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Last 40+ months have been like a roller coaster... Read why:

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We’ve been a paying customer for WebHostingBuzz for the last 40+ months. During that time, we’ve monitored their performance – avg. load time and uptime.

This review relies strongly on data, such as uptime, load time (speed) and customer support experience.

What is WebHostingBuzz?

background-checkWebHostingBuzz is one of the oldest hosting companies, founded in 2002, and now powering 250,000 websites in over 140 countries today.

Their 250+ servers are spread across data centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Going from humble beginnings back in ’02 with two employees to over 45 dedicated staff now – not bad at all!

As one of the bigger players flying under the radar, we wanted to see for ourselves how they stack up.

We purchased their ‘Light Plan’ back in June of 2015, setting up a WordPress website that was carefully tracked over twelve months. (Click ‘History’ to dig deeper into our detailed uptime and speed stats.)

Keep reading to discover what we have found out and if we recommend WebHostingBuzz as an option to host your next website.


Pros of using Web Hosting Buzz

First, the good.

WebHostingBuzz’s experience shines through in a few categories, posting one of the fastest customer support response teams we’ve seen.

Here’s a summary of where WebHostingBuzz excels:

1. Above Average Page Load Times ~52% Faster than Competition

Web Hosting Buzz load time

When we first started with WebHostingBuzz, they posted strong page loading times that placed them among some of the fastest ones we’ve reviewed.

WebHostingBuzz average load time over the past few months is 521ms. That’s about 52% faster than the industry standard.

That’s important because every extra second your site takes, costs you conversions. If it takes longer than 3 seconds, 40% of your traffic will leave. Which is NOT good, because 44% of dissatisfied users will tell their friends about their negative experience.

Here’s their performance over the past few months:

Last 10-month average speed:

  • December 2017 average speed: 509ms
  • January 2018 average speed: 496ms
  • February 2018 average speed: 534ms
  • March 2018 average speed: 555ms
  • April 2018 average speed: 542ms
  • May 2018 average speed: 507ms
  • June 2018 average speed: 520ms
  • July 2018 average speed: 497ms
  • August 2018 average speed: 495ms
  • September 2018 average speed: 559ms

2. EXCELLENT, 10/10 Support

WebHostingBuzz doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to their customer support.

Check out the bold claim on their site:

“We will respond to live chat questions within 10 seconds and to tickets within 30 minutes.”

Those claims mean that their customer support should be incredibly fast. But are they’re just that – claims? We’re into data, not marketing-speak. So we put them to the test.

How did they fare?

Those claims are pretty damn accurate!

Their support staff contacted us within 30 seconds, answering all of our questions in less than two minutes. Two thumbs up for their support team (one for each minute).

WebHostingBuzz review: Support 10/10

Customer support on WebHostingBuzz

Their customer support is offered through live chat, ticketing system and phone 24/7/365 (sounds great!).

3. 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Their 45-day guarantee is perfect for those looking for a little extra time to decide if they want to stick around or not. This guarantee covers shared hosting and reseller plans as well.

WebHostingBuzz is also upfront about their costs, without the extra additional fees for setup or migrations you might see from other hosts. They also won’t try to slip any extra costs during the check-out process (which is another aggressive, upsell tactic we’ve seen). That’s nice to see, as many of the inexpensive hosting companies try to find ‘creative’ ways to get more money from you.

4. Free Migrations & Domain Name

For people with existing websites, WebHostingBuzz will help you transfer the site for free. Another added bonus is that you can tell them which timeslots you’d prefer, to minimize downtime while your site’s being moved. Some hosts will even try to charge you for this, with BlueHost going up to $150!

For people starting a new site, they’ll throw in a free domain name when you sign up. It’s another small charge that hosts will sometimes use to offset their seemingly ‘low’ prices with extra costs.

A little something for everyone!

5. Uptime Almost as Good as Advertised


WebHostingBuzz’s 99.95% uptime over the last 8 months (0.01% better than industry standards)

After double-checking a few other sources, our inconsistent experience seems fairly common. There are glowing reviews stating great uptime, with others complaining about their sites being down for lengthy periods of time.

Fast page loading times and even faster customer support are critical. However, if there are large uptime inconsistencies with your site being down too frequently, you might have big problems.

Last 10-month average uptime:

  • December 2017 average uptime: 99.98%
  • January 2018 average uptime: 99.93%
  • February 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • April 2018 average uptime: 99.83%
  • May 2018 average uptime: 99.94%
  • June 2018 average uptime: 100%
  • July 2018 average uptime: 99.96%
  • August 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
  • September 2018 average uptime: 99.99%

WebHostingBuzz last 10 month stats

WestHostingBuzz: Page Load Speed and Uptime (Last 10 months, full data can be found here.)


Cons of using Web Hosting Buzz

All in all, our experience with WebHostingBuzz was above average.

This wouldn’t be an unbiased review if we didn’t put their ‘cons’ under the microscope.

Now, for the bad:

1. Payment Terms

On the face of it, their $4.99 monthly pricing looks good! Especially for their fantastic customer support.

When you get to their pricing page, it becomes obvious that they’re using the old standby trick – only offering that low advertised price for people committing to 24 months. If you would rather start with a shorter, 12-month option, that cost is going to jump a bit.

In addition, they do NOT offer any ‘month-to-month’ option (a one year term is the minimum). Hence, they’re not a great option for those looking for a short-term solution.


WebHostingBuzz Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of the hosting plans they offer:

Shared Hosting: They have three shared hosting plans:

  1. Personal Plan: This plan costs $4.99 per month. It supports 1 domain name, comes with 20GB disk space and allows unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Developer Plan: This plan costs $9.99 per month. It supports unlimited domain names, 100GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  3. Business Plan: This plan costs $24.99 per month. It supports unlimited domains, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

WebHostingBuzz pricing


All their shared hosting plans come with cPanel and you’ll be given a free domain name upon registration of a new account with them.

  • Free Domain: Yes.
  • Ease of Signup: Very easy signup process.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, Dwolla.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: Shared hosting accounts cannot use more than 25 percent of server resources for 60 seconds or longer. Shared hosting accounts cannot have more than 5,000 open files at once. There’s also a limit of 250,000 file inodes for shared hosting users.
  • Upsells: Few upsells.
  • Account Activation: Quick activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel.
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Quick installation of popular apps and CMSs via Softaculous.


Do We Recommend WebHostingBuzz?

failedSorta… there are definitely better options out there.

We have to give it to them: WHB’s customer support in our experience was great!

Their slightly above average uptime and page speeds have pushed WebHostingBuzz to the top half of our list.

Bottom line: While you get decent uptime and speed with an almost perfect customer support one could wish for, there are much better options out there to try first.

P.S. If you want to see hosting providers that ranked above WebHostingBuzz, check our top hosts here.

Do you have any experience with WebHostingBuzz? If so, please leave a review below. We welcome all honest and transparent reviews – good or bad!

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12 user reviews for WebHostingBuzz

5 — 

Improved Over the Year

I’ve been on their shared hosting plan since the early 2000’s, and for a 13-year-old kid who was just doing web design for a hobby, they were absolutely fantastic. They would get back to me promptly and help me resolve issues, explained things step by step, and I felt really comfortable communicating with them. I still do to this day. If anything, their customer service has been consistently top-notch since then, which I’m grateful for.

2016 was not a good year at all – lots of downtime, slow speed, and other issues. I’m not a high priority or high traffic customer, so it was especially difficult to get anything done, despite doing all this as a hobby (I spend maybe a few times a week working on my site). They did another migration in early 2017, and it’s made so much of a difference! I haven’t had any downtime, pages load fine, and everything feels like it runs smoothly.

The most appealing part is their price packaging, which is what kept me with them for years. I can’t speak for businesses, but if you’re looking to host a personal site or portfolio on shared hosting, I’d probably go with these guys.

2 — 

15 years of Declining Quality

In the early 2000s, the support was great, the uptime and load speeds were quite good. I started with two reseller hosting packages. Although they were a bit pricey, I felt they were worth it for the support I received. Eventually opted into a virtual server with Webhostingbuzz about 8 years ago. Thankfully, I did not put all my sites onto that server space.

About five years ago, I started experiencing more and more down times. Page loading speed kept getting slower. At one point two years ago, the server crashed. Rather than immediately offering to transfer me to a different server, I was repeatedly told to wait for them to fix it. After almost three weeks of no server, they finally offered to put me on a different server, and told “hopefully” I had a backup. While I did, it still involved a lot of time to rebuild all the pages that had been updated after the last backup. And the crashes/downtimes continued to plague the service.

I pulled all domains that I had with them, and I left a year ago, with a heavy heart. The company and service that I had initially appreciated was basically dead. Throughout all of this, the support people were quick to reply but I don’t think English is their first language for many of them. The service came in little increments with a lot of back and forth communication to get the situations cleared up. Over the years, the quality of product had diminished to sub-par.

1 — 

A customer of 10 years; the last year the entire company has fallen to bits

A customer of 10 years. In the last year of so the entire company has fallen to bits, Terrible customer service, Extremely poor performance, Constant downtime, I'm not exaggerating when I say I have been getting 5-50 crashes and time-outs every single day. I moved my websites to SiteGround earlier in the week and have had no issues.
For a customer of 10 years I have been treated terribly by support staff. You submit a ticket, and you get a reply from someone that hasnt read the ticket and has no idea what they are talking about, you explain it again and then someone else replies to the ticket on a completely different subject entirely, always in broken English, repeat yourself 10 times in the same ticket thread as each time you get a new person answer the replys and they start from scratch and don’t read any of the exiting tickets. Tickets were all about downtime, bad performance. I was moved servers on multiple occasions that took 24+ hours to do and was never informed! I was at a point where I was having to send multiple tickets a day to keep my website up as their servers are so unstable. Looking back over the hundreads of tickets I made over 2015/16 they were mostly all about the servers I was put on going down, and I was moved a lot! I was only hosting 1 simple WordPress website.
WHB fell to bits in the last year or two. Avoid like the plague.

1 — 

The worst service ever, bar none!

My requirements are not high: two websites of one page each and about half a dozen mail accounts totalling.

In the last months the sever has been down hundreds of times. The first time I found out, they told me it went down when they migrated my virtual server to new hardware. You got it – they didn’t even check to see if my services came back up, so I was down for days.

They said if I want monitoring, I should pay for a nore expensive package – but checking my services came back up is just basic change management!

In the last week my services have been down more than 20 times a day. They don’t respond to service “tickets” (their new “ticketing” system doesn’t send you a copy of your submission or even a reference number). Theyhe don’t respond to emails. They don’t answer their 1800 number.

They suck! Suck! Suck!

1 — 

Stay Away!

I have a reseller account and a separate dedicated server and have been a customer for 5+ years. 2 years ago I would have given them a 95+/100. My reseller sites are currently down (going on 2 hours). We are having more and more frequent down time. I cannot get a response from support. Chat is disabled – was disabled a couple weeks ago. Phone support is gone (a post from a few weeks ago said they got rid of it over a year ago, but the number still shows up on their site). Their home page boats fast 24/7 Phone, Chat, Email support. My ticket was in nearly 2 hours ago and I have heard nothing. As soon as my sites are back up I will be moving them to a new host.

1 — 

Terrible Service

I have a reseller account and a separate dedicated server and have been a customer for 5+ years. 2 Years ago I would have given them a 95+/100. My reseller sites are currently down (going on 2 hours). We are having more and more frequent down time. I cannot get a response from support. Chat is disabled – was disabled a couple weeks ago. Phone support is gone (a post from a few weeks ago said they got rid of it over a year ago, but the number still shows up on their site). Their home page boats fast 24/7 Phone, Chat, Email support. My ticket was in nearly 2 hours ago and I have heard nothing. As soon as my sites are back up I will be moving them to a new host.

Webhostingbuzz.com was good at first, but services have declined over the past 6 months. No Live support, Phones are not answered and servers frequently go down. This has affected my business negatively.

2 — 


I have been with Webhostingbuzz for years. They were great until the end of last year and since it's been nothing but a nightmare. They moved me to another server and then kept telling me wrong info trying to blame GoDaddy for the direction host setting when it turned out to be their issue.

My reseller account was OFFLINE FOR 3 FULL MONTHS and they never credit me.

Then when they finally got it back up, I had an old website instead of the one I had just paid a grand in programers to fix. IT IS TILL NOT RIGHT TO DATE!!! and they refuse to take responsibility.

NEXT… they have messed up my account twice and then cut me off server and down does all the sites again.
ONCE AGAIN a problem.

TODAY I go to pay and notice a couple of my sites NOT ONLINE again…. Issues with half them and some are up and find out they cancelled out my acct without notice… so my reseller main site is down and yet some of the reseller sites are still up. THEY AGAIN had worked on their MAINTENANCE last month and this is the result of that AGAIN.

I am in tears, and they do not give a crap nor offer $1 in credit NOR help to fix what they screwed up and its left up to me to HIRE OUT people AGAIN to figure out what the hell they have done.

They’ve turned into nothing but a nightmare company for me to use.

1 — 


My experience with Web Hosting Buzz has been nothing but awful these past years.

I have been a customer for over 10 years, and have recommended it to many family members and friends. Over the last year, there have been random server breaking configuration changes with no warning from WHB. I always have to scramble to react.

Currently my site and email have been down all day since WHB decided to migrate my account to a new server with no notice. In the process they did not migrate any MX records taking out my email. They did not migrate any Cname entries taking out many of my URLs. I have contacted support via every means I can, and have yet to get any real help. The one response I got said my account matches the old settings. This clearly cannot be. Even just going to my homepage results in a glaring 403 error.

I will be taking my business else where.

1 — 

Beware of this **** company

BEWARE OF THIS HOSTING COMPANY, I have been with them over 10 years, but in the last months, WebHostingBuzz has been a crappy company.

Servers go down frequently, customer service is slow.

DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH WEBHOSTINGBUZZ, in 2016 they are even worse than Arvixe.

1 — 

The Worst Web Hosting Ever!

WebHostingBuzz will kill your online business.

Way too much downtime and your data will always be lost because they always restore old backup with out telling.

Their support team is clueless.

They never meet their guarantees that they claim on their site. In my opinion, Web Hosting Buzz is a scam.

4 — 

Pretty good...

Received amazing customer support. Servers run perfectly fine, although there are some times where there are small lag spikes, which can be from server side or client side. They sell at a really good price, what I love about them the most!

5 — 

Best hosting I've worked with...

There is no doubt that I will continue to support WebHostingBuzz as long as we will maintain such a great respect to each other. I remember, I started to host some of my web projects on their servers in 2008.

Their hosting services at that time were overall quite buggy, but much improved over the years. Now they are almost (if not) perfect – there are some little server downtimes from time to time, but not too often, and certainly much less than in any other hosting company, I’ve dealt with. Tech Support was and still is their first and most important priority – never any delays (usually they respond in less than 30 minutes, if I use a ticket system or e-mail), and always they come up with a satisfying solution for each problem.

That’s the reason why I decided to stay with this company for so long, and I haven’t had any thought of changing my mind. Price per quality is also very acceptable – for less than 15$/month (even cheaper, when using 12 or 24 month payment plans) you can get almost everything you need to host websites, or to even resell their services (which I’m doing by the way, and I must tell you – all of my clients are satisfied).