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It's "Green", But Does It Mean It's Good?

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We’ve been a paying customer for GreenGeeks for the last 16 months. During that time, we’ve monitored their performance – avg. load time and uptime.

This review relies strongly on data, such as uptime, load time (speed) and customer support experience.


What is GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks review

After it’s founding in 2008 by Trey Gardner, they’ve shot up to now hosting over 300,000 websites (with data centers in the U.S., Canada, and soon-to-be in Amsterdam).

Trey’s background is important, as he’s worked with eight different web hosting companies, including iPowerweb, iPage, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, Globat, Lunarpages, Hostpapa and now GreenGeeks.

On their website, he goes on to make two bold claims:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • 100% customer satisfaction

So what’s the verdict?

Do they have an excellent, wind-powered uptime and support?

Or are their promotional claims just full of hot air? (Get it? An environmental pun!)

In order to see for ourselves, we purchased the GreenGeeks ‘Shared Plan’ in June of 2015.

We set up a basic WordPress test website (which can be seen here) to run performance tests over the course of six months. Detailed performance stats, like uptime and speed, can be viewed by clicking here on ‘History’ for more information.


Pros of GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks has a lot of good things going for them. Including solid uptime, support, and an important mission-driven service. Here are the details:

1. Just Two Months Away From Perfect

Earlier, GreenGeek’s founder Trey Gardner made the bold claim of 99.9% uptime. Seems that he wasn’t BS-ing at all.

Our in-depth, 10-month analysis backs this up, coming in with an average uptime of 99.92% during our testing period. That’s also good enough just as the industry standard is 99.94%.

GreenGeeks did go an impressive 7-months without any downtime, they would be on top of the list if it weren’t for the extremely low December and August. Take a look for yourself:

Last 10-month average uptime:

  • December 2017 average uptime: 99.54%
  • January 2018 average uptime: 99.99%
  • February 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • April 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • May 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • June 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • July 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • August 2018 average uptime: 99.70%
  • September 2018 average uptime: 100%


GreenGeeks 10-month stats

GreenGeeks: Page Load Speed and Uptime (Last 12 months, full data can be found here.)

2. Good Load Time

We also tested GreenGeeks page load times during our 10-month review process and found their speed to be better than the industry average, clocking in around 50% faster than their competition (530ms compared to 890ms).

You can see the results, broken down month-by-month:

Last 10-month average load time:

  • December 2017 average speed: 400ms
  • January 2018 average speed: 382ms
  • February 2018 average speed: 423ms
  • March 2018 average speed: 490ms
  • April 2018 average speed: 596ms
  • May 2018 average speed: 514ms
  • June 2018 average speed: 605ms
  • July 2018 average speed: 606ms
  • August 2018 average speed: 579ms
  • September 2018 average speed: 709ms

3. Good Support with Quick Answers

Customer support was the final ‘big’ element to review.

We were connected to a customer support agent within a minute, who then answered questions quickly and succinctly.

The only issue?

There were a few grammar mistakes along the way. If you’re being picky (Hey – that’s our job here, right?!), you might be able to read into that a little bit.

  • Support might be outsourced to non-native English speakers?
  • Their customer service reps might be overworked and stretched thin?
  • Or they might just lack some attention to detail?

Whatever the case, in overall, we were happy and satisfied with our experience. And a background check revealed that other customers are happy with GreenGeeks support too.

GreenGeeks review: Support quality?

Good Customer support, but had some grammar errors.
In addition to having a responsive customer support team that’s available 24/7, GreenGeeks also offers a pretty extensive knowledgebase where users can find the answers to their questions themselves.

That’s an awesome perk if you prefer self-help over asking a customer service representative for assistance.

They have tons of different article categories and subcategories to select from, including sales questions, general hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, billing questions, video tutorials, and more.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for within the categories, you can always use the search bar to search for a word or phrase that relates to your issue instead.

greengeeks knowledge base

That way, you always have access to the help you need, even if GreenGeek’s live chat feature is offline for some reason.

4. Free Domain Name & Website Migration

They offer free domain name registration and transfer. If you get your domain name through them, they will keep it free for as long as you use their services.

Kind of. We’ll review the fine print and fill you in on the details soon.

If your website is already hosted elsewhere, they can help you transfer your site to their servers for free.

5. Environment-Friendly

GreenGeeks claims to be – well – green. What on earth does that mean? And how does it work exactly?

They will purchase 3 times the wind energy credits to make up for the energy used by their services to power your website.

Over their eight years in business, they’ve replaced over 615,000+ kilowatt’s a year.

I’m not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds impressive. And kinda like what the Delorean in Back to the Future runs off by.

GreenGeeks is a recognized Green Power Partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), too.

GreenGeeks certificate

6. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with moving over to GreenGeeks, they have a full 30-day, ‘no-questions-asked’ money back guarantee on most hosting plans. Kinda.

Sounds simple, but you’ll see in a minute how this gets a little more complicated.

7. Nightly Backups

Sometimes, bad things happen.

Maybe it’s self-inflicted or nefarious people try to hack their way in. Regardless, GreenGeeks provides free night backups (in addition to SSH access).

For additional security measures, they also offer real-time security scanning, automatic brute force detection, Spam Assassin protection, SSL secure server and the ability to password protect your directories.

8. Multiple High-Quality Server Locations

GreenGeeks offers data centers in:

  • Chicago, US
  • Phoenix, US
  • Toronto, CA
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

Choosing the right server location can have a huge, positive impact on your website’s SEO. Plus, if you pick a server closer to you, you’ll experience faster speeds.

GreenGeeks also promise customers that they will keep servers up to date with the following specifications:

  • Never oversold
  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • The Latest Generation Energy-efficient Intel Xeon processors
  • Minimum of 64 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered Memory
  • No desktop hardware whatsoever
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to several Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones
  • Name brand server parts
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage Arrays to give you maximum performance & redundancy
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Acceleration

It doesn’t stop there. Each data center includes the following features:

  • Biometric and key card security system with man-traps and a rack-level locking mechanism
  • SAS 70 Type 1 certified (with audit report available on request)
  • FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system that has an early pre-fire detection mechanism
  • Dual-city grid power feeds, plus battery backup that includes an automatic transfer switch and a diesel generator on-site
  • Staffed 24×7 by SingleHop data center engineers and technicians and monitored remotely
  • Automatic climate control and temperature system with temperature and humidity sensors throughout the facility

Talk about the state of the art!

9. Free CDN

Everyone interacts with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on a daily basis if they browse the web, whether they’re looking at news sites, social media pages, or shopping online.

GreenGeeks offers a CDN to users that are powered by Cloudflare. That’s great news for your site optimization, especially if you’ve got a global reach.

The best part? It’s absolutely free.

Cloudflare allows users to cache content and use servers closest to website visitors to get it delivered. As a result, web surfing is much faster for those who come to your website.


Cons of GreenGeeks

Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. Err, green.

Despite all of the upside to GreenGeeks, there are a few things you should be aware of before making a final decision.

Here they are:

1. Industry-Standard Pricing Manipulation

GreenGeeks follows the tried-and-true industry standard practice of advertising a super low monthly rate of $2.95 on their website, only for you to find out that you actually have to sign up for three years in advance to get it.

Otherwise, if you want to pay monthly, it’ll set you back with $9.95 each month.

Greengeeks pricing per month

2. Questionable Refund Policy

Many web hosts will throw in a domain name for free when you create a new account with them.

GreenGeeks says you can get a free domain name with them too.

Otherwise, the cost might range from ~ $3.00 – $9.99 for the year.

Be aware of the fine print:

If you request the aforementioned ‘money-back-guarantee’ and you took them up on that ‘free’ domain name offer, your refund will be deducted by $24.95 for a domain name registration fee.

Which means that domain name MIGHT NOT really be free. It also means their money back guarantee MIGHT NOT be ‘no questions asked’, either.


GreenGeeks Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of the hosting plans offered by GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks pricing


Shared Hosting: Unlike most other web hosts, GreenGeeks has just one shared hosting plan. The plan costs $2.95 (you need to pay 3 years in advance (the actual cost is $9.95 per month if you pay monthly). It comes with unlimited web space, unlimited data transfer, support for unlimited domain names, and unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases. This plan also comes with a free domain name and free nightly backups. It is powered by RAID-10 SSD storage for performance.


WordPress Hosting: Their WordPress hosting is basically the same as their shared hosting plan, but it seems to be especially enhanced for WordPress. We haven’t tested it yet, but will do it soon.

GreenGeeks pricing


  • Free domain? Yes.
  • Ease of Signup: Easy signup process.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Your account must not use more than 100 percent of 1 CPU core and/or 1GB memory, or 20 concurrent connections or 75,0000 files or you will risk account termination. If a due invoice is not paid within four days, your account will be suspended and you will need to pay a reactivation fee of $15 to have your account back online.
  • Upsells: No upsells. Yay!
  • Account Activation: Quick account activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): 1-click install tool to easily install popular apps and CMSs.


Do We Recommend GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks has a bigger mission than just simply providing web hosting, and we dig that.

They’re not necessarily the best we’ve seen, but they do provide solid speed and good customer support.

For those reasons, you should possibly consider giving them a look.

Just be aware that you’ll need to sign up for the long-term if you’d like their lowest rate. And that your ‘free domain’ and ‘money back guarantees’ might not be so iron-clad when you ask for a refund.

P.S. If you want to see hosting providers which rank above Greengeeks, check our best performing hosts here.

What’s good about GreenGeeks?

  • Two bad months really drag the overall down (99.92%)
  • Fast performance and loading speed times (530ms)
  • Fast, knowledgeable customer support
  • Free website migration and domain names
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Nightly backups
  • High-quality servers in multiple locations
  • Free CDN through Cloudflare

What’s bad about GreenGeeks?

  • Pricing manipulation
  • Sketchy money back policy

Do you have any experience with GreenGeeks – positive or negative? If so, please leave a transparent and honest review below!

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109 user reviews for GreenGeeks

5 — 

So far so good for almost 5 years

I've been with GreenGeeks for almost 5 years now and so far every time I've had an issue with anything I've gotten help pretty much right away. I've gotten a good handful of things resolved (both server issues and user errors (winks) via chat or ticket. So far either one has worked pretty well for me.

Granted, I do wish they had phone support as that goes so much faster for me and I'm sure many others, but considering they have only chat or ticket support, I've never been left hanging without a resolution.

I don't know what the issues with some of the bad ratings are all about, and maybe they just got in with a person on a bad day or something, but I've dealt with quite a few of the people at this point and I've always gotten helped. My issues are usually resolved within a day or 2 max. Over all good customer support so I cannot complain so far.

5 — 

Great for nonprofessionals

I learned about GreenGeeks from a web friend (a professional) when I got desperate that Bluehost was blaming me on somebody using something from our website for mail scamming. I had no idea how to correct it. I am just a one-person, activist website and I don't want to become professional on webbiness. I just want to know enough to use my website; nothing fancy. GreenGeeks awesomely helped me make the transfer easily to their service; the chat system was terrific when I had questions. Ever since starting up there, everything I've needed to do is so easy that I haven't had to use the chat system again. Thank you!

5 — 

No complaints so far

As an environmentalist, I had to go with GreenGeeks. Of course I compared them to the others and, for our purposes (i.e. basic family-run business website), their product offering was on par with the competition. I've dabbled in website building before (geocities using HTML, Dreamweaver, and GoDaddy WYSIWYG), I had been out of the loop for many years so when I got started with GreenGeeks, I had A LOT of questions. I used their online chat support everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. They were always incredibly helpful (and patient and kind!). Their hosting seems to be working great and I have no complaints so far. To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to my account with GreenGeeks since setting up our website in July/August 2018 (too busy with all the other company stuff). It's now February 2019 and, reading through the comments below, I think I should probably check our account and make sure everything is as it should be. Will post an update if needed when I get around to doing that...

5 — 

I haven’t had any issues with Greengeeks, customer for over 5 years.

I run a small business repairing and rebuilding pianos, I have read the other reviews here and I don’t have the same issues that other have had. Everytime I ask a question I get an honest and quick response to my inquiry. I have simple needs for my website, but they have handled my needs well.

5 — 

Green Geeks Review

Our company has been with them for around 5 years. It is very simple, they are so easy to work with, technically savvy and fantastic customer service. A very kind and knowledgeable establishment. You will love them. Fatima

5 — 

Truly, a great company

I have been in the IT business--mostly developing and marketing (design and SEO) websites--for over 20 years (almost retired now)--no big deal, just so that when reading this you know what is truly important and good about a hosting and registrar company. When websites were the latest and greatest, the many hosting companies and domain registrars were inexpensive, but limited in service and very greedy (as in the above comment of "no auto-renew disabling possible). Plus they were "overseas" mostly. So, I got tired of supporting foreign companies and getting terrible service to boot. When I looked at new vendors (companies) for my services, I was looking to support USA and I am very happy that I found them. Eventhough the tech support is shared with Canada, that is a huge improvement. Service has been immediate (not tickets as reported in another above review) in chat and in email. And that other reviewer was also incorrect about not being able to change the renew setting. I just went and re-checked my domains and all are "no-automatic-renewal" able. Just click to the right of "on" of Auto-renew and it says: "off". So far I have transfered 5 domains away from my last foreign company to GreenGeeks (with one more in the process of transfer) and have been supported dozens of times with these transfers and tech questions on the spot with perfect efficiency, truly. My standards are high and I love this support for all the above reasons. I don't work for them, I have received no payment or favors to write this. People, start supporting the country you live in, stay true in your reviews without false information. The fact that they are inexpensive and "Green" is only a "small" added bonus compared to the product and support; but I am so glad it is both of those as well. Thank you.

5 — 

GreenGeeks Deserves six stars.

We have been a web host reseller for the past 12 years. GreenGeeks is our fourth host. The others were good at the beginning but they fell apart as they were merged with other web host service companies. GreenGeeks actually TAKES PHONE CALLS. This personal service make you truly feel like valued client.

As a reseller, quick answers to problems for our clients are critical. GreenGeeks always exceeds our expectations. And, their rates are very competitive. We look forward to a long relationship with them

4 — 

So far so good

I have been with GreenGeeks for a year, and, so far, I have been very happy. I still haven't fully established exactly what I am trying to achieve with my site, and, as a result, I have asked many questions over the year about services, costs, suggestions, etc, and I have found the customer service very helpful.

5 — 

Support is always only a chat away

After having used many hosting services, I have been stuck with GreenGeeks many years now. 'Stuck with' in the best possible meaning, as yes, I get a good offer, lots of customisation options and everything I need, and of course a green profile from GreenGeeks. Still, most important is the support, as most of the time, the service and assistance from GreenGeeks support team are unique and essential - and ONLY A CHAT AWAY. That is priceless!

5 — 

Overall satisfied!

I've been their customer for 3 years and I feel very satisfied! Their customer support fulfilled every of my needs, their setup are easy to understand including their pricing which added to its value. Some of my friends switch to GreenGeeks and even my spouse which have no knowledge to website design found GG very user-friendly!

1 — 


Greengeeks was fantastic when I first signed up with them about 6 months ago. Everything was easy peasy pudding pie - until I tried to get them to do something that should be standard for any host, but apparently is not for them.

I was on shared hosting and wanted to take one of my client's sites to dedicated hosting. I signed up for a package and requested site migration and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. They somehow managed to put my shared hosting product on the client's account, leaving me unable to login to cpanel on either account since the credentials were somehow crossed.

This is obviously a security issue as well as a usability issue, and should NEVER occur. How do you even mix up two accounts like that?

To make matters worse, I had to argue with the support agent, prove that what I'm experiencing is what is happening, then still had to request myself that the ticket be escalated when the agent continued to not understand what was happening.

This isnt the only interaction like this either. If you aren't perfect and expect some support from your host, STAY AWAY FROM GREENGEEKS

5 — 


Every time I've had a technical issue, I got a quick and accurate reply. I ask what I need to do to fix a problem, they give me a step by step in understandable language. I ask for clarification, I get it. What else is needed?

5 — 

Reliable, easy to work with

We are a non-profit that depends on our website for communication to our membership. GreenGeeks has provided great service over the last several years. Their tech support was superb when the site was hacked last year and provided very good guidance on resolving the malware incursions we experienced. We will be upgrading to SSL soon and hope we don't experience the issues cited in other reviews here.

5 — 

Fantastic value for the price!

I have transferred my hosting over to GreenGeeks as my previous host did not allow the use of Let's encrypt SSL/TLS certificates.

I chose GreenGeeks as they offered Servers in Canada (improves my local ranking on Google) and Let's encrypt SSL/TLS. The environmental features was an added bonus.

As a customer, I love their services. Uploading my websites to GreenGeeks via FTP was done at blazing speed compared to my previous host (Netfirms).

The 3-year price makes it a fantastic value. I currently host three websites on my account, with multiple email addresses, without a single problem. I'm very happy with GreenGeeks.

5 — 

Breaking the mold

I love GreenGeeks, i've been with them for 1 year next month and will absolutely be renewing. I use to HATE dealing with web hosts,its always been difficult. GreenGeeks changes that, i've had issues that they have helped me with that weren't even necessarily on their end but they have the knowledge to point me in the right direction. I tell everyone about GG and am a absolute roaming salesmen for them.

5 — 

Green Geeks is Great

Green Geeks has always been prompt and diligent in sending me e-mail reminders regarding upcoming invoices, which I greatly appreciate. ( e.g. domain name expiration dates) As my computer skills are not at the intermediate level, their patient representatives have walked me through any issues I have had, and the fact that I can speak , on the phone, with a live representative is a real bonus for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Green Geeks to anyone, without reservation.

5 — 

Excellent Service

I transferred this domain to Green Geeks after experiencing horrible support from a former host company that was purchased by another company. I have found Green Geeks to be very responsive to customer service requests and excellent tech support. And the response time is terrific especially compared to Go Daddy with their tedious wait times.

5 — 

Green Geeks ROCK

Let me just tell you about the support you receive with theses Geeks.. Anytime i have a problem i pick up the phone and Green Geeks is there. Giving me advise and support on challenges i encounter everyday. Having a company that cares about your success as much as you do is truly an awesome feeling and a super plus. I want to specifically give recognition to Elvy and Marcus for always lending a hand. AMAZING people!

Best Regards,
Gil from Islands in Motion

5 — 

Super fast, responsive tech support

Anytime I have an issue with my websites, the support team is insanely fast in their response, often fixing the issues in less than 2 hours. My previous host was around 48 hours.

So if you are thinking about Green Geeks, go for it!

2 — 

Watch the cancellation policy as well...

As far as their hosting, it was fine. The issue is they have let's be nice and say "questionable" policies when it comes to them giving up a penny they take from you. For instance, their KB article on how to cancel encourages you to wait until the very last point to request cancellation. But in their TOS fine print they have a 5 day cancel policy. I would never recommend them to anyone when they do things like that to people.

1 — 

Poor Customer Service

I've been with Green Geeks for over 5 years. Their customer service has steadily declined. Everything is done via ticket and they continue to pass you from department to department without resolution.

If there is a billing dispute, forget about it! They will do nothing to fix the situation but continue to direct you to hidden terms and conditions. Every time there is a new issue, they give me a new list of policies.

There is no way to turn off auto renew, but it doesn't say that. They will send you an invoice that doesn't mention your credit card will be charged. There is no way to remove your credit card from your account.

Pick another host if you want good customer service and transparency.

2 — 

They dropped the ball

I've been with GG for about 7 years.

I used to be a huge fan of Green Geeks and would often encourage others to go there. Today, I cannot say the same. They have dropped the ball too many times, and this last one they won't take responsibility.

When I originally started with Green Geeks an SSL was $50 and needed to be manually renewed. Now, and without my knowledge or consent they changed it to an automatic renewal at $70 a month.

Here are my issues with this

1. It feels slimy. Yes, it's convenient, and bravo for making me not have to remember. However, if I signed up with the knowledge I'd have to manually renew it and then I get auto-renewed. This is not okay.

2. The domain in question isn't even owned by me anymore. It's not in my reseller account, it's not mine at all. They actively renewed an SSL on a site that wasn't mine in my name.

3. They won't refund because apparently I need to cancel the renewal 5 days prior. You know, the renewal that they said was going to be manual but then changed.

4. They did send me a notice that an invoice was generated, but look at the image attached. They give no details. I have multiple sites being renewed, my bad I just assumed it was one of those??

Green Geeks has been great in the past, aside from at one time my website not renewing and they got it back for me I've had little to no issues and was very happy. This though, I can't look past. To me the practice looks and feels shady. They did offer around $35 for credit, but I'll have to decline as they owe me 100% of my money back and I'll be moving on.

1 — 

GG betrays Legacy Hosting Accounts! No free SSL!

I've been with GG for about 7 years.

I was happy with their service and felt I was getting a fair deal, until a month or so ago.

After initially providing free Lets Encrypt SSL (as referenced in the review below), they suddenly pulled the rug out from under the same people that helped them grow their business, by denying free SSL to legacy reseller hosting accounts. They are trying to force an upgrade to a more expensive account, but all they are really forcing is that I find a new hosting provider.

Hasta la Vista GreenGeeks!!

5 — 

Very good indeed

I went to GreenGeeks after a dreadful experience on GoDaddy a couple of years ago. The contrast was and is enormous. Greengeeks servers are fast enough to never be a problem and I have had almost zero issues with the big array of WordPress plugins I use. Most of all, the technical service is truly unbelievably good. I usually get not just same-day answers to technical questions, but same-hour answers very often - and from real people with high competence. If first-line staff cannot answer me then they tell me quickly and escalate to second line staff - and they have never failed to resolve my questions and issues. I repeat - the technical support is utterly fantastic - and the prices are very competitive too.

When you run a business, you must have high confidence in your host - and I have every confidence in GreenGeeks.

5 — 

Very Happy with GreenGeeks

I transferred my web hosting over to GreenGeeks a couple of years ago and I am quite impressed. It's important for me to respect the environment and they do. It's one of the reasons I chose them. Of course, if the service weren't good, that would be a problem, but I have never had any reason to complain. Response time is fast and all of my issues have been resolved quickly. Good show, guys!

5 — 

They listened

I was pleased with GreenGeeks for some time, but it bothered me that my site didn't support https. I wanted to use let's encrypt and found that GG didn't work with them.
When I contacted GG and told them that, and explain why it was important to me, they listened and added the ability (which was then in closed beta). Since then GG added support to let's encrypt with no additional fees. It basically made me feel that saying what you need matters, and I trust their support to listen to me also in the future.

5 — 

Very reliable and great value

GreenGeeks has been very reliable, it was a rough start with some of the accounting however now that I am using the service it has been very stable and reliable, they always notify on any maintenance in advance and very rarely if at all the service goes down. I find good value in cost, there are some cheaper alternatives depending on how basic you need however overall you get everything you expect from a hosting provider. The billing portal is also very easy to navigate and understand as well as included cpanel I've been used to.

5 — 

Is there better Support?

Hosting a website is a whole other world.
It can be really scary because there are so many things to know.
I had never hosted a website before and the amazing people form live support have been so helpful at ironing out every single issue, going so far as manually going in my WordPress settings files to adjust them to the hosting server.
I am excited to discover all the other things that are possible with GreenGueeks.

5 — 

Awesome Customer Service!

There hasn't been a single issue left unresolved when I contacted GreenGeek's customer service. I like trying to solve problems on my own, but when I get into a bind I know their 24/7 customer service is standing by. Usually, I just ask them to point me towards one of their online tutorials and take it from there. And the "hold time" for their chat service is practically zero in my experience.

I've recommended this service to friends and I have yet to hear any negative comments from them. As an affiliate, when friends have signed up, I get a little kickback too - great bonus!

Plus, their environmental commitment is highly respectable. Keepin' it Green...

5 — 

Great, reliable service with quick and professional support.

The few times I needed to get support, they were well trained and dedicated. All their services, including the email, work excellent. A server with a very good Drupal environment is what made the difference for me. Being able to choose a provider committed to alternative energy is very satisfying and closed the deal.

I recommend GreenGeeks to all my web clients now.

5 — 

Everything You Need

I have been with GreenGeeks for about 9 years and everything I have needed is right there. The few times there has been an issue, they responded quickly and resolved the issue. The service is top notch and this is one of the best hosting experiences I have had. As an I.T. professional, I find everything extremely easy to use. No problems with the site or their hosted email, all works as expected. I suspect those that have had trouble are novice users, so professionals need not worry.

2 — 

Domain Renewal

I moved from Yahoo after things went downhill. Was very impressed with the customer service and mission of GreenGeeks (something which my firm aligns with). I recommended my partners to sign up with GreenGeeks and we signed up a second firm.

Things were great. Now things are really going downhill.

1. GreenGeeks offered free hosting domain service at sign up. I moved my domain hosting from Netfirms which was a great provider (at least to my experience) on the enticement of a free offer. (Lesson learned as everyone finally learns in North America - there is no free lunch). They sign you for a firm called to host your domain which has the worst customer review rating you can think of and has a BBB rating of 'F' which is the lowest a firm can get (based on blogs - I cannot verify accuracy, but currently listed as non rated with tons of negative user postings). When GreenGeeks signs you up for domain hosting, it is an agreement between you and them. The catch is they pull the plug half way. Do not want to get into details but as an initial sign up client who believed in their customer friendly attitude and recommended them personally, this was a big let down on a personal thing I would never do that my clients as a business, even if dollar bills wag in front of me. Reading between lines, as of how I would read as a professional business if it stood by professional ethics by the book, GreenGeeks played the game very unethically. This post keeps users aware that this is a sales game which we were lead. I am putting in my professional time to let any future customer know this. As a professional firm, we have always stood by ethics and always believe the North American market general stands by ethics and it is in general public interest to expose any unfair practice.

2. Big catch on the under-hand business practice - particularly on domain hosting, you signed up with GreenGeeks, but you may get an email; from an unknown entity telling your domain is expired (they are resellers and do not even tell you who is hosting your domain - it was free on sign up so ideally as a client you would not bother). In today's world, with so much junk and phishing emails, any client will in ignore this email. This is where the big cost comes. They wait on the probability that you did not respond; the domain hosting company waits for a cash cow. On deadline, blocks your website and email. The email comes from the regulator that your domain is the renewal grace period. The host and GreenGeeks say it is redemption period. GreenGeeks price you the list price of $250 which they claim the host back-charges them. I subsequently talked to the representative of the host, who refers me back to GreenGeeks who is the reseller (it is probably a business tie-up which you are now the pawn). The host (which I would really appreciate as they have no direct customer relation with me) tell me that GreenGeeks has a flexibility to give a good discount on the list price (I do not want to list this on this forum as it may be detrimental to some employees who worked in best interest of the clients (something as a small business owner I would commend on). What I was communicated is known to GreenGeeks vide my ticket raised and but want the general message needs to be known to the general user or prospective user and hence this post.

3. Reading between lines, GreenGeeks made a handsome profit on this deal using me as a pawn. Over and above this, they want an administration cost to do this transition. You are a client and now you are nickel and dimed. True unethical business practice as how I would read it.

4. Further, you are in a trap, kind of smaller in nature financially (nothing of which was ever told at time of sign up or during this free offer upfront). You need to pay a transfer fee to the host, one of the few in the business who charge for this (ideally it is a trap - kind of an offset cost) should you chose another provider. The current host is not cheapest and as per my comment in item 1 does not have the best rating to start with.

5. When I signed up, the owners were very involved, this not the case anymore. It is over 6 hours since I made the request to review the quoted price vide a ticket raised. No response from GreenGeeks on this even after a reminder. This how downhill things have gone. I have my website and email hosted by them down and the ball is in their court. Mind you as a client I am still paying for service not rendered. A big client would sue for losses. Unfortunately, in North America, it is not an even playing field when it comes to small business. This is how bad things have gone now.

6. The only reason I have not given a score below 2 only for the reason that my past experience till this point was good and they still respond promptly at least when you raise an issue as of the date (this is to give some level of fair credit)

5 — 

Privacy+Security+Environment are Worth Paying For!

I have been with GreenGeeks since their early days when they were just starting to get some well-deserved positive PR for offering a GREEN to conscientious customers like myself. Being old school tech (think early 80s), I like to keep personal control over my email accounts and web pages.

GreenGeeks has taken good care of me over the years including a migration during a company name, address, & purpose modification. GG was able to do my migration and also organize my billing so that all my costs are aligned onto the same billing cycle/due date. (I have been on the 3-year plan for at least 6 years and recommend that for peace of mind which is priceless).

Nowadays we hear the news of govt & private spyware + pryware, backdoors, bots for hire, etc., and GG customers like myself know that sure, our relatives gmail accounts have shared our email addresses, but our own email IMAPS are off of the alphabet, ms, yahoo, what have you "free" service site.

You get what you pay for! Pay a modest fee for GG service, and keep your data in your own hands, under your own control. Also GreenGeeks re-invests into infrastructure. The tools in C-Panel keep getting better and more numerous, and the servers function well, and they do maintenance during wee hours so customers are not inconvenienced.

The only free email service I would consider is ProtonMail. But i like having multiple accounts. GreenGeeks has done the job. I now just need to come up with cash to take my website https which hopefully will happen this year!

P.S. On the theme of avoiding the free in order to get quality, if you are also looking for secure email program for the desktop to interface with GG servers, I highly recommend TheBat! but RITLabs. It is like Thunderbird but with more functionality and security.


1 — 

GG Email hosting SUCKS

The website aspect is OK, but their hosted email (bundled into your site hosting) is BAD... I have had several problems over the last 4 years (approx) with email, the server configuration settings published in the control panel don't work, i have to use weird settings that they gave me... I spent so much time with their tech support (who I strongly suspect are located in either eastern Europe or Russia. If you ask, they will tell you they are in California but i have reasons to believe they are definitely not). I havee had some instances where I did not receive emails on my smartphone for days... and I just tried to set up email on an older XP laptop I have and despite trying a hundred different settings (all of which I got from either their control panel, or my other laptop and my phone, and ALL settings I got from their tech support awhile back). Zero success... some of the typical security settings (SSL) had to be turned off... Very very frustrating, I am ready to switch providers.

5 — 

Found a new home

I, like most others have used other hosting services, but I was looking for a new host for my website and came across GreenGeeks.

The price was manageable as my site does not have a return on investment, from advertising or sponsorship. So price was an important factor.

Once the account was set up is was so easy to setup my site. It took around five minutes and I had no hitches getting up and running.

The other day I had a problem with my Wordpress site. I updated a plugin and it stopped me from accessing my back end. I started a ticket with the service department and the problem was resolved with in a half an hour. Well done guys, thank you!

The whole hosting service has been a great experience. Well done and, thank you, for making your hosting service easy to work with.

5 — 

Awesome Crew, Awesome Service!

I've been designing websites since the mid-90s and have hosted with several different web hosts including some of the 'biggies'. Bottom line is, I have never felt so much a 'part of the team' as I do at GreenGeeks. The service is fabulous, you don't feel like you're service is being 'scripted' but talking or chatting with a human being - a 'geek' just like you. The service has always been top-notch, and fast! Things are resolved quickly in those rare instances when you do have an issue (and half the time the issue is my fault! LOL!). These folks are seriously committed to top-notch customer service. Have a complex website to move to their servers? Put it all in their hands and sit back and relax! Everything comes of without a hitch! These guys know their equipment, and know how to run an excellent service company! The eco credits are a plus! Thanks GreenGeeks - you folks ROCK!

3 — 

Dodgy email server

They are good if you don't use their server for emails. I have wasted hours, perhaps days, re-sending emails from gmail accounts because the GreenGeeks server emails keep being listed by providers as 'spam' or equivalent. As standard they put you on a shared hosting provider, but it is strange that similar problems never occurred with GoDaddy (who apparently also use a shared hosting service for emails).

They don't seem to get how essential it is for being able to send emails that actually get delivered and when this problem happens just blame their other customers.

If you want to avoid having to repeatedly contact them about emails being rejected, you are lumped with an extra fee to have a 'dedicated server'.

The description of providing 'unlimited email accounts' needs to be changed to 'unlimited email accounts that routinely get blocked by recipients due to being on a shared server that we cannot manage properly'!

5 — 

Excellent tech support!

Before transferring my Joomla site to GreenGeeks, I tried a local hosting company that came highly recommended. They said they could do the transfer, but after a while contacted me to tell me that they had tried for several hours and couldn't manage to do it - and tried to bill me several hundred dollars for all the hours that they had worked on that! After doing some research, I then settled on GreenGeeks - their tech guys had my site up and running almost immediately, and fixed whatever bugs came up during the transfer very quickly. They even helped me out with some issues that had nothing to do with hosting but rather with my former web programming company.

Since then, I've launched a new WordPress site, and once again, they had the new site up and running fairly fast. The truth is that at first, there were some issues, but they were very responsive and took care of everything as soon as I contacted them, as the tech support people do every time I write them with a question. I've honestly never encountered such good tech support in any company I've dealt with.

The only reason I took off 5 points from their rating is because the load speed of my site is a little slower than I'd like, but overall, I've been consistently happy with GreenGeeks and plan to keep hosting my site with them for a long time to come.

5 — 

The best service I've ever had anywhere

This is hands down the best service I've had in my experience running a business. I've never seen or heard about any real downtime, everything runs smoothly.

I initially signed up with GreenGeeks for the environmental aspect and because I was tired of how hard it was to get anything done with GoDaddy once they had my money.

GreenGeeks is the exact opposite. Any and every help or service request was answered within minutes. I have a tiny site, I'm not a huge source of money for GreenGeeks, but they respond and treat my needs like I was their biggest customer. I can't imagine ever switching. This is the way a business and a customer service team should be run.

5 — 

Nothing Compares

I have been developing websites for nearly 20 years. I have dealt with innumerable hosts and for the past several years, I have used GreenGeeks exclusively. They take the headache out of hosting. Everything is very simple and straight forward to set up. The features I get for the cost? Unbeatable. Unlimited email accounts, unlimited subdomains, unlimited storage, never have bandwidth issues. I have come to the point that when I take on a new client, I insist they use GreenGeeks hosting to eliminate the headache of dealing with inferior hosts.

I honestly have nothing negative to say about GreenGeeks. Beyond their amazing feature rich plans, their support is top-notch. Any time I have a question of any kind, I can chat with support and get a resolution immediately.

Keep up the great work guys! I've got more clients coming your way!

5 — 


I moved to Greengeeks recently (from Yahoo webhosting) and my only regret is not having moved earlier. I used the free transfer service and my site was up and running in a few hours. All my requests and queries (site migration, redirects, etc.) were handled professionally and quickly. The customer service technicians are courteous, patient and extremely helpful – exactly what I needed. The fact that it’s an eco-friendly platform is a plus for me. I couldn’t be happier!

5 — 

Had to do nothing!

I was with another web host for about 15 years, it was a pretty famous one that started out as a search engine but I'm not going to mention their name. With them, I was pretty much on my own if I had questions about web hosting or hosting the website or e-mail also I ran my personal website as well as taking on the website of my church. Many times I try to combine them into the account so I would only have one bill with no such luck. I don't remember how I came across GreenGeeks, but when I did a scene that they could take over hosting both domain names and websites for a quarter the price that I was paying. To say I was a little apprehensive is understating my feelings. I am by no means a proper webmaster I know nothing about DNS numbers, XM records, Domain registry or anything like that. I know how to pay the bill and upload the template Web page. I figured I'd give them a try. I had contact customer service once when I started and they walked me through and sent me very clear and precise instructions on what I had to do, what needed to be done, and how long it would take. In less than 48 hours my previous domain host or with sending me e-mails and calling me on the phone begging to reconsider their firing. After I moved to GreenGeeks I've had absolutely no problem with hosting, I had one problem with the e-mail that was the end-user (my) fault, because I didn't understand how something worked, I contacted customer service and they walked me through and explained what I need to do. I cannot honestly say that I've learned more from GreenGeeks being an amateur webmaster in the last year than I have in the previous 15 years. Thanks to them I understand more about DNS, XM records, and all other things that go with web hosting.

Also, the other thing I do really like is their control panel. It makes uploading pages, creating e-mails, installing security, and adjusting your domain so easy that a newbie like me not only can do it but understand what's being done which is important to me.

5 — 

GreenGeeks satisfies my environmental heart

My environmental heart wanted to move my personal and hosted websites to a "green" provider so I researched, then chose GreenGeeks.My core business focus is to bring an awareness and connection to the health of the planet in the choices I make in the vendors and business partners I select, and GreenGeeks' environmental platform has met that need.

I had been at HostGator for many years and have found that the service, configurations and tech support at GreenGeeks have been comparable. I was delighted when a support tech told me of a way to do a quick IP switch so I could develop a new website without taking down the other one till it was ready. It was above and beyond what GreenGeeks support needed to give me - and it was a great stress reliever!I'm happy I switched.

5 — 

Good service

I love greengeeks because their assistance is always fast and effective, I have had many problems in terms of security, speed, crashes, and they have always solved quickly providing excellent service, their hosting plans have always been my need for both the cost that the service, very often in other hosting I had limitations to the Cpanel instead with greengeeks I have always been able to manage the memory limits or max upload size, for these reasons I can recommend greengeeks to anyone. Only negative thing is that I can not manage .IT domains.

4 — 

Great support and that's what you need!

GreenGeeks customer service is available 24/7 with online chat and support tickets. Their customer services agents are available with a low wait time and when you do speak with them, they have real answers and resolutions to your problems... Instead of just pasting a link to a FAQs page or blog. Their starting prices are fair. I've recommended them to my clients to use and to move to for a few years now.

Only one of my clients had an issue with signing up with a special price with GreenGeeks. She was out of the country and not able to provide them the extra security ID requested for signing up with a new web hosting account. By the time she was able to get the info to them, they refused to offer her the special price that she originally signed up with. With that said, they lost a new customer and she went elsewhere for hosting. If the sales team were smart, they would have granted her the special price she signed up with instead of losing a new client over a few dollars, in my opinion.

5 — 

Fast, Reliable & Prompt Customer Service

In the short time of being with GreenGeeks, I have experienced some of the best customer service that a hosting company can offer.

Paired with this amazing service, it is super reliable, affordable and fast. I was skeptic all at first being an Australian customer, but now I would never look back.

From my understanding, GreenGeeks runs off clean, sustainable energy, which resonates well with myself.

Please if you’re looking for a new domain host, give these guys a go! Simply amazing.

5 — 

Great Service!

I love GreenGeeks! I've been a customer for several years now, and I've never had any problems with them. I've had many different websites on many different domains over the years, and they've always worked perfectly. When I've had questions, the customer service team has always been really friendly and helpful, and I've never felt pressured by the GreenGeeks sales team to buy new or additional products or services. To put it simply, the hosting works, and it fades into the background (as good hosting should do), and so I never have to worry about it. The green factor is really just the icing on the cake for me, but it's very good icing!

5 — 

Much better than my old host

Site listed is primary reason I switched hosts. GreenGeeks have much better e-mail list management with no bounces so far. Their Softalicious installer makes it easy to add WordPress and other site add-ons. They make it easy to access lists and hosted sites via a single login through their main control panel. I have had no complaints about slow loading pages. I, personally, have been able to access pages, do site edits and upload/download much faster than with previous host. Like the free SiteLock which, so far, has found no malicious code that has been back-doored into my domains, so I feel site security is much better with GreenGeeks. All this at a much more reasonable price over my previous hosting service.

5 — 

Happy Camper

While I am still quite a novice at this website creation thing, I have had nothing but great support from GreenGeeks technical support staff over the past year or so. The online chat help assistant has been able to sort everyone of my problems and answer all of my questions. In researching for a website hosting service provider, I assessed that GreenGeeks may not have been the cheapest game in town, but they certainly have fulfilled everything their website says that they offer. Overall, I'm a very happy camper. Now... if only I could find the time to finish creating my website so that I can finally upload it to the Net (lol).

5 — 

Still happy after two years

I have been very happy with Green Geeks. I was looking for stability, ease of migration, an easy console, supports WordPress and a real person to talk to during the transition. They did not disappoint. The fact that they are promoting green energy was very attractive to us as well. I would highly recommend Green Geeks.

5 — 

No Complaints!!

I've been with GreenGeeks since August 2015 and haven't ever regretted it. Whenever I've run into any problem, their online chat feature has helped to resolve it speedily (either then and there, or within 24 hours if it had to be referred to a higher support level). Overall, I'm very pleased with them and would highly recommend them to others.

5 — 

Far Above The Rest

I've used hosting services for over 20 years. Recommended certain ones to clients. GreenGeeks by far, meets the standards I need to run my business. Their hosting prices are better than most, their support is superior - hands down. The server reliability is second to none. GreenGeeks deserves to be #1 in all categories, as far as I'm concerned. It is very hard to find the type of service GreenGeeks offers. I will be with them for many years to come. If you're looking for web hosting, you can't go wrong with GreenGeeks.

5 — 

Amazing customer service

I am almost entirely tech-illiterate, and when I needed help with my site and changing domain names, they were super quick, responsive, and very friendly! I actually enjoyed my experience as the representative I spoke with was funny, personable and of course, super helpful.
Definitely would recommend this company to anyone that is like me!
P.S. The online support is a huge bonus for me as it was more easily accessible for me than calling in and getting help that way.

5 — 

Great price and great service

Green Geeks has great service for their price. Also, I love the fact their servers are more environmentally friendly and they take this into consideration. That was the main reason I chose to host my domain on their servers. I called for support and was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable personnel to help me work through my issues. They have a wide variety of excellent tools available through their dashboard that are intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to Green Geeks for going over and above!

5 — 

Works Fine For Me

I've been a customer for 4 years, I have a simple account just to host my website... We had a minor misunderstanding on renewal fees, after some communication and explanation they stood by their original commitment. I believe communication and understanding without unnecessary imposing is a big part of customer service. Website it's "always" up'n running... Until now I don't have major issues. Why 99... Nothing it's perfect, at least not all the time :)

5 — 

Greengeeks Pretty Good

I have a basic hosting package with 6 websites and 8 domains for email. Have been let down a couple of times with email service but is my own fault as I use their US server and chose not to switch to Amsterdam which has an impact on service time because of the difference between US and UK. Even so on both occasions I asked support to get me back up asap and it took minutes to rectify.
Yes I give Greengeeks 5/5 and that's because I used three providers in the UK (Supernet, 123-reg, and Hostpresto) and each of them let me down badly with poor service and inadequate support response. I changed to Greengeeks in 2009 and my up time has been 100% except for two email issues.
If you are a small developer like me then I can honestly say this is the best you will find at the best price. - highly recommended, Rich Pearson

5 — 

Totally worth it!

I've been with them for a few years with basically no complaints. I signed up with them because of their energy pledge, and they deliver. It's worth whatever extra cost there may be, whatever performance hit there may be IMO; but on both fronts, they're very competitive.
So frankly, I'll be a customer for life at this rate. :) I really do appreciate that they're green, that they buy wind credits and I think strive to streamline server energy usage. It's a great model. I'm glad to be on board.

5 — 

Great support. Green. Enuff said.

I have had multiple websites with Green Geeks for... 10+ years.
One is for-profit another is non-profit. I know very little and whenever I have needed support they have been very responsive, clear, and helpful.

5 — 

Simply the best

I see some negative reviews on Green Geeks and honestly, I don't get it. Nobody is perfect but I have had a great experience with them and I've been with them now for 8 years. I am not a server administrator but got thrust into the role. They were great in the beginning walking me thru what I had to do to get going. Then, over time they transitioned from walking me thru to teaching me so I could become far more independent. That's good for them and good for me! Yes, I have encountered several poor support folks over time but have you ever found an organization that was perfect? Honestly they have been great with me and I believe it was the best decision I made when I chose to move over from a far less helpful hosting company.

5 — 

Many years experience

We have many years as satisfied customers, GreenGeeks offers a robust and reliable service that meets all our requirements.


1 — 

Very Misleading Pricing

The Reseller Hosting-10 plan shows “$19.95/month – Regular $34.99”, making it seem like a product sale. I got all the way to the checkout where it accepts a credit card, stating the billing period as:
“Reseller-10 – $19.95 Monthly”. Nowhere does it state you will renew at $34.99, in fact, the final checkout page does not even have the number $34.99 anywhere. $19.95 Monthly means you pay it every month, but the page is deceitful to generate leads. Very much a sign of bad business practice in an industry which relies on trust, since they house your data.

3 — 

Not the best

The idea of GreenGeeks of being an eco-friendly company would make you think it’s a friendly service. Unfortunately this isn’t true.

If you are switching from another host, their service to get you onboard seems great. They were unfortunately not skilled enough to handle a change in the domain name for my switch and it took several frustrating attempts.

Support replies in an average amount of time (within a day, typically) and is fine for simple requests like generating backups (which honestly I should be able to do myself). But service is stiff and mechanical and you will quickly learn that what is supposedly included with your plan was in fact misleading marketing material.

For example, their website claims that there are free backups on your site included with reseller hosting. Sure, there may be backups, but if you want access to them you’ll be charged a fee for each one.

Their policies are also frustrating. They remind you of an invoice due only 15 days in advance. 30 days is typical and so I can only fathom that this is designed so that customers will miss cancelling services before being charged. They do not link their cancellation page on the menu when you log in to your client area. So unless you bookmark it or make a point to remember that there is such a thing, you may think that submitting a support ticket will be enough to cancel services on an issued invoice. Nope. If you submit it that way, they will bump it back and force you to submit it on their cancellation page, which, again, is not linked anywhere on the platform when you log in. Further, they have a policy that you are not allowed to cancel add on services 5 days before billing. You subtract that from their ungenerous 15 day notice, and now you’ve got 10 days. It seems obvious to me that these policies are designed so that customers will end up paying for services they do not want to renew.

Compared to other web hosts I have used, what GreenGeeks offers is pretty run-of-the-mill and the mechanical support interaction and unkind policies mean that money is far better spent elsewhere.

I gave them a 3 and not a 1 because although their load speed is not the fastest around, my site has at least been pretty stable. The support service is far from the best, but also not the worst I’ve experienced.

1 — 

Stole my CC info

I purchased hosting from this company and then they used my CC info to register some BS domain name. When I contacted them to report fraud they did NOTHING, 1 year later and they are trying to bill me again for the domain name that I did not register. They stole my CC info, bill me for some random domain name and then threaten to send my bill to collections if I don’t pay, despite numerous complaints and reports of FRAUD. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

1 — 

Don't trust them!

Hosting was fine until they deleted ALL of our clients’s emails overnight, practically putting them out of business. They sent a warning email at 4:49 AM Sunday morning, telling us we have 24 hours to reduce the number of emails stored on the server. Then at 5:31 AM Monday morning (long before anyone has come into the office and/or read the warning email) they announced that they had deleted the emails.

Actually, they said they were going to delete everything that was more than 90 days old, but the client quickly discovered that they had instead deleted EVERYTHING! All sent messages, all received messages, all folders, everything.

When we advised them of the catastrophe they had created, they said “oh, we’re sorry, we’ve already backed up the data, so all those messages are permanently lost”.

And my client has now lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business, and I’ve lost his hosting business, and now GreenGeeks has lost my business, and my respect.

I can’t imagine any business being so callous or inconsiderate to the ramifications of their actions, but GreenGeeks has demonstrated just how low and untrustworthy a hosting company can be. I would strongly recommend you stay away. There are too many other better choices.

5 — 

All good for my needs

I’ve been with Green Geeks for, wow, over 10 years. I don’t spend a lot of time on my portfolio, which is the nature of the site I have hosted at GreenGeeks, but when I have that occasional need to show it, it is always there. I did need some assistance when I changed developers and moved to a different WordPress theme and they did a great job of walking us through and didn’t skip a beat. So, for my needs, they’re great and I like their mission.

5 — 

Great service

I have had GreenGeeks for 5 years and they have always provided great service. They have been very responsive when there was an issue. Price is reasonable also. Thank you!

5 — 

happy with GreenGeeks!

I have been a client of GreenGeeks since 2009, I am very happy with the service and have found it easy to host my own website along with everything I need. Its an additional bonus to work with a Green friendly company, I love that they are eco-conscious!

5 — 

Great hosting service

I have had my website hosted with GreenGeeks for several years and during this period the website has hardly ever been down. I needed quite a bit of technical support in the beginning as I this was my first website and I found the support team very helpful.

5 — 

Very Happy Customer

I have had GreenGeek for many years now and am happy with all the service. As far as so called average speeds, I am not worried about that.

The support is awesome whenever I need it. Always quick responses. The website builder is easy to use.

1 — 

Terrible Service and Terrible Policies!

Incompetent “support technicians.” We usually end up finding our own solution after they give up trying to resolve server issues. Their “back up” service is a joke and CANNOT be relied upon, and to make matters worse, they have DISABLED backup in cPanel so you cannot even make your own backups. Their shared servers are overloaded and slow. They make it VERY DIFFICULT to cancel service with them. We will never host with them again!

5 — 

GreenGeeks! Thank you! :)

I have been a fan of GreenGeeks for way longer than I can remember. I have a couple of sites, and almost never have a problem, but I had a problem once, and they took care of it before I even noticed!

I originally signed up because of the commitment to the environment, and learned later that that actually included the environment of the net.

GREENGEEKS is the way to go for security, environmental responsibility, and web assistance.

I am thinking that for 10 years, I have never had a problem that couldn’t be handled with a click, and that is PRICELESS!!

Thank you!! GreenGeeks!!!!!!

5 — 

Long Term Client

I’ve been using GreenGeeks steadily for the past year for my website and reseller service. I’ve also used them a number of years ago as well.

I’ve always had good, consistent service from tech and billing support services (although my experiences with them have been very limited as I haven’t really had many issues that needed their assistance) and have never had issues with downtime for my site.

Overall, I am very happy with the services GreenGeeks has provided and will continue on with them. The only thing I would like to see in the future is an upgraded WYSIWYG HTML editor.

5 — 

Much better than other hosts I've experienced

I moved to GreenGeeks when I found out the CEO of the hosting company I was with shot an elephant for fun. GreenGeeks seems to be fairly sound in comparison, their help chat is very quick and they have quickly resolved any questions/issues I’ve had. Everything is very straightforward and standard, I teach web design and development and I never hesitate to recommend GreenGeeks for my students.

4 — 

Overall happy

As a non-developer I have sometimes had to contact GreenGeeks support with what probably seem like pretty dumb questions. Most of the time they have been helpful and prompt, although I have noticed this can vary a little depending on the time of day (I am in New Zealand so am often requesting help outside of North American business hours). Overall however I am happy with the hosting and have no complaints.

5 — 

Works for me

All I wanted was a relatively simple, reasonably priced web site for my small business. GreenGeeks delivered. It was easy to set up my site and the service responses were prompt and to the point.

1 — 

Poor Tech Support

Poor Tech support. Emails do not work properly. When we ask for help. They don’t even know what they're saying. Same guy does the support all the time with billing, sales and tech support.

Please stay away from them. Take your business somewhere else.

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Worst Support Ever

Transferred my website from Host Gator to Green Geeks. The page loading speeds more than doubled. Not sure why since GreenGeeks boasts about their SSD hosting. Guess that’s just a marketing thing. Don’t even get me started about how slow their support is. Everything that you might think would be automatic (transferring domains, cancellation, etc.) takes a week or more. Really upset with the quality of service both from support and site hosting performance.

5 — 

High Recommendation

I’ve been a client with GreenGeeks for several years. They have been super to work with. They have been quick in answering questions and I have never had a problem with service! It’s been great! A very positive experience with GG and I highly recommend them!

5 — 

Always helpful

I’m happy to recommend GreenGeeks. The technical support team is always quick to help with any questions, and extremely helpful.

5 — 

Excellent Provider

We have found GreenGeeks to be an excellent web provider for a number of years now. We host our site and provide a reseller service for some of our ministries. When we do have questions or problems we can always reach tech support and get quick answers via chat. In fact, tech support has been more than willing to teach us as well as fix any problem we’ve encountered. In the event we need a higher level of tech support our tickets have been responded to quickly and efficiently. The web interface for billing and support is clean and simple to use. We’ve had excellent support, service and hosting. Thank you GreenGeeks!

5 — 

Very good reseller service

GreenGeeks is a very good option for reseller service as the support is very good, flexible and fast. We use it to host WordPress websites and it fits perfectly for that.

I recommend GreenGeeks.

5 — 

Never any problems

I’ve never had any issues with GreenGeeks. They are communicative and helpful with any needs we’ve had. They are so easy to work with!

5 — 

Very Satisfied

I am very satisfied with GreenGeeks website hosting. I have been a costumer for over 6 years and have been extremely satisfied with GreenGeeks for various reasons: speed, reliability, and support. I will continue to use their services for many years to come.

5 — 

Good service

GreenGeeks has been a great hosting service for us, they have always been quick to answer questions and we have never had a problem with any aspect of their service over the three plus years we have been using them.

5 — 

Appreciate the service

I’ve been with GreenGeeks for 7 years. They are very responsive; I like their chat feature, which I use from time to time. For the most part, my experience has been positive, so I am happy to recommend GG.

5 — 

GreenGeeks is great for wmf and cpanel hosting

I’ve used GreenGeeks for all my cpanel hosting for several years now and they are great. Best in the business from what I can see.

It’s really easy to buy a domain on godaddy and then host any numbers of sites on a GreenGeeks cpanel server.

Whenever a friend or family member wants a new wordpress site, I can set them up in less than an hour including buying the domain, giving them their own cpanel site and their WordPress blog up and running.

They are great with reporting outages which are few and with monitoring spam and hacks, which are a big problem with sites running popular packages.

Keep up the good work GreenGeeks!

George Lilly

5 — 

Great Tech Support

I don’t do much with my website on the back end, but feel that’s a great thing because it’s doing a good job staying up and running all on its own. The few times I have had some issues, the tech support was very helpful and quick to respond.

5 — 

Great service

In the 18 years I’ve had websites that needed to be hosted GreenGeeks has been the best. I went through many other host companies – some blew it, some were slow, some went out of business. I’ve been with GreenGeeks for many years now – with no complaints and smooth sailing.

4 — 

I'm satisfied!

I’ve had an account with GreenGeeks for going on 7 years now. I have hosted multiple WordPress websites at a time over the years. In the beginning, sometimes my resources would get cruddy, but it’s definitely improved over the years. I mean, it’s shared hosting, I know what to expect. I’ve been through a few different hosting companies, and this has been the most reliable in a long while. I’m staying right where I am.

I also love that they’re using renewable energy and the pricing is good.

Support is usually very quick about helping out as well.

I highly recommend GreenGeeks.

5 — 

Does what I need

Been with gg since 2010. They have consistently performed at industry standards or better and buy renewable energy which means something to me. Their support also went way beyond the usual when I blew up my Moodle site, not once but twice in a year. I have no plans to move.

4 — 

very satisfied

Generally speaking I am very satisfied, so far, with the service after 8 years. Good and timely customer support, good pricing for the 3-year hosting plan. Not so sure about their green energy (do they buy their energy from a green energy provider directly?) Also what I do not like so much is their cap on the number of e-mails that can be sent with an hour. Other than this I recommend it… so far.

5 — 

Satisfied User

I have been using GreenGeeks for my company’s blog for many years and have not had any problems. When I needed assistance with updating our account and user information, they were able to provide an immediate response and resolved the problem quickly.

1 — 


I tried switching to GreenGeeks for my small business website. I found them through their Canadian portal, which promised the most environmentally hosting IN CANADA and servers located IN TORONTO. They also promised no fees. All of those statements were false.

Upon receiving my bill I saw that I’d been charged in USD not CAD. I mentioned to their customer service that charging in US currency while portraying your service as Canadian is, in Canada, considered a fee. They directed me to a section buried in their Terms of Service that charges are in USD. I then proceeded to cancel my account.

They then failed to reimburse me the full amount I paid when initially registering, again citing a line buried in their terms of service that they would deduct domain registration and account set up fees from cancellations. However, their registration page explicitly stated on the line for set up fees ‘Included (save $15 one time fee)’. Therefore, I never paid a set up fee for them to withold at cancellation, just the three years of monthly $3.95 charges.

Considering their dishonesty about fees (I feel burying them in terms of service at the bottom of the registration page is the definition thereof), I am also skeptical of their claims about sustainability. If integrity is an important factor for you when choosing a host provider, I recommend NOT choosing GreenGeeks.

5 — 

The best webhosting company

We are GreenGeeks’ customers for several years. Their services and technical support are immeasurable, which makes us recommend other companies as well.
We thank them in this way for their special collaboration.

5 — 

Very Satisfied With Greengeeks

You know, sometimes when you’re doing it all yourself you can step on your own feet and fall. Since 2010, I’ve done that several times and the GreenGeeks Support Team has always been there to pick me up. Whether it was restoring my site from backup, fixing a DOS hole or answering a question on how to make modifications to the backend server. I’m always pleased with them. They’re always there. That’s why I haven’t left.

Lots of reports on poor service. And I have to admit I haven’t had to use them often because I’m technical for a living. But I’ve never became frustrated with the Support Team.

5 — 

Great flexible web resource

Sunset HS is a large comprehensive school in the Portland metro area and we have used GreenGeeks for 8yrs or so. Initially we ran a full Drupal site for our entire school for several years with no real issues. Later our district switched to a unified system for all schools to use for websites. As we have a strong engineering program we decided to retain our domain and web provider services from GreenGeeks. This has proved invaluable to have a readily accessible and configurable web resource as students have used it to test various web based projects. GreenGeeks have always been easy to work with and their costs are competitive.

5 — 

Fully featured and great support

After going through a number of companies that offer reseller services I finally found GreenGeeks over 5 years ago and have never looked back. The issue with the disabled backup wizard is a none starter as they provide all the tools needed to backup the account manually (which is a better and safer solution). Having a company that provides servers running on green energy is important and forward thinking. I would have given them 100% if it weren’t for the large price increase for IP addresses recently. I have to explain this to my customers and don’t like having to pass on a large increase. Overall I can recommend GreenGeeks to anyone needing an excellent hosting service but if you are just looking for a website space consider getting the help of a developer and leave the account management to companies that get paid to handle the technical problems.

5 — 

Fully featured and great support

I have been using GreenGeeks as my hosting provider for my company website and client websites as well. We preferred GreenGeeks because they are offering a reliable service for competitive industry pricing with less environmental cost. It is quite exceptional in terms of environmentally friendly products and services which are charged more.
We have never experienced a problem since 2009. They have a prompt response and problem solving oriented support service when we need help.
However free domain service is not available anymore. So above mentioned comments for this are not valid. First time this year, I have been charged for my domain name. I have submitted my question to their support services and they clearly told me that they have terminated this service and now on we have to pay for the domain name.

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Kicked out the door quick

I had a 3-year contract with GreenGeeks, when it was time to renew I decided not to. GreenGeeks closed my account almost immediately. GreenGeeks did this even if I have more than 2 weeks left that has been already paid for. I specifically told them not to close it right away and wait until the expiration of my contract.

GreenGeeks ugly head shows up when you decide to leave them. Beware!

5 — 

Green Webhosting with Solid Uptime

I’ve hosted with GreenGeeks since 2009. They have been a cost-effective web and email host for my small business and personal websites. Their customer support has always been responsive and available 24/7.

Their cPanel hosting is pretty standard and straightforward to use. Some may find the user interface off the cPanel administrators’ panel confusing, but I find it covers all my needs with regards to managing web, email, ftp and applications.

I cut my webmaster chops hosting on GreenGeeks. Their support and documentation has taught be a great deal about the ins and outs of setting up websites, email addresses and the like.

I appreciate their commitment towards sourcing renewable power for the server farms.

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GreenGeeks Holds You Hostage

GreenGeeks is not a good option for hosting resellers. They have disabled the cPanel backup functions, so the only way you can do a site backup is by manually downloading your content and databases. And if you want a full cPanel backup, you have to pay. Yep. Pay. $5 per cPanel backup. In other words, once you put your site on Green Geeks, you have to pay to move your sites away from them. I’ve had some bad experiences with other hosting providers, but never have I seen anything the likes of what GreenGeeks does. It’s tantamount to inviting visitors into your house and then locking them in, saying, “Well, you can get out through this little hole here if you dismember yourself first; or you could pay $1,000 and we’ll open the door for you.”

GreenGeeks ugly head shows up when you decide to leave them. Beware!

Stay away from GreenGeeks unless you like being held hostage.

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Buyer beware

After being locked out of my own site and not hearing from the company, I assumed my site was not running. Until a year later when out of the blue I was charged hundreds of dollars. After contacting the company I was given the run around on why I will not be receiving any of my money back… for a site that doesn’t even exist!
What a joke.
They lack professionalism, all they care about is padding their bank accounts. Buyer beware, be sure you fully understand every last detail of what they promise, and be sure to keep on them when (inevitably) they don’t live up to their “high standards.”

2 — 

Indifferent Support and culture

I know it’s hard for reviewers to measure support. Most of us that are suffering from poor support simply become too ‘battle-weary’ to write any more, I am writing this whilst there is strength left.

I was extremely disappointed with GreenGeeks, chosen from some other reviews i read.

Offering 24/7 chat support is common and a brilliant concept, but –
‘Quick-Response and Chat’ are desirable features, and certainly not a substitute for ‘support’.

What I found was
(i) Chat responses to queries were always resulted in being told to ‘Open a support ticket’
(ii) Terminating chat sessions prompts the “was the operative professional” feedback dialog, the usual ‘wrong question, wrong emphasis’ to prompt he desired response.
Were they polite? – Yes, of course, ALWAYS.
Did they provide a solution/fix to the problem? – NO, NOT ONCE.
Did Opening a Support Tickets solve or fix? – NO, NOT ONCE.
(iii) None of the responses make any reference too the specific question being asked – because no knowledgeable ‘support’ human is actually reading the fault ticket.

(iv) The first and only time my nonthly ‘card payment’ failed, (my bank had sent me a replacement card, which was working normally) caused a najor problem, (at the time it didn’t occur to me that the card number would need updating on the GG account).
The first I knew of a problem was when I got a ‘Payment Failure’ email from GreenGeeks.
I quickly updated the card info on the GreenGeeks site.
The transaction with the new card failed. (the card was wrking normally everywhere else).

I emailed ‘GreenGeeks’ immediately. pointing out what my card had changed, the new card was working normally, but not being accepted by their site. I noticed that when I submitted the updated cards details, the ‘failure’ message was showed a different expiry date to the one I was entering (in fact, it was the epiry date of the previous card).

Could they investigate this, it seemed like a software error at their end. The new card was working everywhere else.

I received a standard ‘catch all’ response telling me the transaction was “being refused by my bank”, and I should “contact the bank”, and giving me the URL for the ‘Cancellation Form’, and telling me ‘this was the only way they would accept cancellation’ !!!

Where did ‘Cancellation’ come from? Were they subtly asking me to go away?

(a) No mention or reference was made to my (trying to be helpful) statement pointing out that ‘after submitting’, the expiry date field on their form was not the value I was entering, if the expiry date is wrong, the bank ‘would’ refuse card transaction – that is why I contacted GreenGeeks billing, before my bank.

(b) As a Brit businessman, I could not believe that any client with a problem, who was looking for advice and a solution, and suggesting a possible cause, was being given the choice of ‘go and talk to somebody else’ or ‘cancel’ the service.

Being offered an un-requested ‘cancellation procedure’ hardly makes you feel like ‘a valued client’!

Knowing my bank would refer me back to GreenGeeks (the new card was working). My immediate email was to GreenGeeks explaining what had happened, asking for help and suggesting to GreenGeeks that I thought the problem might be their’s, and why. This was completely ignored.

(d) With a ‘suspended account’, days passing by and my sites still down, I decided to bite the bullet and take up GreenGeeks premature offer of using the cancellation form, mainly because the damage was already done.

I value my clients, and their loyalty – I’venotified them about the nature of my tempory problem with GreenGeeks, with the transcripts, so they understand why site URL’s now proudly feature the splendid GreenGeeks “Site Suspended” page.

Now I’m a little wiser, I will select an alternative provider and ask for written assurances that I will define, I want them to tear themselves away from their screens when necesary, ‘get their hands dirty’ and fix problems – ie, base support on ‘effectiveness’, not simply the smallest number of milliseconds some inadequate support operative can hit a button and make the problem/client temporarily go away.

1 — 

Very Unhappy

We had a VPS (now transferring) for 2.5 years. GreenGeeks are okay if you don’t need them, but if you need technical support, pray that you get someone who knows what they are doing. Otherwise, looked for a major snafu that doesn’t quit.

But the main reason I dislike Green Geeks because of the way their policies and their customer service. Policy is, take your money and hopefully implement what the customer paid for (like an SSL certificate), don’t do it right, and their policy is, NOTHING is there fault, and even if it is, NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Its in there TOS, with no liability for anything. So all you get is sloppy service. Sloppy technical services and advise.

You can look forward to getting frustrated, having geeks who live the term “peculiar person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual, unfashionable, or socially awkward”. Most of the ones I encountered have no social skills, whether its from customer service, chats, their support email…everything is waiting on the customer, even when you are waiting on them. And if you get them on chat, they are downright rude.
We believe we’ve found a better hosting solution: better TOS, less money for more storage and memory and we can talk with a person.
My advice, don’t be like us, and use Green Geeks. And don’t be like us and spend 2.5 years in purgatory. Not quite hell, but on the road, without the good intentions.

1 — 

Greengeeks is providing very bad service

Today I faced worst customer service and policy. I have been with them past 3-4 yrs and there servers were having downtime if 3-4 visitors browse a website at the same time, but as i used it for my showing demo websites to customers and only some low cost websites i host with them, i did not care about it much because of cost.

Today I asked them to remove my credit card details saved because it was of my friend’s and they did auto payment for something, which i agreed upon but as I am a developer and i know something about saving someones credit card details. I have read they can save it but not all details cvv, expiration and everything alteast they have to remove one thing which requires only me to enter manually. Even if they can save it if rules have been changes, they have to remove it if i ask for it. But they refused to do so, their customer executive closed the live chat when i asked for more details. He talked to me like i am some type of criminal. I am writing about this at many places and will share link here to show you screenshots as i think i can’t upload it here.

4 — 

OK for blogs and websites

Their hosting service works fine, but we were after something specific so we didn’t move forward (not a fault on their part, we had some crazy requirements for a software app). GreenGeeks refunded our money and all is good. If you’re looking for a shared host for WordPress and other typical sites, this is a great place.

5 — 

GreenGeeks is good

GreenGeeks rocks for many reasons. When I was researching, they were the only ones I found that were concerned about their environmental footprint. Being as environmentally friendly as possible is important to me. Also, I wanted to go Canadian and I liked that they had their servers in Toronto. So, that was a big plus for me.

When I first went with them, I knew nothing at all about setting up a website and I ran into difficulties, as you might imagine. They have this awesome live chat and I have used it several times when I ran into snags that I just couldn’t figure out on my own. They are always supremely helpful and PATIENT. They have been on with me, at times, for over a half and hour until we solved the problem.

They are just so wickedly awesome when it comes to service. The price seems good to me, but I haven’t been with anyone else. If it is higher, I would gladly pay it because of being greener than other hosting providers and the absolutely amazing customer service. Highly recommended.

5 — 

Great support / No major downtime

GreenGeeks has been more than suitable for my small web design business. In my almost two years with them now, I have received nothing short of great customer service, and the support team is always responsive and available for even the simplest of questions. Their pricing for reseller hosting is reasonable as well.

The best feature they offer is site migration from your old host. This has been invaluable to me, and is a huge time saver!

5 — 

Great Service and Documentation

GreenGeeks has a complete range of hosting and VPS plans, fast implementation and responsive, professional service. I was signed up and configuring a reseller account in minutes (not 2-3 days as with other reseller accounts). Completely satisfied with response time on questions, plus they provide good documentation (this reducing the need for questions).