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They're Cheap, but What About Their Performance?

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iPage hosting review

iPage was founded in 1998 and hosts over a million websites across two data centers in the US.

Their uptime has been above average at 99.96% over the past few 24 months, while their page loading times are an average of 746ms. iPage’s single shared hosting plan is among the cheapest we’ve reviewed at $1.99/mo for three years. They also have two WordPress-based plans with a few extra features like SiteLock and automatic malware removal.

Default plans come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a free domain name for the first year, and a free SSL certificate.

We’ve spent the last few years closely monitoring iPage’s performance, and crunching the numbers to provide this unbiased review.

So how do they stack up against other options out there? Let’s find out.

Pros of Using iPage Hosting

iPage is extremely inexpensive when you sign up for the first three years. Their uptime is above average and customer support is friendly. Furthermore, they have access to just about every tool or open source app that you could want.

Here’s a complete rundown on all of the positive things we liked about them:

1. Cheap, Inexpensive Hosting

iPage has consistently been one of the cheapest web hosts we’ve reviewed over the past few years.

And it seems like every so often, they find a way to discount the starting price even further.

Currently, the iPage starts at $1.99/month. The value, as you’ll see in a minute, is good, too. They only have one shared hosting plan, so nothing is ‘held back’ to try and force you to upgrade.

The only catch is that you’ll have to pay for three full years upfront to get that $1.99/month price point.

Otherwise, the regular (read: “renewal”) rate is $7.99/month.

If you’re only paying for a single year, the introductory pricing is $2.99/month (with the renewal at $9.99/month). And if you’re paying for two years, instead of three, it’s $2.49/month (or $9.99 renewal).

iPage Pricing Breakdown for Three Years

Whichever term length you choose, the price is good enough to put all of their initial plans among the best value-per-dollar we’ve seen.

2. Lots of Third-Party Applications

As mentioned, iPage’s ‘core’ offering is solid. Here’s a brief rundown of everything you get for that $1.99/month (times three years).

All hosting plans come with a free domain registration for the first year. This saves you ~$15/year right off the top.

You’ll also get a free email address and SSL certificate, too. Each email account is branded for your domain, includes email forwarding, autoresponders, spam filters, virus checking, and even POP3/IMAP accounts so you can set everything up with Outlook.

This plan comes with unlimited disk space, ‘scalable’ bandwidth (meaning mostly unmetered), and unlimited MySQL databases. Not too shabby.
iPage features
If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder, iPage has one that comes with six pages and hundreds of templates.

iPage has tons of popular open-source apps ready to install as well. That includes content management systems and blogging software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PixelPost, and b2evolution, Gallery2 and ZenPhoto photo galleries, plus Gbook, phpBB, and SMF forums.

If you’re looking for full-fledged e-commerce stores, iPage also has these. AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, and TomatoCart are all included. They can even help you with PayPal integration to accept money online if you’re a first-time webmaster.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

iPage has a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy. Simply let them know within the first month that you’re not happy and they’ll gladly give your hosting money back.

Like other hosts, however, domain names and additional services are usually not refundable.

iPage gives you a free domain name for the first year. So if you ask for a refund, a $15 fee to cover the cost of the domain name will be deducted. The good news is that you will still own the domain name and can move it or ‘point’ the domain to another hosting company somewhere else.

4. Decent Loading Time (746ms)

Over the last 24 months, iPage’s loading times have been an average of 746ms.

That means they take a bit under a second to load a page, which is definitely a good sign in the Internet world

Studies have shown a correlation between fast page speeds and higher conversion rates. Lower page speeds have the opposite effect: lower conversion rates and revenue.

Last 12 month average load time:

iPage 12-month detailed statistics
iPage average speed 2019-2020 | See stats

5. Strong Uptime of 99.96%

iPage has a lot of features to like. However, none of them are really worth anything unless your site is reliably online and open to your visitors.

That’s why one of our favorite performance tests is to track uptime performance. We use a long period of 24 months, so we can rule out any one-time problems. Then, we can objectively compare these uptime results against other hosting service providers to show you exactly how one host is better than another — no bias included.

Thankfully, iPage has delivered a 99.96% uptime average over this time period. That’s well above industry average, and good enough to comfortably place it in the top bracket of hosts we’ve reviewed.

There were some months during the 24-month tracking period where iPage struggled with uptime, and this brought down the average a bit. Otherwise, that average could have been even higher.

Last 12-month average uptime:

  • January 2020 average uptime: 99.88%
  • December 2019 average uptime: 99.87%
  • November 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 99.97%
  • September 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • August 2019 average uptime: 99.96%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 99.90%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 99.90%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 99.95%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • March 2019 average uptime: 99.95%
  • February 2019 average uptime: 99.92%
iPage 24-month average uptime and speed
iPage average uptime | See stats

Another good news is that iPage claims to offer 24/7 uptime monitoring. That means the customer support team will immediately be notified if a site goes down.

6. Friendly Customer Support

iPage offers customer support through an online help desk and ticketing system. They offer tutorials if you want to try and fix the issue quickly by yourself. Otherwise, they also offer phone and chat support.

We tested their chat support, logging on in the late afternoon, and Parvathy joined instantly.

iPage Customer Support Live Chat

She was extremely friendly, but a little slow. It seemed like she needed to research answers to some of the rapid-fire questions we sent over.

But that is better than giving an incomplete or wrong answer (which we’ve also experienced). So at the end of the day, we still had a positive experience.

Cons of Using iPage Hosting

iPage’s pricing is among the cheapest; they have solid uptime, speed,  and pretty good customer support.

Unfortunately, some of their other performance statistics don’t fare as well. Let’s take a look:

1. Lots of Extra Fees for Additional Services

It’s true that iPage’s core offering is solid. You basically get unlimited storage and bandwidth, plus access to dozens of different popular apps.

You also get a free domain for the first year, an SSL certificate, and an email.

The first additional fee that pops up is the renewal rate down the road. A renewal rate of $7.99/month isn’t terrible – we’ve seen others well over $10+/month.

However, it’s when you combine this with a few other additional fees that your pricing starts to snowball.

Some of the premium hosts we’ve reviewed include things like extra security or backups in their basic plan. iPage keeps their main plan cheap by not including these features, and instead of having you pay more for them if you want them.

This à la carte pricing is perfect for people who don’t want all that extra stuff. But it’s not for those who hate being nickel and dimed.

So here is a list of the different add-on fees.

iPage offers SiteLock support on their plans to help scan for malware and prevent your site from being hacked. Pricing starts at an additional $1.99/month for 36 months for the basic automated offering. They also have more comprehensive plans that increase in price to $24.99/mo (billed at $899.64 for the three years).

Backups can be either daily or several times a day. These are useful to simply keep a record of past versions of your site when changes are made. Or, if your site was ever hacked, you can roll back previous ‘clean’ versions.

The basic backup service is $1.14/month for three years ($40.78) for one website, database, and daily backups. The bigger plan, for unlimited websites, databases, and up to five backups each day, is priced at $2.09/mo (or $75.35).

Then, there’s also the migration cost…

2. No Free Site Migrations

Most of the 30 web hosts we’ve reviewed will move an existing site to their servers for free. This is especially nice if you’re not a technical person and don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to move site files, re-point your domain, and more.

iPage, however, does not offer any free site migrations. Instead, they will only move a site for a $150 one-time fee. That’s on the high side, compared to other hosts. Bluehost, for example, will charge you $150 but they’ll move up to five sites for that one price.

3. No cPanel (vDeck)

Most web hosts use cPanel as a dashboard of sorts. It’s the industry standard, and if you use it in one place, you’ll know exactly where everything is when you log into it in another place.

iPage doesn’t use cPanel, going instead with an alternative called vDeck, which is not quite as robust as cPanel.

For beginners, this isn’t always that big of a deal. It’s usually more of an issue for people who are used to working on the same uniform platform. It can seem like a waste of time to learn a new platform and how to efficiently use it when you have already mastered that on another platform.

So this is not a huge deal if you haven’t used either cPanel or vDeck before. However, it could be an issue if you’re a cPanel devotee.

4. It’s Not Really “Unlimited” (Better for Smaller Sites)

Most of the features listed on iPage’s shared hosting plan are “unlimited.”

Of course, nothing is truly “unlimited” in this world. The same holds true here, too.

But first, some good news:

There are no ‘overage’ fees for using a lot of resources like disk space, assuming you’re using it correctly within iPage’s terms.

However, there are a few resource limits to keep in mind. Accounts with tons of files or large databases aren’t a great fit, because they can start to affect other users on the same servers. This means that iPage reserves the right to shut your account down.

Now, we’re assuming they would give you some kind of heads up before just shutting your site down. But their terms do state that they can do so “without notice.” So just keep that in mind.

Most users with smaller sites have nothing to worry about. If your site starts to get really big, you might need to start looking for other hosting alternatives like managed hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers.

5. No Longer Green

This last con is pretty minor, but still worth mentioning if you care about the environmental impact of the companies you do business with.

When we first reviewed the iPage, they ran on 100% wind power and were even partners with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green program.

Some hosts aren’t running 100% on renewable energy, but choose to help offset the carbon footprint of their servers. So we went back to re-confirm this by visiting their Green Certificated page and… it no longer exists.

Wikipedia already confirmed that “as of December 2018, the page has been removed and does not exist anymore, and iPage does not appear in the EPA list of green power partners.” So if true, we’re assuming that they could be switching back to help offset costs.

iPage Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of iPage’s shared hosting plan (only one) and also two WordPress hosting plans:

Shared Hosting Plan WordPress WP Starter Plan WordPress WP Essential Plan
Pricing $1.99/month
Renews at $7.99/mo
Renews at $7.49/mo
Renews at $10.49/mo
Websites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Scalable Unmetered Unmetered
Storage Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Other Features • Free Domain
• Unlimited MySQL Databases
• Free SSL Certificate
• Free Domain
• Customized Control Panel
• Pre-installed Themes and Plugins
• WordPress Expert Support
• Automatic Malware Removal
• SiteLock Security

Quick Facts

  • Free domain? Yes.
  • Ease of Signup: Fairly easy sign-up process.
  • Money-Back: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Accounts with an inode count measurement over 200,000, over 1000+ database tables or more than 3GB total MySQL/PostgreSQL / 2GB MySQL/PostgreSQL usage might be terminated with zero notice.
  • Upsells: Lots of upsells.
  • Account Activation: Quick activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: Easy-to-use vDeck control Panel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Easy installation of popular apps and CMSs via their control panel.

Do We Recommend iPage?

Yes, we recommend iPage. But there might be better options available.

There’s a lot to like about iPage. You can get good uptime and speed (read: solid reliability) at a very cheap cost.

However, there were a few mixed performances, too. Customer support was helpful; however, also a little slow. The core plans have good features but don’t come with the most ‘extra’ options.

So even though we’d recommend iPage overall, they’re not as budget-friendly, stable, or as fast as other options like Bluehost or HostGator Cloud.

Visit www.iPage.com

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    96 user reviews for iPage


    Ben R

    1 — 

    Bad for business

    Nothing works. Every time you add a domain or do a Wordpress install you have to call in or chat with someone abroad. Repeat this 4-5 different times and have to wait over 20 minutes so you can explain the same issue with the new agent and finally upgrade the ticket and try to resolve the problem. It's literally a waste of money. Some sites I have had to give up and just use other hosting as they kept disconnecting me while trying to get site, ssl or install Wordpress. If you wanna wait days to get a site up then or not ever get it functional go with iPage.



    5 — 

    Helpful customer service

    I've had to reach out to the customer service many times over the last 7 years I have been with them for various reasons. Sometimes it did take a few calls or emails to get things resolved but in the end they have always provided me with the service at no cost no matter what the issue.



    2 — 

    Watch Out

    Watch out for these guys. They will try and renew you with a 3 year plan and charge you for it all at one time at a much higher than advertised price. In my case $599.81 + $17.99 were charged all in one day. We canceled our Ipage account because of this. I see that Ipage does not get good reviews anymore. They did 3 years ago when we signed up. There were problems using Ipage because they own your web site, not you. You can't move your web page to another hosting site and Ipage will hold your site, transactions and emails hostage. In the end, We made a bad business decision partnering with Ipage and we refuse to be taken advantage of anymore.



    1 — 

    Glitchy page, horrible customer service + tech support

    I have had a number of issues with ipage for a long period of time and unfortunately didn't monitor the auto-renewal, so now I'm trapped for another 3 years. Beware of auto renewals without warning. Online "chat" only tech support is horrible and unhelpful, the main ipage site is super glitchy, and multiple email accounts continue to experience random errors where we can't send/receive emails. Paid well over $500 for licenses to upgrade a bunch of our emails to GSuite and ipage can't figure out how to make it happen so now we're stuck with non-activated G Suite licenses too. What a hot mess. Avoid ipage at all costs - there has GOT to be something better out there.



    1 — 

    ditto on the 1 star

    Yeah, I was with them for several years, just wanted to have an online portfolio available - basically a photo album with a hundred pics or so. Easy stuff.

    Really the main gripe is the intentionally hidden fees, costs, etc. - good luck trying to find any page or link that actually tells you what you're billed for. And like today (a few hours ago) I finally got someone from ipage on live-chat to ask about renewing and the fees . . . and within half a minute my cell phone pinged a new message; fraud alert from my credit card company that ipage was trying to draw money from my account. I had NOT agreed to renew but was looking for the $$ info which you can't find on the web. Not the first time.

    I canceled everything. Will rebuild my portfolio with a different company.

    If they were above-board with the pricing maybe I'd stick around - but the hidden cost/billing issues have to be intentional. Is there any other utility that doesn't let you look at your bill online and pay it simply? Hard to believe it's legal.


    Dallas T

    1 — 

    CPanel broken for 2+ Years

    When iPage was based in England about 6 or 7 years ago, all was well. When it was outsourced to India, I ran into all of the usual issues with offshore lack of expertise or care about the customer. Their CPanel has been broken for over two years, so they manually go in and manipulate or set up sites, causing all kinds of problems with the root domain and existing sites. I own nearly a dozen domains, but I am unable to use their Mojo Marketplace to even create a base site. They have the same excuses every time, but the fact of the matter is they have rerouted or destroyed everything they've manipulated. I now have one site, and they had to hijack the root domain for that. They are just chock full of excuses and apologies, but the fact of the matter is that they would rather manually wreck what is hosted there than fix a basic problem that is a fundamental component of any hosting service. The real reason is that it is too much of a bother, and iPage no longer cares about you, your sites or their service. I would recommend any other hosting service, as this one will lose you lots of hours of work and blame you for it. A complete waste of time and money!



    1 — 


    I (stupidly) signed up to iPage for a 2nd time, after I quit due to them hiking up prices significantly after the honeymoon period and I only noticed it a year later when running some historical analysis on my outgoings from my bank. I asked them about it and they told me if I had asked them about it at the time they would have renewed my subscription at the prior rate! So why not just keep the prior rate and avoid alienating customers? So, I quit. Note that another reason I quit was because One Click Installs do not work (i.e. If you want to install Wordpress you need to ask them to do it via email or live chat and half the time they mess it up).

    Anyway, as they are one of the cheapest around, providing unlimited bandwidth and storage (not exactly true so read the small print) I got back into bed with them, reminding myself not to make the same mistake again...

    After I had re-signed I noticed that the One Click Installs (via MOJO Marketplace) were still not working, so I reported the issue several times. Each time I was told "It's being looked into and that the technical support team were "working on it". Needless to say after a year I decided to call them to raise a complaint and after 56 minutes on the phone I was finally given some truths, which is that iPage only supports Wordpress installs and that for the foreseeable future this would be done via a manual process only. In other words, "sod off".

    I am unaware if there is a governing body that I could write to as surely this is not right and could be considered false advertising?

    Now I need to find a new host that won't lie and cheat to me or fob me off...



    1 — 

    Hidden Fees! SLOW loads!!

    What sounds like a really good deal isn't by the time you get done paying for all the "extras" that most other hosts provide upfront. It's good to read the other reviews that tell me that I MUST call to get those "extras" cancelled when I migrate away since I am in that process now. Chat just told me there is no problem simply migrating. No problem to them apparently since they would still be getting money for services no longer provided. Tech support is nowhere to be found with these guys.
    Buyer Beware!!!


    Paul V

    5 — 

    Great experience

    Are we talking about the same iPage? I am with them for over a year and am very happy with them. I have reached out to support on several occasions and are very happy about the friendly and knowledgeable support. They charged me for the domain renewal I brought in, but had agreed with them to get the first renewal as my free domain. After contacting they refunded without an issue. I just went through a (domain) renewal and received about 10 email warning me about the upcoming renewal. The renewal for a .com costed me $36 for 2 years. SSL; They support Letsencrypt and turning a website into SSL is a click of a button.


    William L

    1 — 

    1 Star is the lowest. 1/2 star would be better.

    I was looking for inexpensive hosting and understanding that it is inexpensive hosting I went with iPage since it looked like a great company. When I signed into their "web panel" I started calling it the advertising/up-sell panel. Not only was this panel bare bones and difficult to navigate but finding the fundamental controls was a nightmare to do anything. Not using a conventional cPanel or at least a Directadmin type panel is a serious red flag. And I was right. iPage doesn't have any real customer support to speak of. I went forward and installed my website and security measures on my WP installation. 3 months later my site was infected and iPage was unwilling to help or even give suggestions. Nor could they find my backups. Everything gone except the one backup I downloaded (thank goodness). So my SEO-OneStep.com website was gone. I gave up and walked away as of today. 10-22-2019. I recommend avoiding iPage since there are too many other good alternatives.


    Kami H

    1 — 

    Sites Crash All of the time. No customer support

    I used iPage for quite some time and had a very poor experience with them. My site crashed almost every other day during a couple month period, and I had to call continuously to have it "fixed". Each time I got a different story on why it was happening. I finally switched hosts and requested a partial refund, as I had paid in full and still had most of the year left that I wasn't using. They refused to help in any way with this, even though I was forced to switch hosts due to their issues. I would NOT recommend using them. Waste of time and money



    1 — 

    Waste of money

    The domains are expensive, the ssl is average and hosting is average. They never contacted me for renewals and took down my website. For another website, I set it to not renew and they renewed and charged me 15 days prior the expiration date. Who does that? I'm stuck for the hosting for one website but I'm done. I have a better hosting company. This is ridiculous.



    1 — 

    Not Upfront about Fees

    After three years with iPage, my annual renewal went from ~$100 to $467. I decided to cancel my service with them, which I thought I did on their web portal. I didn't know I had to contact their customer service to cancel the add-ons until they billed my credit card $102 for a domain that no longer existed. In fairness to iPage, the requirement to cancel add-on services separately is buried deep in their Terms of Service. I contacted them via chat, the agent was polite and helpful, and agreed to cancel my service. That was two weeks ago, and nothing has happened. I don't feel that iPage is honest with their cancellation policies. Another con, iPage, at the time I abandoned my blog, was not fully WP compatible. On the plus side, I don't know of any time my website went down in the three years that iPage hosted it.



    2 — 

    Tired of shell games.

    I used IPage years ago and then they were upfront about all costs and services. I decided to try them again and WHOA!, they did a 180.

    Example, sell ".me" domains for $2.99 but look at the price under a 5 year plan. The renewal rate skyrockets. They don't break down renewal fees, you have to search for them yourself.

    They state WordPress comes with your sparkling new website only they don't tell you upfront that it will be an extra charge per month as are other so called included items.

    What they're really telling you, is that you will have the ability to use certain items like WordPress only they don't tell you about the added charges. You only find out after you try to use them.

    This is like eating at a restaurant. Menu says a meal is $9.95 but after you eat and get the check THEN you discover you're charged extra for using their silverware, water glass etc.

    Uh no, I'll continue my search for a more honest company. I got my refund minus the $15 surcharge.



    1 — 

    Terrible Customer Service

    This company has no clue on what customer service is supposed to be. Tried to expedite a domain transfer to another registrar after buying a company and their associated domain name, and explicitly told them we did not want any of the website data, content or media, or any other hosting information they had on their ipage hosting servers. Had to listen to a incompetent manager give a lecture for 10 minutes on transfer files and everything we did not want. I told her 5 times that we just needed the domain name only and nothing else and she gave me the run around for 25 minutes. This company has no clue on customer service and is unprofessional and their so called supervisors or manager have no idea what the are talking about. Stay away from this company at all cost. I would not even recommend them because there security access questions are a joke too. We told them to change all the security questions because this was linked to the prior owners and they only change one contact on the domains information page and not the rest of the old information on the domain was still left unmodified, after we told them to remove this old information and old security profiles. Completely incompetent company.


    Jim U

    1 — 

    Customer Service Gets Worse Everyday

    When I began with ipage as a VPS client before they were acquired, their service was awesome and caring. Sometime late last year, they converted even VPS clients like myself to all chat hosted offshore. My experience is that you wait and wait, then none of the chat people can really do anything or answer your questions...it always needs to be escalated. Then, the answer comes by email and either they miss the point or only solution they offer is to add on more services and cost. Last straw is when some new charges showed up on my bill that I did not order and had to wait on chat fo 10-15 minutes to get them reversed. So no matter what they charge, with such poor customer service, does not matter.



    1 — 


    They are absolutely horrible. I signed up with the Canadian site that was supposed to be CDN dollars and was charged US. I cancelled and signed up so that it was not on auto-renew many times but it still auto-renewed (in US dollars). I immediately called and the customer service agent was seemingly helpful and cancelled the renewal and refunded my card. I lost $30 on the exchange between the charge and refund. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY literally have had nothing but trouble with billing.


    James G

    2 — 

    They went down

    I was with Ipage for at least 8 years. I loved them. The first issue was they changed the wp installer to mojo marketplace this thing is terrible. Then they added sitelock for free. Sitelock finds malware 5 yrs old and shuts down all my sites and want 30-50/month to clean and secure my sites. I manually remove malware files then have to call several times and wait hours to get back up and running unless I pay the sitelock ransom.



    1 — 

    Stay Away

    How hard can it be to install wordpress? I have been trying to install wordpress for 5 days.I have been chatting with them on their chat window more than an hour everyday, It gives one error after another. It is a cheap hosting company which comes with nothing but frustration. Stay away.



    1 — 

    No Help From Customer Service

    I have been using iPage for nearly 8 years now. I built several sites using Weebly, but recently it has become very difficult to use. There are constant glitches, which have impeded my ability to edit my own website or the websites that I manage for other people. Calls to customer support have proved completely useless. Each time they claim that they have no problems editing my site from there console so the problem must be on my end. They don't, however, have any idea what could be causing the glitches. I have moved a few times so I have had different Internet providers/speed/etc and even bought a new computer. Still the problems remain.

    I have reviewed several forum posts of people claiming to have similar problems (can't adjust the font, can't change the color of the text, etc) so I know I'm not the only one. When I talk to tech support, however, they always claim that they don't have any complaints of other users having the same problems. I'm including a screenshot of a block of text that I attempted to cut and paste. As you can see, half the text shrank. I was unable to get the miniature text to grow to its normal size. I even tried exiting out of the program and reopening it.

    Also, like this article says, you have to watch them for rate increases, non-refundable fees, and upcharges. They've snuck hundreds of dollars away from me over the years. I have been looking for other sites to move my domain to and am currently researching the best move for me. Unfortunately, it's looking like I'm going to have to rebuild my entire site and all the sites that I manage as well. The thought of that is what has kept me a customer all this time. However, now that I am wasting hours (seriously) trying to fight with Weebly, and tech support is a joke, it seems I have no choice but to move.


    Alex W

    1 — 

    They used to allow deletion of domains - now they don't

    They used to allow simple deletion of websites that you no longer wish to pay $ for. Now, they ONLY allow for you to *disable auto renewal* in terms of payment and make it manual. HOW CONVENIENT for THEM!!!!! This way, if you forget that you have it on auto, you get sucked out of more $ for websites you no longer use. I hate this new b*llsh*t feature. Before, one could simply delete a website and no longer have to worry about getting charged. I've always been on the fence about these guys. Now, I'll certainly be looking elsewhere. Yuck.


    Jahangir A

    1 — 

    Worst support...every time

    Last year and half i noticed ipage support team really do not care about their client...everytime i call for one thing...they mess up something else. the initial support reps really does nothing but put you on hold for 5 minutes and then will create ticket and says will be contacted within 24-48hrs...how can we run a online business with a website down for 24-48hrs? ..o yes, they will say they understand my frustration...huh!!!

    then 2nd level support responses after 24 hrs asking questions which u already explained to 1st level and then another 24-48 hrs. so i am in 5th day now...still waiting for response.



    4 — 

    Are these reviewers human?

    I used iPage for a hobby website for 3 years.

    It's extremely user friendly and has a ton of extra features. My site never had a single issue.

    I decided not to auto-renew however, due to a lack of interest in maintaining my site. I logged in a few weeks before my renew was set to transpire and toggled off the auto renew. I tried to remove my CC info but had no luck. 2 weeks later I was notified that a payment of almost $300 had been charged to my CC from iPage.

    I immediately turned my CC off and attempted to call iPage. It was a Sunday but they still answered promptly and the lady i spoke with was very nice. She believed me - submitted a ticket for the software bug, issued a refund for the charge. I received the refund 3 or 4 days later for the full amount. I am now building another site and have chosen iPage again. They are honest and up front about what they provide and quickly fix issues when they crop up.



    1 — 

    ripped off

    i had no problem for about 4 to 5 years or maybe longer, but then it started. i had just purchased a 3 year term and after the first year i got shut down due to so called "infected files." after i got that straightened out with a third party which cost me 50 dollars i was back up and running. Then less than six months later it happened again. ipage referred me to their third party buddy again to get me out this and i was ok again ----50 dollars later. but it happened again. "Infected files" WHAT A JOKE! i tried to get my money back from both parties but sorry about my luck. Fool me once...etc. i'm not going into the details -------but no more dealings with them-- i have moved on to another host. but i did get to keep my same domain. jan 7 2019


    Richard G

    1 — 

    Look elsewhere for SEO.

    iPage's SEO Department is not capable of fulfilling their claims that they will get you on Page 1 on Google. I enrolled in their SEO services for 6 months. Once a month their marketing rep called and politely made excuses regarding how hard they were working and they did not know why they couldn't achieve Page 1. Their go-to response every month was that it takes time. In months 5 and 6, when they realized that they were failing at fulfilling their promises, they started saying that there were no guarantees that they could get my webpage on Page 1 of Google. Not true. This was a total misrepresentation of the promise they sold me. Why would anyone pay to be on Page 3 or worse? In their words prior to signing up "If you're not on Page 1, you don't exist".

    They even tried telling me that there were issues with the way my website was designed. I had to remind them that iPage was my website designer, and they designed a custom website for me. So much for that lame excuse.

    iPage's Salespeople have a great story to tell, however, their technicians cannot deliver. I wasted 6 months and a significant amount of money without getting any meaningful results.

    Do yourself a favor if you are considering SEO, look elsewhere. iPage may be good at domain management, but they suck at SEO.



    1 — 

    Changed for the worse (worst?)

    Now, this is true for every company, not just iPage - every company is judged not when they're doing OK, but when a problem arises. How they work to solve it - this is the real deal, and unless you're doing a fan blog, hosting/e-mail problems mean loss of money.

    iPage used to be better, but now it fails to deliver. If I can't get business e-mails for 6 days, and no one cares (they even worsen the problem by removing my domain's DNS attributes altogether - so even the website was down until *I* fixed it!) - then you know you need to change your host. And I did.

    If you do choose to make the mistake of joining them, mind the price. I paid like nothing at first but my last payment was SEVEN TIMES more per month than what I paid at first. They will milk you without you even noticing. They seem pros at that.


    Alex T

    1 — 

    Lousy support

    iPage support has been extremely disappointing. They seems to have setup various filter to filter your mail. This has resulted in intermittent email sending and receiving. I have emails that could not be sent or received. I have sent several emails and even on line chat to iPage. They asked for the header, and I sent them. They have no clue but keep asking me to check with the clients. I told them the same mails can be sent and received by Gmail and Hotmail, what is wrong with the recipient ? They did not even responded then after several weeks.

    I am asking them to refund the porated subscription and yet to hear their respond. There are other cheaper and better web hosting available. I am moving out from iPage for sure.


    Esther W

    1 — 

    Let Me Out of Here

    How can your reviewer say that iPage's pricing is "upfront, honest and cheap." It is none of those things. Does the reviewer think that everyone changes their host every few years? Just try! The price that matters is the one you're stuck with later, not the loss leader in big letters.

    I won't repeat what everyone else says. The support is a joke. Passwords, usernames, formats mysteriously change; sometimes I can access my mail; sometimes I can't.

    Here's a particular horror: the space I'm allotted for email is so pitiful that I'm constantly exceeding it, despite my busily deleting. IPage used to warn me. Now they just announce that I'm at 100%, which means all my emails are bouncing. I'd like to delete some emails right now, but I can't access them. The idea of calling support is such a horror that I'm calling it a night.

    I tried to create a website once, but left it unfinished. When I went back some months later, it had completely disappeared. Forever. No one could find it.

    I dread the prospect of negotiating my escape, but I can't wait. Has anyone mentioned the difficult format of emails or the separation of the Control side and the Webmail, requiring TWO passwords?


    Tina S

    1 — 

    Lost my entire website

    I lost my entire domain because of Ipage. I had a receipt for renewal and the payment sent but they said their system didn't recognize it. My site went down and it turns out they sent it to delinquencies and sold it out from under me even though I had proof of renewal. I spent over a month, hours and hours on the phone trying to get my site back but they couldn't figure out how. I had to talk to a new person every single time because "that's their policy" so I had to start from square one every time I called for an update. Eventually I sent them $160 to get it back, only to have them send it back 3 weeks later saying there was nothing they could do. I ended up having to completely re-brand my business, new business cards, new site, new business swag. It was a nightmare. No solution was ever reached.



    1 — 

    Beware - They will RIP you OFF at Renewal

    I signed up with iPage in 2015. Canceled in 2016 but was still charged renewal fee. Called to make sure that I would not get any charges in 2017. Was assured all was taken care of. Not so. Was charged again in 2017. Called again to make sure every auto-renew was off. Was assured that there would be no charges in 2018. August 2018 get charged for another auto-renewal. Have had to call their customer service number 866-539-2854 - 3 times. Each time they assure me that I will get a refund in a couple of days, no such luck. When I call back on the same issue they just say that the ticket was already closed. I advised that they did not resolve yet and all they can do is re-open the same case for another department to look at and that other department then closes out the ticket with no refund to me. They are charging me for a service that they are not even providing which is Domain Security but I haven't had the Domain since 2016. Will never use and will definitely never recommend them at all.



    5 — 

    Great Speed

    I would personally recommend using iPage as it is a great hosting provider, it is cheap yet it has great resources, I hosted my own personal blog on iPage and the speed is really great, I suggest everyone look at my website and you will love iPage because the speed insights shows a great difference in my blogs speed, you can check my website and you will see how fast it loads and the speed score of my website on google insights now shows a great difference than the previous hosts, I do know that it is not #1 hosting provider but the money you pay and the resources makes me thing that it is #1 of its own kind.


    Craig H

    1 — 

    Same as others - bogus malware claim

    Like others, I was forced to use their affiliate company SiteScan, after they claimed I had some malicious files on my website. Despite repeated emails from SiteScan telling me the scans of my website were fine/clean, I just learned that, in fact, I have had NO website up for nearly 3 months. I'm curious as to WTF they were "scanning"?!?
    I've been trying to jump through hoops for the past 24 hours to get my site back up and running, and iPage's "service" (what a misnomer!) department is absolutely useless.
    I wouldn't refer my WORST ENEMY to these people! Read the other reviews.....and find someone ELSE to host your website!


    Paula B

    1 — 

    Ipage - just throw your money down the drain

    I don't think I have ever called Ipage without getting seriously upset!!! I can not tell you how much they drive me crazy!!!!! Their billing procedures are DREADFUL and their customer service sucks! Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere. They've taken money from my account for renewals with no warning at all. I went to compare an upgrade and all of a sudden I'd upgraded and been charged £119.00 - there wasn't even a price on it!


    Bruce C

    3 — 

    Customer service not what it was

    Service used to be great, but now has been farmed out oversees, so had a number of errors occur last week where the "tech support" folks ended up help lose a number of pages on my original site. I was adding a domain and moving some pages over from the original site. A "ticket" was placed, but no action taken and now they say the pages can't be recovered. Huge waste of time these folks have caused.



    2 — 

    They suck

    CON #1) They lie.

    I've been with them for years and ready to move on after what they've done to my 3 sites. They messed them up by forcing an update on my old Weebly sites that I stopped paying for.. The idea was that as long as I don't update my sites all of my old data would work just as on premium. And it did until they forced the update anyways...

    I called them prior and asked not to update anything. They sent me a letter in which they promised the update wouldn't affect my site at all. Of course everything got messed up, links broken, pages missing... loading times are ridiculous (40+ seconds or not at all). It's a total mess. I contacted them and they nonchalantly me told me they could do nothing about it in the end unless I paid for the Weebly premium service again... The email they sent me was completely ignored by them. So they lie to get the money.

    CON #2) SSL ripoff

    No free or 3rd party SSL certificates and their own certificate is $30 a year. Many other hosts allow you to use Let's encrypt plugin on your sites for free or allow you to install a 3rd party one. If you have more than a couple of sites you will be paying through the nose for just that one feature alone (which as you might know is a must for good SEO ranking).

    CON #3) bad support

    As mentioned before and by many the support is horrible. I now have switched to another host and it's like heaven in comparison with Ipage.

    CON#4) email and features

    The roundsquare email is not the best and lots of features I like are missing in the cPanel.

    CON#5) security issues

    The Wordpress installations are not easy and they won't be helping you much with any of that stuff. I now run a multinetwork with SSL on a shared host, that isolates my sites and has much better security in place. My new host has guided me through some very complicated for a beginner things, which are important and won't be addressed by Ipage.

    PROS: I can't think of any. With slow loading speeds and bad support, paying for SSL you are not going to be saving any money or time.



    3 — 

    Horrible Service

    I had trouble with it since day one. I bought my own domain and they wouldn't change it from the subdomain, I tried calling for weeks with no answer. I got emails with more advertising and there so called tips and to call if you need support so I called some more. No answer, and there emails the send are no reply. No response from the one they gave for contact info. After months with no Help I tried emailing them again to cancel. I don't think looked at it. Today I received a email from them telling me my time is up they will cancel me if I don't renew in a couple days. Renew they have to be joking.


    Ron D

    3 — 

    Terrible Support and Hidden Fees

    I have had this service for several days. Nothing worked right from the start and every call I made to the 24/7 support was answered eventually by some person on the other side of the planet who I could barely understand. They were all reading the same script which says "I am sorry but I can not fix this problem" at which point they pass me on to someone else who will contact me in 24/48 hours. Try 72 hours. I have eventually gotten my site going and I discover that every time I try to do anything I find that I need an upgrade of some sort and they want another 500 dollars. I would have never gotten this plan had I noticed that it only allows 5 pages and 6 products. This thing sucks.


    Gamma A

    1 — 

    Terrible Support and Hidden Fees

    They are not $1.99/month. They jacked my price up to over $300/year using negative billing (I didn't see the email telling me the price was going up so instead waiting until I consented, they jacked up the price immensely without my realizing it). Disputed the auto-billed charge but only received automated message that didn't acknowledge my issue, nor would the send me our original contract to see how they were allowed to do that without my consent. Bad company, do not use!!!



    1 — 

    IPage Incompetiance Galor!

    Had Ipage for 1 year just to have an email server. Time comes by where I have to renew my domain name, they wanted 10x more and refused to lower the price. So the only thing I wanted to do was renew the domain and host somewhere else. I've tried 4 different types of payments were I knew 100% the card was good. Called these fools up and they keep on giving you the run around. After explaining to a bunch of illiterates, I said Ok i'll just use PayPal. Thinking PayPal would be 123 and done with, I still get errors from PayPal even though once again there's nothing wrong with my account! Stay away from these jokesters. What would seem to be an easy thing to do, now has cost me the ability to transfer my domain in time before I loose my email addresses because of an expired domain!



    1 — 

    This is a ripoff run away

    This company is the biggest rip off hosting service you will find. I tried there service, and after trying it I made sure I marked it not to renew the hosting services as well as the domain names and I forgot about it never using it again. Then what happen next shocked me!! They renewed it anyway without my permission. I tried disputing it with my financial institution, but they still charged me. Then what happen next was even more shocking. iPage disabled my access to my hosting because I disputed the charge . So, I was charged for 4 months worth of service I didn't get or use then they only offered me a partial refund of the money they was not suppose to take in the first place and said they was still going to charge me for the 4 months where I had no access to my hosting service. This company is the biggest crooks in the business. Don't use there service unless you want to be cheated too.


    Diane T

    1 — 

    Wish I\'d found this review site first

    I was looking for a good priced hosting site. I booked 3 years hosting, 1 SSL certificate ($19.99 for a year) and took the Free domain name even though I didn't need it. When my receipts for payment arrived by email they didn't seem right so I went to Paypal to check. ipage had charged for my hosting and SSL certificate in one payment. (as it should be) but then they had taken an extra $19.99 for the SSL certificate and $15.00 for the FREE domain name.
    I got that corrected and the refund appeared in my Paypal.
    When I applied for a refund for hosting (30 days) they said it would be done in 2-3 days. A week later and I am told there would be no refund because I had bought it on credit. I argued, but because the phone connection was pathetic I gave up in fury and disgust. I'll now work with Paypal to get the cost refunded.



    3 — 

    Follow through lacking

    When I first started using iPage several years ago, tech support was quick, native English speaking, and problems resolved in minutes. That first site was written in Weebly. NOW, times have changed. Tech support is outsourced to companies outside of the US, tough to understand half of the people assisting you, absolutely zero quick resolution. I renewed my SSL in February, and this week, my small business site went dark due to iPage not following through and updating the SSL certificate. I am told this will take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Unacceptable! I am absolutely frustrated. This is the second time this has happened. I will be migrating my site, if I can ever get access to it, to another host. When I asked to speak to someone in billing and customer service, the person I was speaking with refused to transfer me. What was once a nice option for hosting is now, less desirable.


    John G

    1 — 

    Held for Ransome

    I have had a business site for years. All of a sudden, the site is suspended for some "fake" malware their sister company sitelock detected. I checked the report - it is not really malware but in my opinion a clever way to generate revenue for this hosting giant. It is almost impossible to get rid of the files they claim are malware - so many users hire sitelock to do it for them. In my opinion it is underhanded way to generate a lot of revenue. I personally cancelled and never plan on using any hosting affiliated with this company.


    Jalil M

    1 — 

    Worst Hosting Ever

    Ipage is the worst hosting in World. Their WordPress site performance is very poor and their support is totally bad. Suddenly I got a database small error, I asked their support to help me and they tried 2 times and after that, they asked me for 250$ for this small error fix. and I fixed it within 30 min with the help of Google.


    D B

    2 — 

    Have had no problem thus far

    I've been using ipage for approx 4 months, and haven't run into any real issues. Their support isn't based in the US as the article stated, but they've always answered any questions I've had in reasonable time and I never was put on hold. Mind you, I never called.. only used live chat, so I would recommend using that. One thing that confuses me about this article, in the Pro section you mention how they have a "Strong Uptime of 99.97%" but then as you reach the Con section, you continually bash there uptime after just saying 2 paragraphs above that it was great? "If their uptime wasn’t bad enough.." .. didn't really get that part of the article, at first I thought maybe it was just a typo, but you mentioned it again about their uptime not being good, but just finished saying they had good uptime. That might confuse someone who is still on the fence on whether to go with them or not. As I stated, so far I have no complaints.. other than, they bait people with there website builder, saying it's free with purchase.. but it only allows you to to build a single page, not multiple pages connected without paying extra. I suppose one could create a few single page sites with the free credits, but for a beginner that will confuse them. When going to checkout, there is alot of fluff they try to sell you on your way out the door to pay for your hosting and domain. I would hate to see what $1.99 would turn into if you accepted all that additional stuff they try recommending.



    1 — 

    NO Remote access to MySQL

    They do not offer remote access to MySQL database which is not good for me. You cannot use it for any program like MySQL Workbench. You cannot make your own programs to connect to a remote database even for personal or edu porpuses



    1 — 

    My request to cancel ignored

    I have had great difficulty logging in the the homepage, there must be an error as it doesn’t recognise any of my details.

    I initially signed up for a package that cost 30 pound sterling however after a couple of months I decided that I no longer needed the website.

    I have sent several emails to explain that I am unable to log in to cancel my subscription, and also requesting that my account is cancelled and no further payments are taken.

    To my horror, they have ignored my requests and taken a payment for 134 pound sterling!!

    I have sent dozens of emails asking for this to be rectified and have been ignored in all accounts.

    This company is conducting fraudulent transactions on my account by turning a blind eye to my requests.

    It would seem that I am not getting anywhere with this and any help would be appreciated. I’m not 134 pound out of pocket with insufficient funds to rectify the PayPal balance.



    1 — 

    Another horrible Endurance International Group company

    Stay clear of this host. It is the typical Endurance International Group acquisition where they acquire a good hosting company and gut it service and support. The support is slow and hard to communicate with. They abuse the security service SIteLock to flag and suspend your site and the only way to get un suspended is to hire their security professional to fix. So they effectively hold your sites for ransome. Beware. Also they claim trhere support is based in the Us, this is not true,



    1 — 

    Beware of iPage

    iPage will be happy to sell you products they cannot support. I purchased the upgrade to WP Essential last May so that I could use the Sandbox feature to build a new web site for our organization. Publishing that web site resulted in a "404 Page not found error". That was Dec 2, 2018. As of March 12, 2018 they still do not know when they'll fix the "bug". iPage will not refund the purchase. They will not help to publish the new site. And the only communication I've received is the closing of the problem ticket. On a positive note, they are very good at apologizing.


    Catherine G

    1 — 

    Terrible company

    I asked them to repoint my website to a new host, they could not get it done right, caused my website to be down for over 10 days - when you call in for support you get a foreign country, who puts me on hold two times over 20 minutes both times



    1 — 

    Bunch of crooks

    The absolute worst. I signed up for the inexpensive intro rate but turned into $150 /yr after. Hosting was always slow. Service was 2 days to get anything done. And when I cancelled, they tried to hit a card for the next year's hosting. Please pick any other hosting provider.



    1 — 

    Not if you are trying to make money

    They did some type of upgrade when they renewed my hosting package. For 2 months and 3 weeks I could not accept payments. I was using a commerce tool for which they advertised they partner with. They deleted my store with no hope of a restore and didn’t give me the application back on my dashboard. I had a back up of my site and my store but it only addressed the design aspect. The file I needed was a file that I could not access on their server (it was not customer facing) so I didn’t have a backup copy of it. When I reached out they told me to use another product (I won’t say the name) I looked into it and it was more expensive (much more). I had to rebuild (while my phones were ringing off the hook) my entire shopping cart. They offered me a 3 month credit for any future or additional services I may want to buy. This is just one of the issues I had…. I won’t even go into the overcharging. I will just say don’t rely on billing central for the source of truth….review your credit card statements.


    Neil E

    1 — 

    Domain renewal

    IPAGE made an error renewing the domain that I had paid for. Allowed it to expire and go into redemption….without a single notification. When calling to find out what happened, I have been continually lied to, given conflicting answers and each time promised it would be resolved in 24 hours. Website has been down for 10 days now and still no resolution in sight.

    Customer service on this issue is absolutely appalling! Never been so frustrated and bitterly disappointed in the way customers are treated. Will be moving my business at the earliest opportunity!


    Peter, A

    1 — 

    Excellent customer service representative

    I also joined a 30 day challenge to get my blog going. My computer skills are very poor and I needed help from iPage support. Manisha M was a superb customer service representative. The patience and help was superb.


    Russell L

    1 — 

    Worst ever!

    Worst customer service ever …. close tickets when problem isn’t resolved… suspended account without warning after I hadn’t done some verification. Over 2 days and counting to lift suspension after providing everything they asked for .This meant no emails too. If you rely on these guys for you business you are in big trouble !!


    Stina P

    3 — 

    I think I'm done with iPage

    I’m so disappointed with iPage. I have a blog that is loading so slow that even myself want to give up waiting on it. How will I ever get readers that are this patient to stay??.. I have brought this issue to their attention numerous times but they just blame the plugins etc. That I have very few of btw.

    I also have an eCommerce store, gethappyedeals.com, which is loading better, but is always mysteriously down hindering us from getting sales!! I don’t know how MANY times I’ve been contacting their support lately, and all they gave me was $3.54 for 1 month future hosting that I’m not going to use because I’ll leave!


    CP Y

    1 — 

    Outright Scam

    I have been warned that this scam site will secretly renew your hosting when you already turn auto-renew off, but I wasn’t aware that they will do it A FEW MONTHS after the cycle end when you’re least expected. I have previously stop using their service and turned all auto-renew off. Since I already saw comment on them secretly charging your card, I checked my statement closely for a few months, until I got busy and forgot about them. That’s the biggest mistake. Apparently, now their scam tactics including secretly turn on auto-renewal months after your cycle end, and charging your card when you’re least expected. My fault for not checking my statement every month, but this is really sneaky and should be illegal since I already unsubscribe.

    Oh, to go back to why I turn off auto-renew and left them? Basically one day they shutted my site down, claimed that my site has been infected, then told me that I need to pay a lump sum to get it removed, which, basically is an extortion (I used their build in script installer to install WordPress, not even managed to upload any content). So basically I told them to ** off, log in to make sure that the auto-renewal is off, then move on. When the renewal date is close by, I found that my site has long been re-activated, and auto-renewal turned on, hence lead to the beginning of this review.


    Steve W

    1 — 

    Pathetic tech support- BEWARE

    Absolutely pathetic uncaring tech support. Their webmail is mostly unusable because of sluggishness and connection being deliberately reset. Their incompetent tech support just closes tickets that we can’t reopen.



    1 — 

    Worse host ever

    A few months ago I started an affiliate site and chose iPage to host it as their pricing was attractive. I purchased an SSL and a shared server, not too much out of my pocket, no problems.

    About 2 weeks ago, my SEO started to really kick in, I’ve been getting as many as 16,000 visitors a day from Google. Obviously this is taxing to iPage shared servers, so the site was being taken down for abusing resources (Yes, shared servers claim unlimited usage, but that’s not typically true when you get this type of traffic).

    They told me I can upgrade my server to a VPS for $518 and pay $150 for professional migration – no problem, fair price, let’s do it so we can handle the traffic.

    They told me 3 days to migrate and everything would be good from there.

    This is where the nightmare begins…

    It has been over a week they still have not migrated me and my site has gone down at least 15 times, including mostly all of Cyber Monday.

    Because of iPage, my site has been down more than it has been up.

    Every day I’m on the phone with them at least 2 times letting them know that I paid for a VPS and professional migration, and was promised my site would not go down during migration.

    Also, several of these times that my site went down, they claimed there was Malware and recommend that I buy Sitelock from them, because Sitelock customers are automatically protected from malware.

    Here’s the funny thing, I am already a Sitelock customer, I pay for it every month

    Each time my site goes down, it’s down for at least 4 hours and I’m back on the outsourced overseas support trying to get my site back up.

    This is costing me a ton of money (and time and frustration).

    When I first signed up with iPage I didn’t think I’d have a site doing 16,000 visitors a day, but now that I’m in this situation the lucrative pricing is starting to look like not such a good deal.

    If you’re looking for a review of iPage hosting, and thinking about buying a shared server from them, think again.

    Go with someone more reputable, someone that can easily scale as you and your business do… don’t get yourself in the same situation I am in, this really sucks.


    Gnarley S

    2 — 

    Never again

    They will sell your domain if you don’t pay on time. For some reason their domain expiration warnings were going into my junk folder; one day my biz website was shut down. Turns out not only did they pull the domain but they wasted no time in selling it to a buyer, who I should list his full name and address but I won’t, that will sell it back to me for 2500.00. I paid 12.00 for it.

    In addition, they used to have all US call centers (AZ) now they have outsourced to the Philippines.

    Good for cheap websites, nothing more.



    1 — 

    I don't recommend this hosting service

    I highly recommend not to use this hosting provider. What you pay for it is what you actually get. Cheap and slow hosting, also having many issues reagarding my wordpress website, while getting many uknown errors.

    Their support is very slow, not user-friendly, and they haven’t gave my answers on how to fix my problems in 9 out of 10 times.

    The third, also the biggest problem for me, was my account being renewed automatically even if I checked “Do not renew my account”. After contacting the support, they wanted me to confirm my identity by giving the answer to my security question, which I forgot, then had to give them the last four digets on my credit card.

    I tried to resolve the issue, which was that I was billed even though I checked “Do not renew”. Also, I was billed on October 3rd, and in my Control panel says that the renewal date is October 16th. After I asked them how come they billed me 13 days earlier without my knowledge, while I was being misguided with the date in the control panel, they sad they won’t refund me and that the account was put on schedule for deletion.

    I HIGHLY RECOMEND you not to use this provider.

    -Slow website

    -Many errors

    -Slow and not user-friendly support

    -Billing you before the scheduled bill date



    1 — 


    Purchased to host photos for an eBay store and asked questions before purchasing. Well now I am out $32 for absolutely nothing. Everything I need to do is a surcharge and I don’t know where it stops. Customer service is useless useless useless. Their job is to get more money out of its customers. Help is to refer one to a page of instructions which may not fit the question. All the promises before you buy are lies. So are I paid an additional $2 and now they want another $40 a year so far (which is really $80 for two years). They got money for a sale; they don’t have to do a thing. When I brought up my problem–okay–good bye. While my old host was expensive, at least there were no costs–everything was upfront. Stay away; far away.


    N. S

    3 — 

    Poor Support

    Over the few years I have used iPage, I have been generally impressed with their services. However, the tech support has really gone downhill lately. In the last couple of days I tried to get support on a revision of my website. When I called, the response time was always over 10 minutes. Three of the four techs I spoke with, knew next to nothing on how to help me. Two of the conversations were cut off. I learned that each of these techs were based in the Philipines. It was a challenge to sometimes understand them. Two of the techs were very poor listeners, although courteous. Sadly, I am looking to move my site to another webhost.



    1 — 

    Dishonest tech support

    Their webmail is too sluggish to use and their tech support just permanently closes tickets at their whim BEFORE the problem is fixed. Customers can NO LONGER open tickets themselves.

    IPAGE stinks now Just sit there watching “waiting for emailmg.ipage.com” most times you want to check webmail



    1 — 

    Very Bad Business Practices

    Very poor service. I recently renewed in September with them after being told I would get a discounted price and the domain name would be included. They advertise that the domain name is free with the hosting package and then turn around and try and charge you when your website goes down. This happened to me today I went to look at my website and noticed it was gone. I called and they stated that my domain name had expired. I told them it was not expired i paid a discounted renewal price and was advised that was included. They said the information I got was incorrect and that I would need to pay over $180 to get my domain name turned back on, and the discounted price was for the Essential web hosting package. I was also told I could not get a refund after requesting to cancel the year subscription with them. This company is a scam and I will take my business elsewhere. They seem to change their policies every minute.


    Joshua K

    2 — 

    Ipage Review

    Ipage is great for an initial customer experience, I had hosting with them for one year, the 1st year I signed up for their essential package with an introductory price of 1.99 per month, the regular advertised price was 7.99 per month, when I went to renew they told me it would be 131.00 for the same service, when I said I was not going to pay that they tried to reduce the price to 107 per year. After I declined that offer I was transferred to their loyalty department, which right away put me on a 3-4 minute hold so they could become versed with the chat history. The Loyalty department came back and offered my a price of 107 per year going forward which comes out to be a 300% increase the 2nd year of having hosting with them.


    Steve W

    2 — 

    Pathetic tech support- BEWARE

    Their support is pathetic. They just close tickets without resolving issues. They advertise Squirrlmail but then their only support is to tell you to switch to a different webmail client and then they close the ticket. The customer cannot open or reopen tickets. PATHETIC and DISGUSTING. Keep looking!



    2 — 


    Worst panel to manage your website. Worst customer service as they keep asking all kind of questions to confirm your identity even after security questions answered… Obviously dont want to help and just want to get rid of you… charges…. My mistake to buy 3 year hosting with “introductory” rate.

    Dont make a mistake as I did – walk away!!! Running even better!!!



    1 — 

    Very bad hosting, bad support

    They limit the server resources and block the site without warning if your site is active. They set the permissoin 000 to your index.php

    When I returned permission 0777 every day, the support at all removed access to my files, changed the FTP password so I could not get my files.

    They do everything so that you are not their client if your site becomes popular.



    4 — 

    They are happy to let things expire without any notification

    It seems like when things come up for renewal they don’t send out any notifications. Then when your website and emails don’t work they charge exorbitant amounts to retrieve your information and get you running again in 24 to 48 hours.

    Could be avoided with a simple email to me the customer

    A pretty shabby way to make an extra $160.00



    3 — 

    charged beforehand for 300eur

    My site was going to expire on 26th but they charged me 2 weeks before for i don’t even know what. I got refund but i lost my site. Now they want 300 eur to get the site up again so i could restore my files. Don’t buy your web hosting here!



    1 — 


    My website shows UNSECURE SITE on every browser before each visit, I do not want that for my site!!

    If you do not want that, you will need to spend at least $40 a year EXTRA. Because there are ways to get an SSL Certification for free if you do not handle credit card info on your website, but guess what, IPAGE DOES NOT WORK WITH THEM.

    Only option to have a normal secured site is to spend MORE MONEY.

    On top of that my site takes ages to load on every device.

    Terrible!! I will not be renovating, thank god I only signed up for one Year with iPage.



    1 — 

    So Called "Ticket System" In The Toilet Now

    They really do not have a ticket system. You cannot open your own ticket. You must go thru chat to have one opened. Then they immediately close it after their first response without so much as waiting or asking to make sure your issue is resolved. That then forces you to do the process of going to chat, waiting in the queue, answering the security question and then asking them to re-open the ticket to add your response. MAJOR waste of time and frustration. Even when you BEG them not to close it until your issue is resolved, they CLOSE IT AGAIN. So each and every multiple time you wish to respond, you must waste 30+ minutes going thru this process. MAJOR PAIN. They used to not do this. You used to be able to open your own ticket, but not anymore.

    If your time is important to you, STAY CLEAR of iPage anymore. This from a LONG time customer…one who will be moving elsewhere.



    1 — 

    iPage payment scam...

    I got a 1 year basic page with 1 time payment. The page wasn’t of much use to me so I disabled the account and the payment and everything. A month before that I get some “renew” bill of 17$ for the renew!

    iPage is just a scam. They keep your financial data and send you bill for whatever they want. Stay away from them



    5 — 

    Best hosting service

    I had a very good experience hosting several of my sites with ipagehoting. Really affordable and good service provided by them. would recommend to anyone who is looking to start a website.


    Cindy K

    3 — 

    "After hours" support is questionable

    If you call ipage during business hours you will get someone fairly quickly, English will probably be their first language and they will stay with you until the problem is most likely resolved.

    If you call ipage outside of business hours you will wait 45 minutes for them to take your call, English may not be their first language and – most frustrating of all – if they can’t solve your problem they will tell you to reboot your computer and everything will work fine but what they’re really doing is just getting rid of you because they can’t solve your problem and don’t want to deal with it anymore.

    I’m not kidding – this has happened to me FOUR TIMES.

    That said, they have been helpful 80% of the time. That’s mostly good. Right?



    2 — 

    Don't Use iPage!

    I host multiple small businesses’ websites under my domain. I used to like iPage, but in the last 6 months they have gone into the toilet. I have had to call over 10 times to get email issues fixed, and I still have not gotten it resolved. I am being overcharged for my hosting only to find out that before your renewal, you are supposed to call up to speak to someone in sales to give them the sale. They will give you a better deal than your renewal rate. This is from the mouth of an iPage sales agent.

    I thought companies wanted customer loyalty. For being a loyal customer, I get over charged?

    My latest debacle is that I signed up for an SSL Certificate at $19.95/yr. It expires in a year at which point the renewal is 300% more at $59.99. That is outrageous! The sales person did not share the entire picture with me.

    Sadly, I just renewed for 3 years last summer, so I have two more years stuck with iPage. I will not be renewing with them in 2019. I’d rather pull my fingernails out than stay with them.

    Oh yeah, and the support they give stinks. They only allow you to chat with people after hours, so everything is done by typing, you never get the same person twice if you are in the middle of a support ticket, and there is a 2-5 minute lag between when you respond and they answer.

    UUUUUUggggghhhhhh. Whoever took over iPage, you are running it into the ground.


    John Z

    3 — 

    iPage's security scan might be just a scam

    I have used (I should say “paid”) ipage for 4 years. Two weeks ago, I started to add more content to my one-pager, extremely lightly trafficked site. I am using WORDPRESS.

    Yesterday, I realized that ipage was neither a reliable service provider, nor, even worse, an ethical company to serve its paying clients. Ipage would hijack clients’ interests to coarse them buying more, but likely unnecessary things, from them.

    This is what happened. Yesterday afternoon, without any warning, my site went down. After talking with an ipage staff, I learned that ipage ran a “routine security check” and found “compromised files”. As the result, it shut down the site to “protect” God-knows-who.

    Following the instruction in an email from ipage, I cleaned those “compromised” files. During the process, I carefully examined all the marked files, but could not find any evidence they were “compromised”. All these files were old, mostly last modified in 2011-12. Some are even named as “backups”, “olds” etc. When I asked an ipage staff what was their criteria of identifying a “compromised” file, I was told that these files were identified because of “potential threats”, rather than actually being “compromised”.

    After a few hours, I finally removed all “compromised files” and contacted ipage support again to restart my site.

    At first, the ipage staff said that it would take 24-48 hours to re-activate my site. I protested, so the person promised to bring the site back in 1 hour. I waited for 1 hour and 45 minutes before contacted the support again. A different person repeated that it would take 1 hour to bring the site back. This time, I threatened to bring my complaint to Internet. Finally, the staff gave in and re-activated the site in 2 minutes.

    During this period of time, everywhere I went on ipage site, I was presented promotions of SiteLock service which promised that all my troubles would not have been there had I had SiteLock service. When I call ipage support number, a SiteLock staff answered, who also did not forgot to promote its services.

    It is very clear to me that ipage brought down my site (hijacked my business) to sell SiteLock service (for ransom money) by using a few aging files as justification. Along the way, ipage also made up endless excuses, such as it will take 24-48 hours to reactivate a WORDPRESS site, to add salts to a wound it inflicted just for one purpose: selling services which I don’t need.

    I’ll find a new place for my humble site after my contract with ipage is up. Until then, I am preparing myself for more sets of “compromised files”, unjustified downtimes and associated loss of businesses.



    1 — 

    Worst Hosting Experience

    iPage is, by far, one of the slowest web hosts I have had.

    You have to wait several hours before your updates are shown on a browser that has already visited your site, simply because of caching…

    Also, File Manager could use a lot of improvements… It is near impossible to upload a new file, because the “Browse” button almost never does what it’s supposed to — which is to allow you to view your system files so that you can select the items you’d like and actually upload them! You will be relentlessly refreshing, logging in and out, and spam clicking on the damned button, and it still will not execute until several tries (and several feels like an understatement)…

    Affordable, indeed, but you certainly get what you pay for…

    Low cost = low quality results.



    3 — 

    Worst Hosting Experience

    I have been a customer of iPage for quite some time and each year I have been experiencing some issue or the other. Like many, I joined iPage as they are the cheapest. For the price, I did not know that my customized files would be at great risk of being lost. Yes, My 2-3 years worth of data is lost and now I am in a situation where I pay iPage to get the backup of my contents.”The issue would take 2-3 days to resolve” , says the technical support specialist. In my opinion iPage policy is “If it is free , it is not Customer Support. Pay and you may expect some results”.

    Last Friday (05/08/2017), one of my page in my domain has been experiencing index problems. I sought the assistance of a technical specialist and he mentioned that this would be resolved in a day or two. Since then, I have experienced lot more difficulties than I should. The customized files in my “File manager” for my domain has been pointing to the wrong directory. Many versions of my domain name has been created in my “File manager” without my knowledge or approval. Each time the customer representative promises to have a resolution immediately, but without any result.

    Then the subdirectory of my domain, which has all the main and customized data goes missing.

    Someone from iPage, even pointed to the wrong domain name in the Domain settings without my consent or knowledge. This is a serious data and security breach which I have addressed to the iPage compliance team. There has been no response or acknowledgement of my e-mail yet. To top it all, I am paying $100.00 for getting back my own data. This the technical support specialist says is a service available as a courtesy.He also denies any sort of data breach with my domain. Unfortunately, I am not a highly qualified technical or Network professional nor I have the money to prove them otherwise.

    In my opinion , this hosting provider is not worth the data / security breach and the customer support issues one has to undergo for the cost. Prior years, they stick to upgrading the website drag and drop builders with out any information. I was the one who was proactive and point to a different path in the html file. Now, they resort to new level i.e. data and security breach.



    3 — 

    Costs are rising, quality is going down fast

    I researched the various web hosting sites before I set this one up for a non-profit group, about 5 years ago. The great price offered is only is good for the months you commit to initially, I did 2 years. The rates jump up to around $157 a year after that and the Domain registration is separate, about $12-$15 a year. Originally the site was easy to work with and I could use any browser (IE, Firefox and Google). In the last 2 years all that has changed. Tech support seems to have moved from the US to India and now tell me that I have to use the Google browser only and their Weebly tools are far less friendly and troublesome. I think I have had it with them and will set up my own server next year. I have a Synology server for my home and it has a web hosting feature. I can change my current DNS to Dynamic DNS and save some money and headaches.



    3 — 

    Good Luck with Ipage

    Good luck with customer service – especially if you get the call center in the Philippines. Over 9 calls later and 6 days later, my domain is still locked. They can’t change an email address despite repeated requests. Ask for same documentation over and over again. You speak with a live person but he/she can’t really do much except to file a “ticket” and promise to “expedite” or “high priority” your ticket. Can’t speak to anyone else within Ipage and a manager won’t call you back. Good luck with them. Ipage is a joke.



    1 — 

    Stay far away from iPage!

    I had been using iPage for a few years to host a few simple domains I own. You get what you pay for as their customer service is the worst I’ve run into. I had wanted to add a domain to the control panel, but couldn’t because they said someone else had it listed as a domain under some old (closed) account, so they needed me to show all sorts of proof of ownership, which I did, yet they took so long to actually fix the problems on their end I ended up going with another provider.

    Huge word of caution: If you close your account and get a new provider, all of your domains still pointed to iPage will then suddenly start loading those Indian virus/support scams that lock your browser up and attempt to get you to call one of those Indian scam places where they will tell you that you have a virus and hijack your computer. It’s pretty sad that iPage seems to be in cahoots with those scammers and is most likely getting money under the table for hosting that garbage. This happened to several of my domains still pointed to iPage that I hadn’t changed the DNS pointers on yet! So word of warnings with iPage and potential computer scams/hijacking!



    1 — 

    iPage customer services

    The worst services among all internet service providers. 30days money back is never occurred. You either wasting your time to follow up with them or they never will refund.

    They don’t like refund and provide any services. They don’t reply email via [email protected] You forced you to use online chat room. It took for long time to wait and wait. After six times following up (about 30mines to one hour each time), there is no answer because they cannot verify you every-time. The verify question can be something like: Paypal billing agreement details which you have not idea what they are talking about. Do you expect the verification question is about third party contract ID number? One time, they asked my password to log in my account – can you believe this? Their instructions to find those information are also wrong. They just try to waste your time until you giving up.

    Don’t go near iPage. To cheap and unprofessional in many ways.



    3 — 

    I'm leaving iPage as soon as I can

    I had used iPage years ago and that’s why signed up for it again this September. I have also purchased basic services of SiteLock they are partnering with (which is a total scam as I’ve learned today- stay away from them!). I started having issues with my site from day 1. There were issues of contact form connecting to my email, the site was down for no reason a few times, and other small things here and there. Then I had purchased SSL certificate and they couldn’t get it to work for 3 weeks. It appears to work at “their end” and my google ratings are still the same. Anyway, this is not the iPage I knew before. I will not be using them again or recommending them to anyone.


    Wim V

    1 — 

    Very bad and support

    I’m a customer of iPage for two years and problems occurred with their support 6 months ago.

    I added the VPS and three domains to my account and then the problems started. They couldn’t get the domain names working. One main domain worked after a while, but the two other domains not. Totally misconfigured. One week I tried with their stupid chat box (waiting for 32-3 hours many times), and up to now 8 chats and the problems only got worse.

    And I caught their support lying! Can you imagine! Lying that something is fixed or some setting is wrong and when I looked while chatting, everything was alright. And the reaction of that support was: Okay. And that’s it.

    I gave them a deadline of 2 hours to fix at least one domainname and if not, I move to another hosting account and taking 5 existing large customers with me (dedicated servers). And start a social media campaign to confront those people working there.

    Maybe it happened when iPage was outsourcing their support to India? No idea. Before it was a very professional hosting company with technical problems resolved in minutes.



    1 — 


    I highly recommend to anyone considering using IPAGE NEVER USE IPAGE!

    WORST customer service I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with, my site was down multiple times in the same week while every time I contact them they say they will contact me back in 12 hours which ended up being a LIE ALL 3 TIMES THEY SAID THIS, on top of that I’ve used their keyword and social media lift recomneded services through them for 5 months and a few thousand dollars with literally ZERO RESULTS!

    I urge you to take this warning and choose anyone but IPAGE!!



    2 — 

    No Actual Support at IPage.com

    Waited over thirty minutes on line for “live chat” and nothing. Then called them, after ten minutes nothing, just terrible music and sales marketing.

    Ipage.com does not even have the ability to submit a problem via email, its all wait for them, which is terrible since they have no actual live support 24/7 as they claim.

    If you need support or such don’t count on them.

    To this day, my contact form does not work, which is basically very simple to operate but their end does not work and they will most likely blame weebly, after all the waiting.


    Sarah M

    1 — 

    Seriously [email protected]#* ipage...

    I have had the most exasperating and stressful time dealing with ipage and would recommend in the strongest terms possible ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE IPAGE!!!!

    This particular account was for a wesite that had a limited lifespan.

    After receiving notification that the hosting plan was due for auto-renewal I called ipage and asked them to cancel the service as the project had ended which was confirmed with emails. Several days after this ipage took the 2-yearly hosting fee from my account, making me overdrawn and incurring $80 in direct debit dishonour bank fees.

    I spent around 5 exasperating hours on the phone to ipage’s international call centre where their staff asked me to provide irrelevant information and jump through hoops, suggested that it was my fault because I didn’t ask ipage to delete my paypal details upon cancelling the service. THIS IS A COMPANY THAT CAN BE TRUSTED TO ACCESS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

    This is 3rd occasion where ipage have taken unauthorised funds out of my bank account, before my negotiated payment date, costing me $160 in bank fees and causing me great stress and difficulty while overseas.

    They stalled me, kept me on hold for 1/2 an hour at a time before finally telling me that would refund me [ but they haven’t ] and that they would not be reimbursing me for the extra charges and that I’d have to take it up with my bank.

    I have had THE WORST EXPERIENCE IMAGINABLE with this company, the web interface itself is ugly and crap, it takes aages to upload and frequently doesn’t upload at all because of various errors.

    Seriously [email protected]#* ipage…



    3 — 

    iPage Fine Print (billing)

    iPage was ok, they do offer a wide range of services from cheap priced hosting, multiple self website design tools from 3rd parties, cpanel, etc.

    However, unlike some other hosting sites, ipage is under contract. I paid for a 2 year deal upfront and although they give you a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s non-refundable after the first 30 days.

    I had to switch because I was consolidating hosts, but I guess one always needs to read the fine print. I prefer dealing with businesses that are upfront and clear about policies like this.



    3 — 

    NEVER use Ipage!

    Their customer service is TERRIBLE!!! Just wasted over an hour of my time where no one listened to a word I was saying and now I am going back to GoDaddy! There are cheaper deals through other competitors…just shop around. The 650% price increase after a year is a little ridiculous as well. Their spam filter does not exist, since switching I receive an insane amount of spam emails that I keep putting into a spam folder but every day new emails from the same email addresses…nothing is being filtered out. DO NOT USE IPAGE!


    Jack S

    4 — 

    Cheap and Decent

    I had websites on ipage for about 4 years. The control panel is vdeck, which is more cumbersome and less user-friendly than cPanel. It is also a more limited control panel. Ipage has a lot of upsells, which probably explains their low price. I never purchased any of them. I had occasional issues with the hosting where sites would go haywire and I couldn’t repair them. I don’t think that ever happened when I used cPanel hosting.

    You can have “unlimited” sites, etc., but if you have heavy usage they will contact you. Their support was always good and usually fairly fast. I never really needed support before I used iPage though. Strange things would happen and they’d have to repair things on their end.

    If you need an inexpensive web host for a club or hobby or something, it would be a great choice if the price mattered. I once got 3 years of hosting for $36. However; if you can afford to pay more, you would probably be better off with a different hosting company.


    Dario P

    2 — 

    Pretty terrible host...

    I signed up with iPage because the packages are simply cheap and because their website gave off a professional look. I hosted two websites, one which had a decent amount of daily visitors (one thousand) and a smaller one.

    Since the beginning my sites has problems, they were down frequently to my frustration. I thought of switching to bigger packages, but I realized even the small package should be able to fulfill my needs. In comparison to Namecheap or other hosts, the small package is terrible and I really doubt the rest of their offers are good as well.



    1 — 

    Worst hosting ever

    It’s the worst hosting I’ve ever used.

    Support – awful. You need to wait up to 15 minutes to talk with their support team by online chat.

    Uptime – awful. Webmail with lots of bugs every day.

    I use iPage for more than 2 years but the last few months have been a disappointment for me. I regret that bought 2 years plan so now I’m looking for the normal hosting with normal support.



    3 — 

    One of the cheapest, but constant speed issues

    iPage is probably the best pick for hobby blogger or someone who just wants to test waters, but for a serious blog/website – it’s not the best option.

    Indeed, it’s one of the cheapest – I manage to get my hosting (without a domain name) for less than $25/year – that indeed a bargain, but the constant speed issues are ruining the experience.

    Quite often, it takes over 3 seconds to load my page. In my opinion – that’s just toooo much.


    Giovanni O

    3 — 

    My honest experience after 3 years

    Want a honest review? Well, you have one here. I’ve been using ipage for over 3-years. Although they’re not perfect, I’d still recommend their services to anyone. Maybe this is because I’ve not really tried any other host out there. After all, one of the most important things that drew me to ipage was that they were “cheap”, and all the other hosts didn’t matter. Well, there’s a catch. Keep reading.

    The good: 24/7 support (expect to wait from 10 seconds to 12 minutes to chat with a representative). Site backup available. Shared hosting available. Money back guarantee (yes, they did refund my money a few times) Great uptime Green web hosting Great control panel options (you can use simple scripts to easily install WordPress, Joomla, etc to your site) and a few more.

    The bad: Just like all the hosting companies out there, what you see is not always what you get. When I first opened an account with ipage, I paid around $2 per month for hosting. I was happy as I taught it was cheap. But after my first 3 years with them—on renewal—they welcomed me to their real world, they started charging around $6 per month! So it seems the initial hosting price was to lure me in. How smart?

    There’s a cap on database requests your account can make per hour. So when they say “unlimited hosting”, that’s a big false marketing scheme. And you’d be required to pay to increase the limit. My site has been down many times in the past as a result of this. There are many new things you may realise you have to pay for. But you can survive perfectly fine if you are on a small budget and if your site receives below 5,000 unique visitors per day. For me, the only extra service I’ve paid for on ipage is domain privacy.

    In summary, I’d give ipage a 3/5.

    Once again, this is just my honest review based on my experience.