John Stevens  —

We love fresh and unique content as much as you do, really! That’s why we are planning to expand our team with one solid copywriter who loves to write about Web Development, WordPress & Hosting.

Additionally, from time to time you’d need to write some reviews for web hosting companies. We give you the access, you do the rest.

Pretty simple and straightforward, right? Since we are all working remotely, the only thing we need from you is Skype and Email account.

Since we’re looking for someone really good, we pay up to $120 per hour.


How to apply?

If you think you’re a great fit, get in touch with us via email: john(at)hostingfacts(dot)com

Just send in your examples of your previous work and you’re all set! We’ll get back to you if we feel that you are the right fit for


Talk soon,