add up if you’re trying to move several clients or company accounts at the same time.

There are a few other limitations around how their paid migration services work.

Multisite WordPress sites cannot be moved. WordPress.com transfers will only grab content inside posts or pages. So you’ll have to reinstall and set up your theme and plugins.

Any website builder sites, on Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace, cannot be moved, either.

They do offer some documentation to manually move your site.

But that’s still not very satisfactory when most other services will do all of the heavy liftings for you.

DreamHost Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of DreamHost’s Shared Hosting plans:

DreamHost Shared Hosting Pricing and Plans

Shared Starter: DreamHosts’s Shared Starter plan costs $2.59/month for three years. It includes one website, a free domain name, unlimited traffic, and a free SSL certificate.

Shared Unlimited: DreamHosts’s Shared Unlimited costs $5.95/month for three years. It includes unlimited websites, a free domain name, unlimited traffic, free SSL certificate, and unlimited email addresses at your domain.

Beyond these two options, DreamHost also offers three Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

DreamPress: Costs $16.95/month for a site that gets up to 100,000 monthly visits. It includes 30 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and daily backups

DreamPress Plus: Costs $24.95/month for up to 300,000 monthly visitors. It also includes 60 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificate, daily backups, and unlimited CDN (or Content Delivery Network).

DreamPress Pro: is $71.95/month for a million monthly visits, 120 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificate, daily backups, and unlimited CDN.

DreamHost also has VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting options, too.

  • Ease of Signup: Long and complicated sign up process. Signup should be easier.
  • Free domain: For the first year on all annual hosting plans.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Money Order, Checking Account
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: No major ones.
  • Upsells: A few upsells.
  • Account Activation: Account activation is quick unless you have payment issues.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard: Custom DreamHost control panel which can be a bit difficult to use.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): One-click installer for WordPress and other apps/CMSs.

Do We Recommend DreamHost?

Yes, we do. But there are probably better options out there if you had to pick only one hosting provider.

DreamHost’s performance is pretty good across the board, from reliable uptime to quick loading times.

Their default plan limits are pretty high, offering a bunch of “unlimited” options for disk space, bandwidth, and more.

We also really liked that there’s no price increase when your hosting plan renews.

But while their performance was solid, it wasn’t anywhere near the best in any category.

Customer support was pretty limited to only a few certain hours throughout the week.

And the paid migrations can really add up, especially when there’s no cPanel offered to automatically move sites yourself.

Visit www.DreamHost.com

P.S. If you want to see hosting providers that ranked above DreamHost, check our best performing hosts here.

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90 user reviews for DreamHost


5 — 

Dreamhost Review

I became a Dreamhost customer only a short time ago. Before that I had used a few other hosting services. According to my experience, what makes Dreamhost apart from the competition is their customer centric approach to hosting. I had two issues during the initial period but the Dreamhost Customer and Technical Support attended to my problems within less than one hour and they were also very helpful. My previous web host gave me a very professional service but they took more than 12 hours to respond. I recommend Dreamhost to any web developer who expect a true personalized service from their webhost.


5 — 

New Dreamhost client

Recently, I hired Dreamhost web hosting service, I had a mishap at the beginning when I went to pay the bill. I was stuck on a screen, unable to complete the payment. I asked for help and the customer support department helped me to finish the process. After that I got a problem when I had to reset my password, and again I asked for a hand. The support team gently helped me with this problem, and finally I could get back access to my account. On the whole, I highly recommend this web hosting company because they are clear with prices (no hidden charges) and their services. If you have any trouble they don't let you down. The price is the best one I found after a long research.


5 — 

Excellent hosting and support

We have been using Dreamhost since 2009 to host a number of domains. Several of the domains use Wordpress. We have VPS for one of our domains; but not for most. Our experience with Dreamhost support has been very good. We access support through email and the web. Both the online knowledge base and the support from humans has been quite good. Our only issue has been with Dreamhost email server IP's being blacklisted so that we are unable to use our mailing lists while this is addressed. Sometimes this can take days - Spamhaus needs a better way for remediation, or Dreamhost needs a better way to stay off the blacklist.


5 — 

Best Host with great UI

I moved to Dreamhost from HostGator and need to say that Dreamhost is providing a great service at a good price. They provide me a good service and answer my questions very fast, it's affordable and managing my page is easy due to the well designed interface compared to the host I used before. Whenever I had a problem - just one or two times - Dreamhost's support reacted quickly and solved the issue.


5 — 

DreamHost, what a pleasant experience.

The overall service, support and uptime (never had any down other than scheduled and well warned of upgrading) is worth mentioning.

Being situated in South Africa and having frustratingly dealt with various local hosting providers in the past, I was rather hesitant to move to an “international” company, but I’m regretful I didn’t do it sooner. Any issues, and I must admit they’ve all been self-caused to date, have simply and speedily been addressed via email despite the huge time zone difference between us. They’re even willing to support me with matters not relating directly to their services like my coding errors and WordPress issues I encounter.

I honestly have no regret DreamHost and I’m pleased I made the move.


5 — 

The best by far

Dream Host is the best by far. They are regularly making improvements. Their custom web panel is better and easier than cPanel. They use free services like Let's Encrypt for SSL wherever possible, which keeps prices low for customers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their chat support is better than phone because they can instantly share directional, informational, and problem solving links. And their chat support reps are truly outstanding! I’m always amazed. I built my first website in 1998. I've had two other hosts, including BH for more than 10 years, and I can say without reservation that Dream Host is the best by far.
Enjoying the Dream... Host


5 — 

Dreamhost Review

After originally being with Dreamhost when I stopped hosting my own web and email services, then being a customer to another company, I was thrilled to be able to return to Dreamhost. Their customer service is responsive and specific to my needs. Their servers are fast, and their software is easy to use. My only suggestion would be to ask them to boost their installation options, but given that you can install most anything yourself anyway, it's a minor request.


5 — 

Excellent Support at Dreamhost

I use Dreamhost for several websites that I have set up for myself or for nonprofits, and even a small city. I have been very satisfied with the service and the value. They donate web hosting for 501(c)(3) nonprofits and that has been a blessing for some very small organizations that don't have much money to spend. With another nonprofit, we had to upgrade it to a virtual private server in order to meet the needs of the organization because their use of the website was extensive and the shared hosting that is provided for nonprofits at no charge just can't handle that kind of utilization. However, they were very honest about it and when we ran into that problem we decided to do the upgrade and everything has worked out great since then. It is still very affordable and we have had no problems.

Their communication with me has been clear and often entertaining. When I have had need of support, I usually opt for email support and they have always been able to resolve the issue or answer the question in a reasonable timeframe. Their online help and the DreamHost Community Forum has also been very useful. The process of moving domain registration to DreamHost (which is not required but makes for less work later) was fairly simple.

I have sometimes had trouble navigating some of the menu items and the different levels of users and their permissions has been a bit confusing at times, including knowing where to set the contact preferences. This resulted in one of my websites going down for a couple days because the email notification of a credit card issue went to a dead email address. I never got the notification to warn me about it, even though I was getting notifications about other things going on with the hosting through another email path. I gave them that feedback and I am confident they will make improvements in that area.


5 — 

I recommend DreamHost highly at every opportunity.

I've been with DreamHost since 2004, which means I was there for that bumpy summer when growing pains contributed to a bit more downtime than usual (fortunately it hasn't been like that for years!) and even through the trouble DreamHost was transparent, proactive, and engaged in providing the best possible service. Luckily, most days it's not about putting out fires: I enjoy their phenomenal control panel with rich options for advanced configuration, along with their thorough wiki and friendly support team. But it's good to know that when things get tricky, they're a company I can trust. The prices are great, the options are unmatched in any shared hosting environment I've ever seen, and the whole thing is tremendously easy to use. I've primarily used their shared hosting plans, but I've spun up a VPS once or twice, and this was a really straightforward experience, as well—with great results! I recommend DreamHost effusively whenever anyone asks me about web hosting.


1 — 

Do not use them

For months I have not been able to access wordpress to edit my site. There is a consistent "HTTP ERROR 500". This is a server error not a user error. I tried to contact their almost nonexistent customer support. Most of the time there was no response. The few times there was, my problem was not fixed. I will never use them again. They really screwed me up. They have been worse than a waste of time.


5 — 

Balanced Value and performance

In the years I have been working with Dreamhost they have provided an excellent value for the cost of services. I am working on their shared hosting plan, and for multiple domains and websites running PHP and MySQL the performance and Latency has been solid, better than other shared hosting plans I have tested. They have very easy to manage extensions to this service when needed. Their DNS tools are better than most I have seen in a web hosting provider. (And I have only found better at dedicated DNS service companies) Their support is well documented, and in the occasion my question was not available via their documentation their responses have been very quick.

I also love their dreamcompute product, this is a very reasonable extension to their shared web hosting to add a missing feature or need on the fly without spending more than you absolutely need, and quite possibly a better use case than working with a personal VPS (Which still has its place) and certainly a great value when looking for that space between VPS and shared hosting.


5 — 

22 years and still a customer

I moved my first website to Dreamhost 22 years ago after it outgrew the university server it began in. Over that time I’ve had great service and fast response to problems and hacks and I’ve seen my hosting costs decrease, too. I’m currently hosting ten domains and web sites there and see no reason to look elsewhere.


5 — 

Excellent host, excellent service, hugely reliable

I've had Dreamhost host my (small, simple) site for over a decade. There was a small blip during a hurricane which knocked out an entire data center they were hosting from in Florida, but that was understandable and they reacted well, distributing the servers throughout the country afterwards. In the many years since they've been extremely reliable, and answer any support questions professionally and promptly. They're good value too.


5 — 

Loyalty Pays

I've been with Dreamhost since 2001! All this time, all my online experience using hosts and service providers for different purposes such as business, I have always recommended Dreamhost. Sometimes with my online job, I sit here dreaming and wishing we were with Dreamhost! They're considerate - check out their payment plans and options. They're helpful - EVERY email I've sent them has had a personal response, and I've been able to speak to someone who didn't try to talk over me OR under me. I've seen them go through the expected server and security upgrades, and they always warn customers in advance. You never get any nasty surprises. Have you seen their 1-Click installs? Wordpress and other software can be installed with next to no experience needed. That can't be beat! I'm a typical user of web services; I can use the ftp, I have had troubles in the past with payments, and I've had to fix content limits, etc. Every time, I've been treated like a valued customer and if anything, I've come out of the experience educated. I am beyond grateful for Dreamhost. I don't know where I'd be online without them!


5 — 

Our go-to hosting recommendation

Our website has been hosted by Dreamhost since 1998. We are a graphic design agency that includes website development and Dreamhost is always our first recommendation to clients. Although there are some good hosting services out there, Dreamhost is the most reliable, economical, and responsive. They offer a great range of hosting options, pricing is comparable to other hosting services, and often much better when you look at what they include--presented as add-ons at other hosting services.

We specialize in WordPress development. Like the cobbler's children, at the moment our existing website is shoeless. It's in process for a major overhaul but one thing won't change: hosting through Dreamhost.


1 — 

Hosting Issues and Poor Technical Support

We've experienced many issues with Dreamhost's DreamPress product. It has crashed our site several times so it is down during the hours we recieve the most traffic. Additionally, while DreamHost claims to have 24/7 technical support and their chat hours are 5:30am-9:30pm PT, this is not the case. They are often not online and unresponsive to critical errors. We are based on the East Coast, so this makes it very challenging for us to operate within normal business hours.


5 — 

The Best Host

My website has been with DreamHost since first going live in 2012. When ever there has been a problem, most often user error, the support team has responded quickly, often fixing the problem. I have recently left the shared hosting plan and moved to a different level of hosting- DreamPress. Again, the support team helped make this transition smooth and painless. With so many other hosting services available, I have found DreamHost to be the one I choose to remain with.


5 — 

The best around

Dreamhost technical support has been the best I have ever experienced, in my 20+ years of running websites. I migrated over 15 websites from one host over to DH. During the migration, I hit a few bumps in the road. The online technical support was more than happy to help. They went out of their way to resolve my migration 'bumps in the road'. When I had non-urgent questions, the email support was top notch. One of the support people went as far as explaining all the 'in's and out's' to one of my issues. Not your average, "Just change this value to that and you are all set". He gave me a background discussion on the subject.

Dream Host has been great to work with. They will be the last host you will ever need.


1 — 


What a horrible experience. We had so many domains and websites hosted with DreamHost with pathetic technical help. They botched our website(s) migration, forcing our Developers to spend 40 days repairing and completing functionality. Their support department is absolutely filled with incompetent fresh-out-of-school boys and completely clueless girls. After spending about 60 days to complete our migration(s), these self-righteous people send an unsolicited spam survey asking as to comment about our experience. We commented that their live-chat people were incompetent. So, these highly self-righteous amateurs gave us just a few days before terminating all our accounts. Fortunately we had backups and will go live after going with competent and always ready to help Hostgator. DreamHost is not a competent company and don't deserve even a single star.


1 — 

New user and already ready to bolt

I moved from a good Wordpress host with my mostly Wordpress sites as it was getting too expensive and did not allow for a monthly subscription.

What initially attracted me to Dreamhost were very positive reviews of speed and the affordable VPS service as well as the idea that a simple CP like theirs would work better than the standard one. Their uptime seemed to be good.

However, in these last 4 first weeks my sites have been constantly down due to LetsEncrypt SSL certificate issues on their side, server down (error 521), mod_security blocking (never happened at other hosts).

Upon reporting the issue to support, I either get only a partial explanation (although they do fix some issues), or a referral to their horribly unreadable unstructured (often not specific to my query but generic hige document instead) online documentation.

Their one step Wordpress install is also a loose sand type, disorganized process and one also does not know intuitively how to access the Wordpress sites once installed (I suspect one cannot)

It is not like my sites are badly moved to their site. That was done by Wordpress professionals with a good reputations.

I'm afraid I'll have to move again if this persists too long. My sites are mostly business so I would lose revenue if I would be accepting their inferior uptime and the eating into my own time with issues I ought not to deal with.

This host I'm inclined call a "high maintenance, low uptime" host.


5 — 

Dreamhost is a Great Choice for Hosting

I've been with Dreamhost for many years and I never think about switching. I host about 25 WordPress websites on Dreamhost using the VPS service. It has worked very well for me. One of the best things is their customer support. It's almost always excellent. I get quick service through live chat, and they go the extra mile....responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would say though, if you're wanting to host a WordPress site you'll probably find that Dreamhost's shared hosting will not provide you with enough server resources. I can't speak to Dreampress because I've never used it, but as I said, VPS has worked well for my WordPress websites. I highly recommend Dreamhost.


5 — 

Above & Beyond At Every Step

I use Dreamhost for four websites and multiple landing pages. Their service is unparalleled. Sure, many offer consistent uptime and customer service, but the KEY in a great hosting provider is how that customer service actually performs when you need it. Let's face it, no matter how good the provider, you're going to need support someday. Dreamhost, time and time and time again, provide extremely fast support with helpful and friendly operators who go the extra 10 miles to make sure your issue is resolved. I've never had an issue that wasn't able to be resolved, even if it meant support working multiple days to find the best solution. They've fixed problems I've created, bugs I've experienced, and helped me understand technical aspects I couldn't figure out myself. I'm a very tech savvy person, so I'm no stranger to working with code and server configs. When I can contact customer support and get someone who is capable of speaking my language, I know I'm working with a team of winners.


5 — 

happy hosting!

Dreamhost has an awesome support team for non-technical customers in case you need help, but if you are an experienced developer/sysadmin the support team becomes your right hand, like having a team of coworkers in case of an emergency with the servers/connectivity. They share with you all the knowledge, and i can tell i learned a looooot of things that later i used at work and my boss thinks that i am a professional sysadmin, when really im just a developer.

Thank you Dreamhost!!!!!! choosing you at 2008 was the best i could have ever done for my professional (and personal) carrier!


5 — 

Excellent support, great price

I've been with Dreamhost for nearly 13 years and have been very happy with the services they provide. The stability and uptime of their servers is excellent, and on the rare occasion when something goes wrong, their customer support is informative and prompt. Communication is great. Amazingly, I still pay the same price (~$190 for 24 months) that I did when I signed up in 2006!


3 — 

Good hosting except for email

I've been a Dreamhost customer for 13 years. I use them for private and medium-size business websites. The website hosting works great. They truly offer unlimited bandwidth, SQL, and disk space.

My only 2 complaints:

1) Support is primarily by email and can be slow to respond as they only appear to be available during west coast business hours. When I first signed-up they offered free phone call-backs, now it is a pay-for option.

2) Emails hosted on DH frequently get marked as spam. I had to move my more important business clients to Outlook365 (with per-user monthly subscription) in order for business emails to reach the destination.

Would have given them a higher rating if it weren't for the email problems, but still recommend them if you need unlimited everything.


5 — 

Dreamhost is a Dream Host

When I first mentioned trying to build a website, a coworker recommended Dreamhost over some of the "more advertised" companies I had heard of -- saying their support was far better. He was right. Support is always quick to respond with detailed step-by-step suggestions. I am still a website novice, but they make it at easy as realistically possible. They've even helped fix a couple of problems that had nothing to do with their hosting.


5 — 

DreamHost has the Most!

I've been with DreamHost off and on for years, and they always have the best customer service, the best uptime, and the best product offerings!

the best uptime, and the best product offerings! The email hosting is primarily why I love them, as they give you unlimited mailboxes for any fully hosted domain! I use their VPS product and couldn't be happier with the flexibility.

Anytime I've ever needed to contact them, their responses have been prompt and accurate.

Couldn't recommend them more.


5 — 

20 Years—And Still Happy

I've been a Dreamhost customer from nearly their beginning. I signed on with them back in 1999 and have been happy ever since.

At the time I signed up I chose a plan they called "Crazy Domain Insane" for $9.95/month paying monthly ( I was new to having a hosting site and didn't want to contribute to a full year plan. ) For $9.95 I got 1 free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited domains and subdomains. Crazy, right.

They also offered a referral program at the time that gave me 10% of the value of any plan someone purchased through my referral. I had several folks sign up and for many years I never paid a cent for my hosting.

Unfortunately they no longer provide the "Crazy Domain Insane" plan, but I'm grandfathered in with pricing and my annual domain registration is still free. The referral program has changed and now it's a one-time $50 bonus they call "Give $50, Get $50". Still pretty generous.

If you sign up today, to get something similar to my plan you'd need to pay annually and your domain registration would only be free for the first year—then you'd have to pay for it after that. Still not a bad deal, and they have other options and tiers you might find to be a better fit for you.

Now for the nuts and bolts:

• Uptime: I have a small site for my freelance business, it's mostly informational and I don't need e-commerce. I have never had an issue with uptime. On rare occasions (very rare) there have been outages, but they were always resolved quickly.

• Load time: The load times could be better. They are usually fine, but I can see how for larger sites or businesses where speed is essential, how the speed might be considered slow. They do always seem to be making incremental gains.

• cPanel: Dreamhost has never had a standard cPanel. They have their own system called the "Web Panel" and it has gotten better and better over the years. I've deal with both traditional cPanels and Dreamhost's version and they both have their pros and cons. If you are new to self-hosting and you've never seen a cPanel then you're facing a learning curve either way. If you are used to a traditional cPanel then you will have to get used to a new approach. Once you familiarize yourself with the "Web Panel" you may even like it better.

• WordPress: like many other hosts, they offer a one-click install of WordPress that couldn't be easier to set up. You can choose a basic install or one that includes some additional themes, a few plug-ins, and extra security. It's fast, quick, and very easy to get your new WordPress site up and running.

• Documentation: There's quite a lot of it. If you are learning the ropes of self-hosting your own site there will be a lot to read. Their documentation has lots of links to additional information. And often there will be a link to additional pages with additional steps you need to follow. If you miss one of these links you can easily end up confused and not getting the results you wanted. Just remember, "Don't skip any steps!" that's very important. If you go through the documentation carefully you'll be fine.

• Customer support: Here's one area where they have greatly improved. They've always been helpful, but dealing with things only via email in the past was a bit of a pain. That said they are knowledgable, helpful, and trustworthy. As I said, I've been with them a long time and have the benefit of being grandfathered in to 20-year old pricing. I recently asked if they had a tier where I would get all of the same services at a better price and I got a well worded and thought out response explaining my options, but then suggesting I should stay with my old plan since I wouldn't be able to get all the unlimited benefits and free domain registration I currently enjoy. I appreciate that level on dedication and trustworthiness. It is a rare find these days.

My recommendation: I can't speak for large sites, or sites that are dependent on e-commerce; but if you have a basic site (a restaurant, a local service company, a real-estate agent, an accountant, etc.) then I think they are a great, solid, trustworthy hosting provider and you can't go wrong. If you have the luxury of putting up a site and testing it first they have a 97-day money back guarantee. Personally I'm still very happy with Dreamhost, even after 20 years.


5 — 

Great technical support!

I had a major snafu finding out my original web designer had mistakenly hosted my webpage on WordPress instead of DreamHost. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a nightmare this was to a business manager who does not understand code or anything remotely close to it. DreamHost migrated my information over and while there were little bumps in the road, we pressed on and yesterday it was handled completely by Andrew P in the span of a few hours. Now I can edit with WordPress through DreamHost seamlessly. I could not be happier or more impressed with their technical support. I am sure they all giggled behind the scenes at me and my helplessness but knowing DreamHost has staff who can handle anything with professionalism and fantastic customer service tells me I made the right choice using their services.


5 — 

I want everyone in the world to use.

*** This sentence was translated from Japanese to English by Google's translation service. ***

I will introduce you to DreamHost with confidence.

1. The helpful and excellent staff sincerely solved my technically immature problems. (And, quickly!)
2. The custom control panel was built in detail and was intuitive to operate. (If you are technically unskilled, you are safe!)
3. Plans are abundant and easy to upgrade. (But not complicated!)

I am using DreamHost from Tokyo (Japan). However, the two countries are very far apart. This has a big effect on the communication speed. However, this problem was solved by using CDN (Cloudflare). I was able to easily increase the communication speed 10 times on average.

There are many companies like DreamHost in Japan. However, there is no DreamHost. It is very sad. If DreamHost is born in Japan, other companies will suffer great shock and damage.

I love DreamHost staff and DreamHost. My hope is that DreamHost will be born in Japan. And, sharing the happy feelings that you can experience at DreamHost with everyone.

Thank you for reading it until the very end.


5 — 

Simply the dream

Hosted by Dreamhost for the last 13 years, I must say their flexibility and reliability allowed me to first learn and experiment with the Internet hosting through its evolution. Having not to worry about the number of emails account, domains, sub-domains, etc, it offered the opportunity to launch numerous websites for associations, friends and small businesses. In case of question or issue, you do really get an answer within the next 24 hours and to be fair I would even say during the next 12 hours or less. I don't know how they manage it or if they have the last generation AI to take care of their customers, but they are really doing a wonderful job. Looking forward to working with them for the years to come!


5 — 

Excellent Web Hosting

I've been using Dreamhost for years now and they have always been so helpful whenever I've had any problems. They are always fast to reply to questions even though I live in the UK and they answer my questions in a way that I can easily understand.

I couldn't ask for a better company


5 — 

Awesome support for fifteen years

I joined Dreamhost in 2004, and have never had any issues with my hosting. Anytime I had a question or concern, their customer service was very quick to answer and directly helped my problem (no script monkeys). I love that my hosting plan comes with a free domain name. I always recommend Dreamhost to everyone.


5 — 

Dreamhost Rocks

Dreamhost has been my consistent and reliable hosting provider for about 7 years now. They provide a phenomenal service and excellent support. I have contacted them numerous times with questions/concerns and have always received quick response and quick resolutions. Definitely recommend!


5 — 

Excellent service by DreamHost

More than three years ago I chose DreamHost for my Web Hosting Provider, as it was especially recommended for Mac users in both my web design books (I have a MacBook Pro). I’m a one-click-WordPress-installation customer, and I added useful Plugins, and customised my Theme. DreamHost was always quick to help me solve any ‘problems’ I experienced with the program or Plugins. I really appreciated how they always explained to me why something happened. Therefore, I learned more about the technical aspects of a website and knew what to do in case the same ‘problem’ occurred again. Because of their excellent service, I always felt that I could rely on them to come back to me very quickly. I already recommended DreamHost to my friends.


5 — 

Found shelter from the larger, incompetent hosting companies.

Thank goodness. When I could get zero help, over several months, for my VPS at Hostgator, my IT guy recommended I try Dreamhost, and it has been a complete relief. My IT guy had told me that Dreamhost was for professional computer folk, but I have found that whenever I have a doubt at Dreamhost, I can easily write a ticket, and I get caring, competent and complete answers within an hour or two, and now I'm saving a lot of time and preventing headaches. I found the VPS tech help at HostGator to have grown incompetent over the past few years, and previous to that I was with GoDaddy. At Dreamhost, I'm running small amounts of fast IOT data on their regular hosting package! I've moved all my stuff now to Dreamhost, and I'm hoping to expand that by about 100X. Dreamhost is very fast, easier to set up, and their unique CPanel is 10x easier to navigate. Their mysql is quick and easy, too. So, don't buy Dreamhost or they will grow too big and incompetent, just like GoDaddy and HostGator did. Leave Dreamhost just for me.


5 — 

Great support

The techs at Dreamhost give fabulous support and not just on hosting. They have helped me with Wordpress issues and with php-admin questions. Best of all they don't treat you like an idiot!


5 — 

I've been with them for years. I feel no need to go anywhere else.

I came to them from another hosting platform that I only left because I simply outgrew them. Since signing onto an unlimited shared hosting plan at Dreamhost, I've never felt a need to go anywhere else for any of my own professional or personal hosting needs. As my own web design and development abilities have grown over the years, I found that I was able to quickly apply my new skills to the tools that I had in my account; often times just lying in wait somewhere for me to find them when I learned enough to know where to look. The support system is also well done as it give you the option to call them directly, do a live chat, or just shoot them an email; depending on what you need or just want to do. Even if I was the kind of person that just needed to be critical, nitpicky, and always find something bad to say of someone or something - and i'm really not - I just have nothing bad to say of Dreamhost, their service to me, or the people behind it.


5 — 

after 20 years, I love Dreamhost

Message Body: I'm stunned at all the negative user comments here. Compared to my experience, they could be describing some other company. I suspect that most, if not all, of these folks are on the econo-shared-hosting level. I have a dedicated server, and that may account for the difference.

That said, I have found service prompt and incredibly good. The people bend over backwards to help. Because I have a dedicated server, I also have access to phone support, but have always been happy with chat. Contrary to other comments, I do indeed get unlimited bandwidth and data.

I just wanted to add a datapoint that is counter to all the complaints I see here. If I wan't a happy camper, I would not have been with them for 20 years, eh?


3 — 

Changing Tides

I use my DH shared server account to create site mock-ups for clients to approve before purchase. Basically I have an average of 10 sites in various states of development and have about 15 to 20 domain names on my account.

The Good

I've had the DreamHost ~$11.00 a month shared server plan for about three years now and for the most part have been satisfied. I've found customer support easy to access and reply times to be quick. I've also experienced very limited site downtime and often the problem is fixed by the time I submit a ticket, so very FAST return to up-time (which should be a metric also). I have put clients on DH VPS accounts without any angst, vps loading time are fast with one of the best pricing options for small businesses available. I'm also very happy with the zero up-sell. I had to migrate a client from another hosting provider and I COULD NOT BELIEVE the constant stream of spammy up-sell that continued to flow for months following the move.

The Bad

I have to agree with other reviewers in saying that historically the control panel hasn't been very intuitive and finding information in the knowledge base is far more difficult than I think it needs to be. Basically, to find a simple answer you go from page to link to another page and then link to another page until you finally get the big picture of what you need to do for your specific set of circumstances. Now, this being said, it isn't much different than how everyone else sets up a knowledge base, but honestly, I think they all do a poor job and should spend the time and money to create adequate resources which would probably decrease their live support by at least a third, if not more. It is also fair to mention that the control panel has undergone improvements in the past few months and is indeed improving. I know many people are fans of Cpanel, but Cpanel has had some serious security issues in the past and may continue to fall victim to vulnerabilities, so in some circumstances, even bad may be better.

The Ugly

I choose to pay extra to be a month to month customer so I have options should I become dissatisfied. The time has come, which is why I stumbled upon this article. While I am seeing improvements in the layout of the control panel, just about everything else about my experience has gone downhill in the recent ~six months. My sites load WAAAAAY too slow, I (like others) am constantly getting server errors to the point it is almost impossible to work and there has been something completely screwed up with their security certs, causing me hours of extra work. Now, I've been around long enough to understand growing pains and I get that it takes some time to iron out wrinkles, BUT, BUT, BUT the true egregious error made by DH (imho) is the constant denial, misinformation, and lack of communication. I've been on this server for years and am very familiar with how it should perform, and yet support will basically tell you it's all in your head, not investigate an issue to resolution, or sometimes it seems they just outright lie. THIS!

The Wrap-up

I think DH is worth a look if you are just starting out and need to learn the ropes of self-hosted websites. They have fast customer service, great up-time and some of the best pricing in the industry for a non-spamy, non-cult-like hosting provider. I also believe DH will work through the issues and get back on track, but likely not in enough time for me to stay, which is heartbreaking.


5 — 

Dreamhost has been great to us for 10+ years

Our agency has been using Dreamhost for our clients for over 10 years and we have had little to no problems. I gave a 90 score because no web host is perfect, there has been some downtime but barely any in our experience. If there is anything going on they do an excellent job of letting their customers know while other hosting providers will not say anything in hopes you simply do not see that your site is down. They offer Let's Encrypt for free (as it should be but many hosts charge for that free option) and auto renew the certificate every three months.

I agree with some of the reviews here that not having a number to call for support can be frustrating but their live chat support has always worked great for us.

No web host is ideal for all developers/clients but Dreamhost has been a great solution for our clients. From small non-profits (did I mention they offer FREE hosting to non-profits!?) to large state association websites, they've been top notch.


1 — 

Dreamhost, a snake in the grass

I have been a Dreamhost customer since 2012. Since then it has been okay, some weird stuff around what can be hosted where and their 'unlimited' storage advertisement they had at one time was a complete lie... start using more than a few gigs and get shut down.

I should have known at that point that the lies would continue, but I soldiered on with all my content being hosted at Dreamhost.

More recently they removed the ability to use catch-all email accounts, which I understand their decision to do so. Yet, this forced me to start looking for another hosting provider. I found one... well two... a combination of Amazon web services and Microsoft Office 365 is where I landed. I migrated all my content away from Dreamhost and tried to cancel.


So at the time I registered in 2012, there was a promotion, get a free domain when you sign up for hosting. This is a pretty normal promotion so I took it. In the fine print, it did say if I canceled my hosting plan or transferred that domain in that 'free' first year I would be required to pay the cost of the registration.

Guess what, it is now 2018 and they are trying to get me to pay for that free registration from 2012... saying that I owe it because I transferred the domain that they gave me for free in 2012.

They want a whole $13 but are holding my account hostage. (Also the cost for the domain in 2012 was not $13... it was closer to $9.99 if I remember right... but they want today's cost).

Anyway, if you want to avoid being hassled, stupid rules that make no sense, lies and trying to squeeze you for everything your worth... Go with ANYONE other than Dreamhost. ... wish there were negative numbers in this rating system.


1 — 

Not fit for purpose

Signed up based on the above review only to discover you are not able to alter the DNS A records for the site. Which means it is impossible to use this service for my needs - unable to link to various social media services, such as easylinks, etc. SSL setup also rejected, since my site is not (yet) hosted with them... so I can't apply SSL until fully hosted, but I can't fully host over to them without having DNS ready to go with appropriate CNAME records. Requested support and was left waiting for a long time. That is the real problem -- support is very slow.

Based on my experience so far, I am looking for an alternative supplier.


1 — 

Dreamhost makes everything hard

Not sure about this author's experience, but as new customers of this host with experience with other hosts, they make EVERYTHING much harder.

Their custom control panel seems very restrictive. Claims by their staff and fans that it is more powerful and feature rich are rhetorical. I'm counting 41 tools here compared to 114 useful tools at my current host, and I've used many of those. There are a few more tools buried in pages off of sub menus, but you'll notice right away that a lot are just missing.

The buried ones you find by searching, sometimes through fairly non-intuitive locations. Or worse yet, you search all those locations only to find that the simple tool or info you need doesn't exist there at all and you've wasted your time. BTW, 11 1-click installers compared to 75 at my current host.

When you start trying to figure out how you're going to accomplish the most common tasks you did easily in cPanel, you're in for a shock. Want to get to your files? They recommend an FTP client. I did find their newer tool, not under something intuitive such as "Files", but buried in "Manage Domains." No real loss though, it's INCREDIBLY limited. Guess that's why an FTP client is recommended instead.

Want to get to your email configuration information? Start searching support articles and visiting pages / comparing tables and taking notes. Turns out you were supposed to figure out that info was tucked away under "panel/support/datacenters." Didn't matter, there's not a link to that from their control panel anyway. Not only is the info not available from the email section of their control panel, the help article that would direct you to the info isn't even linked from there. Just start searching.

What exactly is the point of having a control panel in the first place if you can't access all of the elements of your site and domain from it?

Migration, which is offered free at a large number of hosts, you do it yourself or pay $99.

Support? The author claims it's second to none. Chat and email? Seriously?

Lack of phone support, this incredibly limited control panel, and the maze of support articles required to accomplish what should be simple tasks, have us feeling like we've made a mistake.


1 — 

Transferred.US domains are down (in Limbo)

I've transferred 23 domains to them. 12 of the domains are lost in limbo. They use ENOM to register the domains. According to whois.us (the people in charge of .US domains), ENOM has received the domains in the transfer. ENOM refuses to release the domain to Dreamhost. Dreamhost has no ability to fix this. I have 12 domains that no longer work thanks to ENOM and Dreamhost.

You're rolling the dice. I wish I never made these transfers.


4 — 

Love it Most of the Time

Overall, DreamHost is a fantastic hosting service. They'll respond relatively quickly to service tickets and servers are online and functional most of the time.

Email servers have not been good lately, however, they are moving the data to new hardware. I just wish it was sooner.

The ONLY thing I would really love to see is to get full mySQL access (like admin) and / or be able to have a user that can create databases from the command line instead of needing to do it through DreamHost's control panel. The panel isn't bad, it's just that with about *this* close to full automation of my site with minimal to no manual interaction to service clients.


5 — 

The Best Value for my Money

I was a WordPress newbie when I started with Dreamhost some four years ago. They have been incredible patient with my experiments and mistakes.

They are clear about ther policies, their pricing and their working. Dreamhost support is the best I have found so far.

If you are ready to make the jump to a hosted website. This is your best option.


5 — 

When You've Read All the Fine Print...

...and you've tried the renown hosting companies, but you're tired of doing it all-on-your-own. So, it's decision time: you can do-it-yourself and try to become an instant techy guru, OR you can do what we did and switched to DreamHost. They have always been there for us, on our side. They periodically reviewed our usage and made suggestions to remedy problems that we were experiencing. We didn't want to lose customers, so we welcomed their advice. Then, their tech experts did all the behind the scenes html tricks within an hour, so that we could attend to our business while they made our daily, weekly, monthly stats available to us. Gone are the days of not getting service refunds, not understanding the geek mentality, and not getting support. They have a broad spectrum of services that are not financially prohibitive for new or small businesses. But, best of all they respond! It can be a chat or an email query that gets responded to overnight. Never again will you feel clueless, uncared for, or disgusted.


5 — 

Absolutes Are Unattainable, but...

I've been with Dreamhost since April, 2007 and it's almost always AWESOME. The few times it's not, I just say so and BOOM! It's fixed within 24 hours - almost always! I have friends who complain about their host and how slow it is, how it's always down, how it's... But I just can't join in because Dreamhost has been truly phenomenal to me and domains I host with them for over a decade. Man, who can say that? Over a decade of damn near perfection. And no, they're not paying to me say anything here. They really are that good.


3 — 

Not quite a sinking ship, but they're taking on water

I've been with Dreamhost for a number of years, and they're my go-to solution for clients who would like a website. They're typically a good company with minimal problems.

The last couple weeks have been a technical nightmare. They've had trouble with everything from emails losing data, databases being inaccessible, security certificates failing to install, or extensive downtime. Contacting support has been equally dreadful as they let tickets linger for days without responses, and these issues haven't been addressed at all.

I don't know what the future holds for Dreamhost, but it does not bode well that they not only have all these technical problems, but they can't even staff their support team with enough bodies to adequately address the mountain of issues they've been having. This is definitely a hosting provider trending downward right now.


2 — 

Page loads slow or fail

The overall picture is not bad, but I have to admit our site has been slain with 500 Internal Server errors on not just page loads but also on movements within the dashboard. We've done all we can with plugins, using their advice, and following best practices on design. It works fine some days, but mostly very irritating since mid-2017. We were on eHost and might jump back. I'm not disputing everything they're known for and do well, but the experience lately is analogous to walking through a minefield to go from page to page or function to function. Their main response to our failures when they see them is to take several options of which they tend to promote their paid for feature - DreamPress. I'm not impressed any longer.


2 — 

Not a good hosting service

I am a web developer and I have only seen one hosting service worse than this one in all my time in business. They force you to use their expensive WP platform by slowing WP sites not hosted there to a crawl. Even image uploads time out. However, on the WP platform you cannot have a standard HTML site, so if you have a site composed of both you need 2 hosting plans.

To make matters worse, the tech help people are the worst ever. I just spent an hour on the chat with them while they troubleshooted an issue. They did not resolve the issue though, and the guy just told me that I can submit a help ticket if I want to. How is getting tech help on the line and them not solving their own issue not a trouble ticket in and of itself? Why do I need to fill out a separate form, explain the issues all over again, and start from scratch?

Steer clear.


4 — 

Not acceptable

The number of times my monitors tell me the sites are down is far too often.

The up time for the last 30 days has been over 99%, but the times it goes down is always in the PRIME time evening hours when most of my users would find my site.

Sites are much slower to load, and I'm pretty sure they're bottlenecking it by putting too many users onto the shared servers.

They're practically punishing people who don't get virtual or dedicated servers.

The icing on the cake was today's fiasco. Email has been down for hours. HOURS. It took them over two hours to even realize there were problems after the problems were being reported actively. It's still down even now, nearly a full hour after they said "We're working on it."

***You had one job. You fail at it far too frequently.***


1 — 

Worst Company - Stay away

Worst support ever and slow servers, That’s the main thing about them. I used them a year or so ago and cancelled within a month, even then it was a nightmare transferring my sites off they wouldn’t help me at all.


1 — 

Stay Away

I purchased 3 years of shared hosting from Dreamhost about a month ago. Since then my site has continually been down, returning 500 Internal Server errors and has often taken 20+ seconds to load when it’s “up”. I’ve spoken with their support team about the issue on multiple occasions and have been assured that the issue is “being worked on”, but the fix never lasts for more than a few hours. To top it all off, the customer service representatives have been rude and dismissive, making it blatantly obvious that they couldn’t care less if they keep my business or not. Do not host your site here.


1 — 

Staff doesn't help

I have 5 different Dreamhost services and file upload doesn’t work well almost 50% of the time.

When I ask Dreamhost Support, they tell me they have technical problems on their end and that they will be fixing it soon.

This happens almost once a week and it’s infuriating to see that you have to wait 3 hours to upload a 50mb file through SFTP.

When I asked on Dreamhost community about this issue, lots of people with the same problem as me replied.

I am just waiting for my hosting plans to expire in order to migrate to a more efficient hosting.


1 — 


Absurd migration processes if you want to move a WordPress site to them and actually preview it. It’s either hacking the hosts file or setting up mirrors – which go down minutes after you’ve set them up! No warning, no edits done – nothing. The site is working – and then it isn’t. Completely absurd.

I can only assume these reviews here are paid for spam.

Just save yourself time and frustration and pay more for a proper managed hosting elsewhere. You’ll thank me later.


3 — 

Terrible to communicate with

We’ve lost access to our account. We’ve been emailing for a week to gain access and they haven’t done a thing. You can’t call these people. Emails need to go to a special address or it gets rejected and the response ends up in your junk mail. No wonder they are rated as they are.


1 — 


Got a bit money grabby lately. I’ve hosted here since 2004 approximately. Never had a problem until recently when they kept bombarding my control panel/email with messages to buy a fixed I.P. for the website. I declined several times. Eventually the buggers flogged my card without me knowing and I had to just remove the ‘service’. Never used to be this way, but maybe stay away!?


5 — 

Much Better than Comparable Companies

Dreamhost is my all-time favorite web hosting site. I’ve tried other web hosting companies in the past such as 1&1 and MediaTemple, but I always seemed to have problems and the customer support for these companies was rather disappointing. However, with Dreamhost, I’ve never even needed to contact support for any reason because their service allows for such a seamless experience! Plus, they offer competitive prices so you don’t have to break the bank. I’m 100% satisfied with Dreamhost and now that I’ve discovered it, I’m never going to use any other web host. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested!


5 — 

Easy set-up, slow complete registration, smart-semi-slow support, and no worries

I started with Dreamhost in August 2016, been very happy with the service. Sign-up took a while with activation of the accounts and so on, but for a new, do-it-yourself developer their setup has been wonderful. I’m on the shared plan, paid $6 a month for a three-year deal, and haven’t looked back. The fact that I know millions of other sites are hosted takes a lot of my worries away: no scams, good support once you have a problem, and so on. It was easy to setup https for e-commerce, and their hosting stack is great for old-school PHP sites (mine). If you are a budding developer and want to get your own site up to show off and play with, this is where you want to be.


3 — 


I work for a human resource company (viclawrence.com) based in Nigeria with over 5,000 outsourced staff. We have been using DreamHost for about 2 years now. The experience is not interesting.

First, we lost hundreds of emails with no valid explanation from dreamhost. Sending emails to all staff is a problem as individual email accounts cannot send more than 100 emails per hour. The announcement list which is an alternative for this bulk emailing does not support adding attachments while sending. Login issues sometimes occur.

None of these was an issue with our previous host.

Their uptime is great, really great. But their custom panel makes using the platform difficult especially for a company like ours.

I will recommend dreamhost for a small company company but definitely not for a big company with hundreds or thousands of staff.


1 — 

Worst Hosting Company You Could Use

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. The hosting is absolutely horrible. They don’t provide technical support in a quick fashion. Literally if your business depends on dependable hosting DO NOT USE this company. We lost thousands of dollars due to constant issues with this company!


5 — 

No cPanel, Hallelujah

Dreamhost’s custom control panel is a dream. With cPanel on other hosts, I always felt that there were mysterious files being made all over my account—things felt like they got cluttered and confusing quickly. Dreamhost’s panel doesn’t have as much going on, but it is transparent. I suppose their panel tries to be more of an automated sys admin rather than a webmaster, although they do still have some one-click installs and site builders.


1 — 

Dreamhost is HORRIBLE

Dreamhost disabled my site, without warning, because they noticed a lot of bot activity. They disabled my site at 11pm and have not contacted me for 8 hours. Their support is horrible. You have to pay $9.95 if you want them to call you. (Hint... they don’t actually call.)

I cannot begin to express how angry I am with Dreamhost.


3 — 

Service is terrible

Terrible service. Website was down for over a week. No support number to call. All you can do is email or submit a trouble ticket while your company is bleeding money. They call you back, but if you’re away from your desk or on another call they won’t leave a voicemail. Their number comes up as anonymous so you can’t call them back. One of the supposed owners was emailing me. Didn’t work on a business day (Monday) so I had to wait yet another day before he would call me back. Then he was rude and nasty on the phone. After making me wait a week, he couldn’t understand why I was frustrated and kept making snarky comments. Don’t use them. Plenty of other options out there.


2 — 

Used to be Good

Been with Dreamhost since 2010, finally switched. They used to be rock solid, with fast and friendly support. I also liked that they were a local company.

Things have gone downhill, support is terrible, and the server outages got to be too much. Happily moved to a new comapny.


5 — 

I really like Dreamhost

I’ve used Dreamhost for many years hosting my own domains and some for friends and family. I’m a developer with limited server admin knowledge and I find the control panel extremely helpful and easy to use. Whenever I’ve needed support I’ve got the answer I needed within a few hours although UK/US time difference affects the wait. One thing I love is that you can reply to their automated emails and support will get back to you directly – why can’t everyone do this? So much more customer friendly than “Do not reply” emails. The domain registration is simple but could be enhanced by allowing multiple domains to be registered simultaneously – maybe the answer is to prepay some money to my account? Overall I’m very satisfied although I am a probably a pretty light user of the service.


5 — 

Exceptional quality and value

I have been using Dreamhost for about a year now, I moved over our 8 sites from our last host which was a WHM/VPS server.

The simplicity of running multiple domains and stores on Dreamhost is a breath of fresh air. You have to be willing to get used to their custom dashboard, but it is worth it.

I have heard complaints about the email system, which I cannot comment on as I use Google for Business instead of their servers.

I never write reviews, but I have been so impressed I wanted to so that others could have the confidence to give them a chance.

Pros: Speed, reliability, good support, ease of use
Cons: No phone support (which doesn’t matter to me)


1 — 

Never again...

We recently moved from GoDaddy to Dreamhost after reading reviews about a lot of companies out there. With that, we chose DreamHost. I will start by saying, THE WORST IDEA EVER! If you are small company with maybe 5-10 employees. Great, use them. Anything bigger, would never recommend them to anyone. Their email is clunky, slow, and pounded with SPAM. Their filters are crap, their customer support is the worst, and the knowledge base (which they brag about) is meant for people that have a degree in Computer Science, not for the casual web user just starting out (which again, they brag about.) In the end, WORST DECISION EVER!


5 — 

Everything is perfect

I use Dreamhost services for many years now and have never had any issues that they are unable to solve.
Their systems are fast and efficient, very responsive and with many possibilities of configuration and customization for the experts, but with excellent guides that explain to beginners how to juggle.
The domain management panel, the spaces, the mailboxes and databases is very simple to use and contains useful function “One-Click Install” which allows you to configure in a few seconds the most common software like web forums, wiki, blogs, etc.

Finally, their customer service is one of the best in the world for any problem you contact them, there is always someone helpful and courteous ready to help you in the best way!


5 — 

My experience has been great...

I used Dreamhost to set up my personal website when I wanted to learn more about web development. I found a great deal (less than $10/month). Their managed WordPress option was surprisingly simple to set up and I love the fact it auto-updates WordPress so I don’t have to every couple of months.

About 1.5 years later I helped my friend make his personal website and I set him up with a Dreamhost account too. It had been a while since I did it and I was running into an issue installing WordPress on his hosting (an issue on my part, not theirs – I had simply forgotten how to do it). I had to contact customer support. I opted to do the chat support and my customer service person was able to point me in the right direction within probably 5 minutes.

As a comparison, I now manage my company’s website and their hosting provider is Godaddy, and when I have to deal with their support staff it usually takes a LOT of explaining so they fully understand the problem. This was not an issue at all with Dreamhost. Overall my experience with Dreamhost has been great with the minimal amount of features I take advantage of; I’m sure others would find its other features just as helpful and easy to use.


5 — 

Reliable host, confusing pricing...

I’ve been with Dreamhost for 2 or 3 years now, and I’ve never had any problems with the hosting. It’s been fast and reliable, two things you expect most from a hosting provider.


4 — 

OK for beginners; web vets, not so much

I signed up with Dreamhost a few years ago because it was cheaper than my then-current host, and because unlike said host, it offered Ruby On Rails, which I really wanted to learn.

Well… except that the version of RoR that Dreamhost supported was outdated and to this day has not been updated and requires user hacks to be able to use a current version — user hacks that may or may not work.

E-mail is a huge issue. Delays in receiving e-mails — especially over the web — can be a major hindrance, and Dreamhost can go weeks before resolving issues, or often be dismissive and say that they don’t see any signs of problems on their end.

E-mail filters leave much to be desired; unfortunately no way to block e-mails by top-level domain.


5 — 

Long term betterment for small bucks

I’ve been with Dreamhost for 16 years, hosting multiple sites on a shared environment. I host multiple sites with multiple needs, from SMF to WordPress, archive file storage, and more. The flexibility is great. The customer service is top notch. The availability is high. And, added bonus, whenever there’s a better deal, they’ve lowered my fees to match.


5 — 

Most dependable hosting I've ever had

I started hosting 1 site at Dreamhost in February 2007, and this morning, April 18, 2015 I just hosted my 14th and 15th sites! I love the reliability of the support staff, the ease with which I can control certain features and the fact that in over 8 years I have had little to no downtime that I did not cause for myself.

The cost of the hosting plan that holds all 15 of my domains is so affordable and with multiple payment options I can always do what works best for me at the moment.


5 — 

DreamHost is, well, a dream

I have hosted various websites with DreamHost for about one year, during which time I have dealt with many other hosts used by my clients. As an overall value, DreamHost is really hard to beat, even when stacked up against big name hosts like SiteGround and WP Engine. I can host unlimited sites, with unlimited storage, and unlimited free SSL certificates. Like I said, they’re hard to beat.

My experience with DreamHost’s customer support has always been top notch. If it’s a low priority issue, I’ll send an e-mail and they usually respond within a few hours. If it’s a higher priority issue then I open a live chat, which always connects me to a qualified tech within a couple minutes. One way or another, my issues (which have been very few) have been resolved promptly.


5 — 

Thoughtful, intelligent support

I have a number of different sites in my Dreamhost account. I’ve hit problems here and there, mostly of my own making. The most telling example of the great support was when I needed to use a specific version of PHP for a particular experiment, one that Dreamhost had moved beyond as part of their normal process of keeping things up to date. The response I got was first the expected “we don’t offer older builds”, but then an unexpected “here’s how you can install it yourself”, followed by detailed specific instructions!

I’ve had similar experiences over the ten years I’ve been with Dreamhost; thoughtful consideration of the question followed by intelligent answers or suggestions. It’s not perfect, but this shows why it is actually very, very good.


5 — 

Customer for 8 years - great host

I’ve used Dreamhost over the last 8 years to casually host ~8 websites on shared hosting. This clocks in at about $200 per two years, which while is perhaps a little pricey for what I’m using it for, I always have the option of adding more sites whenever, switching to VPS/cloud etc.

Why I stick with Dreamhost mainly is because whenever I’ve had issues (my fault or otherwise) their support is fast and knowledgeable and can be relied upon to sort you out.

Good job Dreamhost!


5 — 

Best value for a developer's site hosting

At Dreamhost, the cheapest shared hosting plan offers the usual stuff all others do (phpmyadmin, databases, ftp, etc), plus unlimited domains, storage, bandwidth and 99.9% uptime.

Since I’m developer, one of the main pros is having SSH access (with tunnel support) along a good set of tools (e.g. git, java, gcc, crontab). That makes me a lot easier to manage sites, deploy, automate tasks and work on prototypes. When they find suspicious files they send a warning e-mail, and when the files are 100% sure malicious they are quarantined (and the user advised). The support staff is kind and really willing to help.

Highly recommend it to all my fellows developers. The panel interface is not brilliant but quite good compared to the majority.


4 — 

A solid B+ host

I’ve been on Dreamhost since 2010, and I haven’t had any major problem over that time. The machine I’m on doesn’t appear to be oversold and when the migrated my sites to a newer server it was seamless. Their interface is a bit dated (some part look like they are straight out of the 90’s) and it’s sometimes difficult to find what you’re looking for.

They are generous with space, domains and bandwidth, and technically I’ve found it good. Some downside are I’ve found their support sometimes to be a little less knowledgeable than I would expect, and their backups aren’t the best.

Overall I would say they are a good hosting company that you can trust but they don’t meet the bar of outstanding.


5 — 

Value for money

I host around 20 sites/domains, and I chose Dreamhost 6 years ago, and I’m happy! They provide a very reliable hosting, with lots of services and options, for a simple price. Unlimited domains, one-click installs, I don’t give 100% rating because it will sounds strange, but 95% seems honest, regarding the services I used during 6 years. Support is always available, always smiling, and I never had to complain.


5 — 

Great and easy to use hosting provider

I use DreamHost for my personal (and business) web hosting. Everything is always quickly set up.

I have used one-click installs for WordPress that have worked beautifully, as well as installed on my own (which meant, creating databases!) and that went smoothly too.

If I’ve ever had issues, DreamHost is always very attentive and quick to assist in any way they can. The price is a steal too.


5 — 

Cheap and reliable. Highly recommended if you don't need Ruby

I’m using Dreamhost to host a few personal websites, my blog, and a couple of landing pages for mobile apps. I’ve been paying $10 per month for unlimited bandwidth and storage for nine years now. Their service is reliable, the admin panel is easy to use, and I’ve never had an issue with speed.

That said, it works best for WordPress or PHP websites. If you are looking to do host a Ruby on Rails site then turn elsewhere.


4 — 

Host of dreams

I’ve used Dreamhost for 8 years. They were relatively inexpensive, but with new cloud providers, they have lost that edge. Their interface is outdated. But their core service is solid – a C+ service.


4 — 

Premium level service for a premium price...

I would like to start off by saying that the service (both, the actual servers & customer support) is excellent. That, though, comes at a somewhat premium price tag. As a student it’s hard to find a hosting provider that gives 100% of what I have to offer them in exchange. It’s 21’st century and I feel like the price we pay for a premium service today is a bit odd. I get it that people have to pay their bills, but so does everyone else as well.


5 — 

Good prices, OK hosting

I used Dreamhost for several years and never had any issues with downtime or outages. They offered loads of space and bandwidth, but their entire control panel system is all proprietary software. I was used to the industry standard of cPanel, but got used to their system eventually.

Their support teams were very responsive and quick to resolve minor issues and answer my questions. Additionally, their referral system allows you to offset the cost of your hosting, or even pay for it entirely.


4 — 

Love the admin UI - don't love speed issues

I love how simple the Dreamhost makes to install WordPress, manage domains, or anything really. Their email support is quite good as well (if you choose the critical option when emailing).

I don’t love the speed of my sites and how they go down quite frequently... thought not for long. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t recommend Dreamhost.


5 — 

Great support, but lacking some features

I signed up to Dreamhost around 8 months ago, after being suggested by other friends in the design/development industry. I liked their modern interface (which is hard to come by compared to other hosts), which provided quick and easy access to the main features across their site. Their support is second to none, however the waiting times for a live chat session can sometimes peak at 15 minutes, which can be a little hectic if something goes wrong.

Their hosting services are speedy and their newly released one-click SSL certificates (courtesy of LetsEncrypt) make it very easy to get up and running securely and quickly.


4 — 

Great, but no cPanel...

I find Dreamhost to be a definite place for you to start your website endeavors. But it’s not perfect.

To start out, it provides an excellent speed coupled with a very reliable uptime that you can count on every single day of the week. It’s customer support isn’t bad as well, as they certainly know what they are doing.

And the good ends there. The price isn’t exactly targeted towards a very large customer base, and by that I mean that it may not be that expensive but there are cheaper web hosts out there. And the final thing that holds Dreamhost back is that fact that it is not very user friendly. Its' interface is complicated and it lacks key features and tools especially for a beginner. I just wish that it had a cPanel.