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You may not make website speed a priority, but when you realize that it can impact your profits, you’ll want to. Research shows time and time again that bounce rates and abandon rates for your shopping cart increase as your site’s loading time increases. That means that conversion rates and profits will steadily decline the longer your site takes to load.

The solution? Adopt tactics and tools for speeding up your website.

The problem is that investments in professional services and independent third party audits can be high for small businesses. Luckily, there are ways around that, such as by using free tools and incorporating customer outreach and feedback into your strategy.

But if you’re not yet convinced that you even need a strategy for speeding up your website, allow us to change your mind. In the infographic below, we highlight important stats and figures that show just how vital your website speed is and the type of impact it can have on your business.

P.S. If you need a fast, but cheap hosting provider (avg. load time below 550ms), then we’ve compiled a list of them below:

You can find a longer list on our web hosting review chart. If you want to test your current website speed, do a quick server speed test or use the Pingdom speed tool (both should be quite good).

Slow website burns a hole in your pocket

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  1. Yup. Totally agree that while a slow response time for website does burn a hole in your pocket. It actually affect your VoIP quality as well as what Voiptoners claim using their VoIP speed test tool that similar to what the tools are using to test the ISP speed.

  2. Thanks for the infographic. I run a pingdom test towards my website and noticed it takes 2.2 seconds to load. Is it too slow? Should I be replacing my current host or tweaking my website? Kinda worried here..

    1. Jessica! There is more to a slow website than your hosting company! You can have the best hosting company, the fastest design platform (WordPress, Joomla, and so on) and still have a slow website! So I have to disagree with HostingFacts Team’s first recommendation of changing web host! Yes, a good web hosting by your site can improve the site speed but it cannot make your site any faster if the design is poor.

      Since I take it your website is up and running, you should look at your site first, then think of moving to a better hosting company if you need to! Our recommendations are:

      Platform used: Since you have not shared your website URL, I cannot review it and see what may be slowing down your site. Are you using WordPress? Good! Are you using Joomla? Good, again!

      The Theme/Template used: From our experience, we found that the slow speed of most websites was due to the low quality and extremely bloated themes/templates! It is extremely important to choose only the best theme/template from professional designers even if you have to spend extra $$$

      Widget/Extensions: Many of our clients contacted us to help improve their website’s speed and when we performed a site audit (HTML and Technical SEO), we found many extensions that were poorly developed, bloated and when not in use, they were just disabled instead of doing a clean uninstall and cleaning up the database.

      There are more reasons why your website is low (such as image size, whether her CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascripts have been manified and combined and whether JS files are at the top or at the bottom), and to cover them all here will take the space of a couple of pages!

      Back to hosting! Did you choose your hosting company because of their cheap price offer, or available features? The problem with many website owners is that they tend to focus more on cheap price than the server setup! Is your site on the same machine shared with adult website? If so, then know adult websites demand and use a lot of system resources! So ask your hosting company if your site’s roommate is Mr. adult site and if it is, then it is time to ask your landlord to move you into another building!

      To HostingFacts Team – I am not disagreeing with your recommendation of replacing Jessica’s hosting company! I am just saying that the option should not be the first, but the last and after Jessica has improved her site by doing some tweaking and removing bottlenecks preventing her site from achieving faster speed!

      Hope this helps and wish you the best!